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All payments are non-refundable, but tickets are transferable to other participants (e.g. a colleague) until 1 week before the conference, or can be exchanged against a web-access ticket. Payments are accepted via Visa or Mastercard only (cheque or paypal payment only in exceptional circumstances).

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Tradeshow (Gadget Expo) Table 1000.00 (USD)
Additional charge for tradeshow table. Included are WiFi, a table, two chairs. Electricity is $100 extra.
Sponsorship - We display your logo 500.00 (USD)
For only US$500 extra, we feature your corporate logo on the website, during the opening speech, and in the printed conference material. Simply register with this option and email us your logo (jpeg button 120 x 90 or 120x60). This is a limited time offer for early sponsors - rates will go up! Additional sponsorship & expo opportunities are available (material in conference bags, sponsoring sessions & receptions), please contact us for details.
Sponsor an epatient 250.00 (USD)
We now support registrations for health professionals or sponsors who want to bring along or support an epatient or a group of epatients! (colleagues, students etc. do not fall into this category - epatients should have a chronic disease and should not work in the healthcare field, in ehealth-related start-ups, or academia. Family members are ok, but preferably these should be e-savvy patients from your medical practice!). Please add the name and email address of the epatient you want to sponsor into the comment field or provide details of the epatients we should approach (if you have any preferences). If left blank or should that epatient be unavailable, we will use the fee for an epatient of our choice. All epatient sponsors will be acknowledged.
Sponsor a student 450.00 (USD)
We now support registrations of participants who want to bring along or support an student or a group of students! Please add the name and email address of the student(s) you want to sponsor into the comment field (they WILL have to sign up as well so we have them in the database). It is also ok to provide us with the names at a later stage (please say so), but as we hold the space, the registration fee cannot be refunded. If the comments field is left blank, or if the student is not available, we will use the fee for an student of our choice.

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