ePatient inclusion at Medicine 2.0

(Logo credits: Lucien Engelen, one of the co-organizers of Medicine 2.0'10 in Maastricht)

Medicine 2.0 has a long history of including patients.
One of our first keynote speakers at Medicine 2.0'09 was Epatient Dave (Dave DeBronkart), who subsequently became a rockstar of the epatient movement (and we are proud of having played a role in this).
Dave is also on the scientific advisory board of Medicine 2.0'12, and will once again speak - the tentative title of his 2012 talk is "Gimme my damn data - 3 years later" - a follow up of his talk in Toronto 2009.
(And Jamie Heywood - cofounder and chairman of PatientsLikeMe - will be a keynote speaker at Medicine 2.0'12 - few other companies had such a revolutionary impact on the empowerment of epatients).

About a dozen or so epatients were present at all previous Medicine 2.0 conferences, with reduced or waived registration fees.

We are also happy to announce that in 2012 we are once again giving free tickets to qualified epatients (NO healthcare professionals, healthcare students, CEO's of startups etc. please). Epatients interested in participating, please submit an application here. (space is limited - if you want to be sure to attend, we recommend to find a specific sponsor).

In addition, we are actively soliciting sponsors for epatients (who will be acknowledged).
Moreover, in our registration form, participants can check an option to register for an epatient they know, sponsoring his/her registration fee.

Dave Debronkart and Gunther Eysenbach
(Keynote speaker Epatient Dave (Dave DeBronkart) at Medicine 2.0'09 [with Gunther Eysenbach])

(Epatients at Medicine 2.0'11)

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