JMIR Medicine 2.0 award

JMIR Medicine 2.0 Award

Complementing the recently announced IMIA Medicine 2.0 award, JMIR (the Journal of Medical Internet Research) is sponsoring an award for the best paper presented at Medicine 2.0. This non-cash award consists of a US$ 1000 Article Processing Fee discount and is designed to encourage and facilitate publication in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, the leading peer-reviewed open-access eHealth journal.

• Eligible candidates are presenters (first authors) at the Medicine 2.0 conference
• The research or discussion paper must be unpublished and not be under consideration for publication in a journal at the time of the conference
• Non-research papers from the practice track or other tracks are eligible, as are panel contributions
• Recipients of the IMIA Medicine 2.0 Award are eligible (see for more information on the IMIA award)

The decision will be made by the JMIR editor-in-chief and editorial board members. The sole criterion is potential impact of a written paper. The judging panel may decide not to make an award.

Presentation of the Award:
This award will be presented at the closing session of the Medicine 2.0 conference. A certificate or similar will be presented to the recipient of the Award, or sent to them after the event.
The Article Processing Fee will be discounted if the paper has been accepted by the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The paper will undergo a regular peer-review process. The award has no cash value in the unlikely event that the paper should be rejected.

The abstract submission deadline for Medicine 2.0’09 is May 15th, 2009.

Further information & abstract/proposal submission:
Please go to

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