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REMINDER FOR PRESENTERS: Oral presenters should prepare 15 minute talks (+ 5 minute discussion). Some 90 min sessions have only 3 talks - in this case presenters have 20 mins + 10 min discussion time.
We will provide a presentation laptop (PC) - presenters are asked to bring their presentation (Powerpoint file) on a USB thumb drive and copy it to the presentation laptop (at the latest in the morning or the break before their session). Please name your file as follows: day-room-time-lastname.ppt . E.g. 4-cr2-1330-amin refers to a presentation on the 4th, in room CR2, at 1:30 pm by the first author Amin. 5-aud-1530-dzenowagis would be a presentation in the Auditorium at 3:30 pm by Dzenowagis, and so on (see schedule).
We do have wireless Internet connection, but we advise not to rely on a working connection for presentations - prepare screenshots instead.
It is NOT necessary to submit PPTs in advance - bring them on a USB drive to the conference.

Poster presenters should be advised that poster boards are 6ft (wide) by 3 ft (height). Do not use push pins - velcro only!.

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