Full paper publication options for Medicine 2.0 presenters

Are you presenting at Medicine 2.0'12? Please check the information for presenters regularly.

Call for Papers - Publication Options for Conference Presentations

Medicine 2.0 '12 in Boston at Harvard (now almost sold out) will have several exciting options for publication of the work presented at the Congress (option 1 and 3 are also open for non-presenters, but with no discounts and no streamlined peer-review process): (1) Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), the leading ehealth journal, (2) Medicine 2.0, a new journal specifically for Medicine 2.0 presenters and associated partner-conferences and workshops, (3) the new journal JMIR Research Protocols for protocols, grant proposals, and ongoing work.

Important: The deadline for a full paper submitted to JMIR is Nov 15th, 2012. In addition, other publication options are available - see below for details.

  1. High quality full papers should be submitted to the Pubmed/Medline-indexed Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) (the leading ehealth/mhealth journal with an 2010 Impact Factor 4.7). Medicine 2.0 presenters (full registration only, NOT discounted or student registrations) are eligible for a 20% Article Processing Fee discount, worth $380, if they submit their paper between 1 month before the conference and 2 months after the conference (for Boston 2012: August 14th - Nov 15th, 2012), and if the title/abstract of their paper matches their Boston presentation (provide link to the abstract in your cover letter). To be eligible for this discount, authors MUST select the Medicine 2.0'12 "section" in the drop down list at the JMIR submission page (login with your JMIR account password - or create a new account with an "author" role). Sorry, no discounts/refunds for already submitted/published papers, or if submitted after the Nov 15th deadline. There will be cross links between the abstract on the Medicine 2.0 site and the full paper publication, and we will publish the audio/video of the presentation, if available. Medicine 2.0 papers will undergo peer-review. If declined for JMIR the papers and the peer-review reports will automatically be transferred to the Medicine 2.0 journal (see below). JMIR charges a $90 submission fee and a $1520 (discounted) Article Processing Fee (APF) in case of acceptance for non-member institutions.

  2. Medicine 2.0 presenters can submit a short (5-10 pages) full paper and have their work published in the new Pubmed-indexed Medicine 2.0 journal publication, if they wish. There is no submission fee, but submission is only open to authors and works presented at the Medicine 2.0 congress (and collaborating events/projects). There will be "light" peer-review. In case of acceptance, an Article Processing Fee (APF) of $325 will be charged to cover typesetting costs and XML markup required for deposit in Pubmed Central. In addition, if authors opt to have their manuscript copyedited by a professional copyeditor, an additional charge of $450 will be charged (up to 20 manuscript pages). Full papers can be submitted at any time, but preferably no later than 6 months after the conference. A video/audio of the presentation at Medicine 2.0 will automatically be added/linked to, if available. Submit here to the Medicine 2.0 journal (use your JMIR account to login)

  3. NEW: For ongoing or methodological work, a research protocol, or preliminary (formative) work (like website design, usability testing, needs assessment etc. with future or ongoing evaluation) we recommend to submit a paper to the new journal JMIR Research Protocols. Authors publishing their protocols, grant proposals, formative evaluation work in JMIR Res Protoc will receive a 20% discount on the Article Processing Fee if they subsequently publish their final results in JMIR. JMIR Res Protoc adheres to the same quality standards as JMIR and will also be marked up for deposit in PubMed Central and Pubmed indexation. Submission fee $90; APF $1900 of externally reviewed papers, or APF $950 for protocols/grant proposals which are already reviewed e.g. by a granting agency (peer-review reports must be uploaded at the time of submission)

Please do not submit the same paper to all three journals (we can transfer the paper and the peer-revew reports between journals). All papers are open access and the author retains copyright. All papers will include the video or audio of the presentation, if available. We can also prepare and publish a transscript of your talk together with the video (additional costs apply). (Note that Medline does not index video-only material and requires at least 5 pages of text.).

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