• Blogs

  • Building virtual communities and social networking applications for
    health professionals

  • Building virtual communities and social networking applications for
    patients and consumers

  • Business models in a Web 2.0 environment

  • Collaborative biomedical research, academic / scholarly communication,
    publishing and peer review

  • Consumer empowerment, patient-physician relationship, and
    sociotechnical issues

  • Ethical & legal issues, confidentiality and privacy

  • Health information on the web: Supply and Demand

  • Innovative RSS/XML applications and Mashups

  • Personal health records and Patient portals

  • Public (e-)health, population health technologies, surveillance

  • Search, Collaborative Filtering and Recommender Technologies

  • Semantic Web ("Web 3.0") applications

  • The nature and dynamics of social networks in health

  • Usability and human factors on the web

  • Virtual (3D) environments, Second Life

  • Web 2.0 approaches for behaviour change, public health and biosurveillance

  • Web 2.0 approaches for clinical practice, clinical research, quality monitoring

  • Web2.0-based medical education and learning

  • Wikis

  • Youth and Digital Learning

  • Additional special topics for 2010 only: Persuasive communication and technology, Health disparities, New ethics, Communities in health care, Business modelling in eHealth, On line decision technology, Education, e-Coaching, Participatory health care, 2.0 Research methodology, co-Creation in health

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