Please update your profile and privacy settings

Given that the abstract submission deadline for Medicine 2.0'11 in Stanford is less than two weeks away, please take a moment to check your profile information and also to check if you are signed up for email notifications regarding Stanford 2011.

We also made some important changes to the privacy settings. As we are planning to create a mini-social networking site on the med2 site with public profiles of participants and users, there are some additional privacy checkboxes which allow you to determine whether your profile should be visible on our website (and also in the QR code of the conference badge at Stanford).

1. Go to your USER HOME and then the profile page
(reset your password if you forgot it)

2. Check your notification preference checkboxes: Opt in or opt out of any future email notifications for past or future Med2 conferences. We will NOT send any future mailings about Stanford 2011 unless the respective checkmark is checked.

3. Change the privacy settings for your public profile and QR badge

4. Optionally: Upload your picture! (required if you want to attend Stanford - pics will be on the badges)


Gunther Eysenbach MD MPH
Medicine 2.0 Producer

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