Medicine 2.0'12 News: (Almost) all presenters informed

Almost all submitters have now been informed about the outcome of their submissions.
If you did not get a message, it is likely that a spam filter has eaten it - in this case, please login at and click on the abstract title (you may have to go to "Archive" first). Then click on the icon next to "Director/Author Email Record" to retrieve the email we sent you.
Please carefully review the reviewer comments and edit the abstract within 2 weeks. Failure to do so may lead to a loss of your presentation slot.
Also, we require all presenters to register within 2 weeks (login and click on the registration link). Again, failure to do so may lead to a loss of your presentation slot, as we will only add presentations of registered participants to the program.
We have accepted some great presentations:

  • 105 oral presentations
  • 67 rapid fire presentations
  • 11 panels
  • 7 start-up pitches
  • 5 tabletop demos
  • 125 poster presentations
  • an additional 23 presentations are still under review or require the author to make revisions before final acceptance

If you submitted an abstract but cannot find your abstract in the list on the website, this does NOT mean that it has been rejected. Please login and read the notification email. If the decision was "accepted with revisions" then we may post the abstract only after you addressed the reviewer comments.

This will truly be a remarkable congress!

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