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Attended Medicine 2.0'12 (Boston, USA)
Saturday, September 15, 2012 to Sunday, September 16, 2012
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Attended Medicine 2.0'13 (London, UK)
Monday, September 23, 2013 to Tuesday, September 24, 2013
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Attended Medicine 2.0'14 Europe (Malaga, Spain)
Thursday, October 9, 2014 to Friday, October 10, 2014
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Accepted Abstracts

Medicine 2.0'12 (Boston, USA)

Lumos! a Web-based Platform for Online Medical Collaborative Studies
Charilaos Lygidakis*, Silvio Cambiaso*, Nicola Masella

Background Collaborative research may be challenging for researchers and clinicians working in certain contexts. Several issues are attributable to the limited resources in areas with low research capacity, the use of paper questionnaires and the consequent data inconsistency, the small Electronic Medical Records installation base, the user-unfriendly and unstandardized programs and the workload. There may also be difficulties in coordinating and engaging researchers located in different geo...

Medicine 2.0'13 (London, UK)

Employing an Online Survey Platform for a Patient Association Campaign
Charilaos Lygidakis*, Claus Vögele, Silvio Cambiaso*, Mauro Melis*, Nicola Masella, Rita Stara

Introduction The advances in connectivity and the wide availability of data are shifting healthcare towards a more patient-centred model, in which patients are increasingly interested in sharing their experiences, learning about their conditions and participating in the healthcare decisions actively. The web-based “Lumos!” platform can be employed not only by teams of researchers conducting multicentre studies, especially in low research capacity contexts, but also by patient associat...

Employing Social Media to Encourage Active Participation of the Members of a Junior GP Association: The Vasco Da Gama Movement Paradigm
Raquel Gomez-Bravo*, Charilaos Lygidakis*, Raluca Zoitanu, Martin Sattler*, Sara Rigon, Soleman Begg, Tiago Villanueva

Introduction The name of the great Portuguese explorer, who discovered the sea route towards India almost five hundred years ago, has been employed by the Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM), the working network within WONCA Europe (World Organization of Family Doctors - Europe), dedicated to trainees and junior General Practitioners / Family Physicians (GPs/FPs). As they set out for their own exploratory voyage in the discipline of General Practice / Family Medicine in Europe, the movement functi...

Facilitated Access to an Alcohol Reduction Website in Primary Care: The Pilot Phase of the EFAR-FVG Randomised Controlled Non-Inferiority Trial
Paul Wallace, Pierluigi Struzzo, Charilaos Lygidakis*, Emanuele Scafato, Roberto Della Vedova, Lisa Verbano, Costanza Tersar, Nick Freemantle, Richard McGregor

Background Brief interventions are effective in reducing alcohol consumption for at-risk drinkers. Nonetheless, several factors, such as time constraints, prevent their wide implementation in primary care settings. Providing facilitated access to an alcohol reduction website could be a promising alternative to the face-to-face brief intervention, although evidence regarding the effectiveness of such a solution is limited. Objective The study aims at evaluating whether facilitated access ...

Lumos!, a Web-Based Solution for Collaborative Healthcare Research Projects (Startup-Pitch)
Silvio Cambiaso*, Charilaos Lygidakis*, Nicola Masella, Mauro Melis*

The Problem Imagine how difficult it is for clinicians and researchers to collect data from different sources, from rural and isolated areas, developing countries, contexts with limited financial and technical resources. Consider how demanding it is to deal with different healthcare systems, organizational models and a variety of individual, community and administrative issues, while trying to offer the best for the patients. Think of the challenge of coordinating and engaging researchers, e...

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JMIR Research Protocols

Download Your Doctor: Implementation of a Digitally Mediated Personal Physician Presence to Enhance Patient Engagement With a Health-Promoting Internet Application
Charilaos Lygidakis, Paul Wallace, Costanza Tersar, Francesco Marcatto, Donatella Ferrante, Roberto Della Vedova, Francesca Scafuri, Emanuele Scafato, Pierluigi Struzzo
JMIR Res Protoc 2016;5(1):e36

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