Abstract Submission Deadline

*** Last day of Abstract Submissions - today, May 15th! (extended until May 20th) http://tinyurl.com/dd469w ***

Just a few tips and notes regarding the last-minute abstract submission frenzy:

1) Abstract submissions will close today at midnight (UPDATE: grace period of 4 days added) - but we suggest you submit your abstract today before 4pm E.S.T. so that we can assist if something goes wrong

2) IMPORTANT: Check your email (incl spam folder) for an instant and automatic confirmation email (Submission Acknowledgment). If you did not get it, your submission might not have gone through, or you entered a wrong email address - both is not good. Contact pcairns at ehealthinnovation.org for technical problems.

3) It is NOT possible to edit or delete your abstract after submission. Sorry - there has been a misleading statement on the website to that effect. But you will be able to edit your abstract after peer-review/decision before it is posted.

4) Follow submissions (see what others are submitting!) at the RSS-feed http://feeds2.feedburner.com/Medicine20AggregatorV2 in near-real time. We tried to use twitterfeed to feed those to twitter (http://twitter.com/medicine20), but it doesn't seem to be very timely or reliable.

Good luck and we look forward to your submission.

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