Information for presenters at Medicine 2.0'12

Please read this information if you are presenting at Medicine 2.0'12 in Boston.

All information is subject to change, so check closer to the conference for important updates/changes

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All presentations

All presenters: Check the online schedule and verify that your presentation is listed here, and that you have no conflicts regarding your presentation time. If your presentation is not in the schedule, login and check the abstract archive for your submission - click on the abstract title and review the director/author email log. If your abstract has been accepted, but is not listed, verify that you are registered for the conference. If you are, and the abstract was accepted, but is not listed, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.

There will be free WiFi throughout the conference facility, but we recommend to not rely on live-demonstrations during presentations, but to use screenshots instead.

Edits to the abstracts (on this website) and order of presenters (the first author is assumed to be the presenting author and must be registered) are possible until Aug (please login and click on the abstract title to edit the abstract or metadata).

NEW (2012-08-07): The deadline for a full paper submitted to JMIR is Nov 15th, 2012. In addition, other publication options are available - see this announcement.

All oral presentations

Presenters are asked to display the QR code of their abstract on the title slide of their talk or panel (also posters). The QR code links to the abstract URL (it can be found on the individual abstract page). This will enable participants with mobile devices to rapidly retrieve and read the abstract during the talk (note that there will be no printed abstract book this year, due to the large number of abstracts).

We will support Powerpoint presentations in Mac or PC format, as well as Keynote presentations. Save your presentation on a USB stick and see the room attendant well before your presentation slot. The presentation computers will be Macs, so make sure you check your presentation especially if you created them on a PC. Use of your own laptop is not allowed because there is no time for switching laptops.

Full oral presentations

We schedule up to 3 full presentations in a 45 minute session, so it is important to stick to the 15 minute time limit. Aim for a 10 minute presentation (10-15 slides), leaving 5 minutes for discussion.
Some 45 min slots have fewer presentations, in these cases the remaining time should be used for general discussion with all presenters, rather than the last talk running into the extra time.

Rapid fire-presentations

The maximum time for a rapid-fire presentation is 5 minutes, including one audience question, so you should aim for a 4 minute presentation with no more than 5-8 slides.


Panels are 45 min sessions with typically 3-5 panelists. Typically, each panelist would give a brief presentation with or without slides, followed by extensive discussion and audience interaction. However, the format is up to the panel chair/panel organizer to determine. Panelists should consult with the panel chair to determine how they should prepare for the panel.

Startup Panel (Sat. pm)

Each company has 12 minutes OVERALL. This includes about a 7 minutes presentation, and 5 minutes for receiving feedback from the panel, and responding to questions from the audience.
Companies do not have to have a ppt presentation, but we strongly suggest you prepare one – it will help illustrate who you are and what you do.

For further information please download Instructions for Startup-Panel Presenters!

Please email your startup ppt presentations to the panel moderator, Talya Miron-Shatz, by Sep. 10th, at talyam at and bring your presentation on a thumb drive.

Poster Presentations

We'll be serving a "mobile" lunch allowing participants to stroll around and view the poster areas. There will be two poster sessions, divided by the last name of the first presenter (Sat: A-L, Sun: M-Z). Presenters are expected to be at their posters between 12:45 pm and 1:45 pm during lunch break (optionally also during coffee break) to answer questions. Posters should be mounted before the first coffee break and should be taken down before 8pm (3pm on Sunday).
See also poster list in the online schedule: Posters in the lower range (A-L), approximately P1-P62, are on Saturday (however, the exact poster number may change if we add or drop posters).
Note that the poster format is max. 4 ft. x 4 ft., or 122cm x 122cm. Note that this is smaller format than at previous Medicine 2.0 conferences as we have significantly more posters than previously, so two presenters will share one poster board. The poster format can be portrait or square or landscape as long as it doesn't exceed 4 ft in any dimension.

Tabletop Exhibits

  • Tables should be staffed during registration hours on Sat and Sun (7:00-8am), coffee breaks (10:30-11am Sat & Sun and 3:30-4pm Sat only) as well as lunch hours (12:30-2pm Sat & Sun), during the Sat reception (6:15-8pm), and ideally also during the sessions
  • We use 5 ft tables which are 30"x60"
  • Tables come with two chairs and black linen
  • Electricity is NOT provided by default, if you need an electrical outlet, we require an additional $100 payment. Feel free to charge your laptop at another outlet, but note that there are no electrical outlets near the table, and if you require one, the conference center needs to pull a line, so LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE
  • No outside staff without tickets permitted - staff must register
  • If you need to ship material to the conference center, please use the following address:
    Molly Hudson (Medicine 2.0/Exhibitor: [exhibitorname])
    Joseph B. Martin Conference Ce
    77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, NRB R
    Boston MA 02115

Information for Session Chairs

  • Each session has a chair and a cochair. The cochair assumes chair responsibilities if the chair is unavailable.
  • You are requested to be present 15 minutes before the start of the session in the specified room. A room attendant and technician will be present for assistance.
  • Check, together with the assistant, whether all presentations have been properly loaded before the scheduled start of the session. The use of own computers is discouraged, make sure presenters copy their presentations on the presentation computer.
  • Make sure that all audiovisual equipment works before the start of the session.
  • Inquire with each author about any problem or change about the presentation.
  • Confirm the time allocation with the speakers and invite the presenters to strictly follow the limits and recommendations.
  • Unless instructed otherwise, a regular scientific presentation has 15 minutes, including 5 minute discussion; a rapid fire presentation has 5 minutes, including 1 minute discussion. Please give the speaker an out-of-time warning after 10 minutes (4 minutes for rapid fire). Any speaking time exceeding 10 minutes (4 minutes) will be deducted from the discussion time.
  • Introduce each speaker briefly (no time for a lengthy bio, just state name, affiliation, and presentation title).
  • In case of absence of an author, use the additional time for discussion. The time schedule should be strictly followed.
  • Before or during the presentations, prepare/think about a question for the presenter if none come from the audience
  • Most important: keep speakers on track regarding their allotted time.
  • For your information: all sessions are audio recorded. Make sure the audience microphone (if available) is used if people ask questions, or have the speaker repeat the question.
  • The session in the auditorium is webcasted. Please follow the hashtag #med2 to read out any questions from remote participants (we ask remote participant to use the hashtag #med2aud if they have a question about a presentation in the auditorium)

  • Session Chairs/Co-Chairs: After your session, please summarize individual sessions at
    The chair and co-chair should agree in advance who will do this for a given session (or they work together on this).
    The purpose of this form is to compile summaries of all sessions, with the final aim to discuss the potential and problems Medicine 2.0 in a paper to be submitted to a major, high-impact medical journal. Rapporteurs will also be acknowledged in that paper. The form can also be used by others who volunteer to be the rapporteur (or are appointed by the session chairs) or audience members.

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