How to use the QR Codes on the badges

Medicine 2.0 attendees will note QR codes on Medicine 2.0 badges, which contain a URL to the profile page of each participant (or another URL which attendees specified when they registered). Use an iphone/android app like Redlaser to scan he badge of the person you are talking to.
We combined this powerful tool with the Medicine 2.0 Social Network, which means not only can you see the profile of the person you are chatting with when you scan the QR code, but that person is also automatically added to your personal profile page as a "user you have met"...
Apart from having a nice logbook of who you met at #med2, you can use this to expose your contact information (email address) selectively to people you met or you added as colleagues or friends. Business cards are so out...
Let's see who wins the award for making most connections at Medicine 2.0!

(Note: When you make a connection for the first time, after scanning the QR code you will have to login so the relationship can be stored. Before the conference starts, make sure you have your username/pw handy - use the "forgot password" option if not. Also, before the congress starts, edit your profile to review/change your privacy preferences - we recommend to show at least your name, affiliation and country publicly to all visitors so you appear on the attendee list, but make your contact information only available to people you connect with. BY DEFAULT, YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS NOT VISIBLE TO YOUR CONNECTIONS, SO MAKE SURE YOU ENABLE THIS SO PEOPLE WHOM YOU BEFRIEND CAN GET IN TOUCH).

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