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Mikael Elf (melf)
Department of psychology, University of Gothenburg; Vårdal Institute, The Swedish Institute for Health Science
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Attended Medicine 2.0'11 (Stanford University, USA)
Friday, September 16, 2011 to Sunday, September 18, 2011
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Accepted Abstracts

Medicine 2.0'11 (Stanford University, USA)

Design of Web-based Support Systems in Less Structured Contexts - the Case of Young Carers
Mikael Elf*, Ingela Skärsäter*, Lilas Ali*, Barbro Krevers*

Background It has been suggested that at least 4% in a given population of young people are young carers (YC), providing substantial support to diseased family members. Many of them have little or no help from society, partly due to societal neglect of this group and partly due to barriers for help seeking, such as shame, stigma and distrust in health and social care resources (HSCR). The group addressed in this abstract, YCs aged 16-25 and supporting someone with mental illness, may find th...

Young Adult Carers in the Risk Zone. Design of a Health-Promoting, Randomized Two-armed Controlled Trial for Young Adults Who Support People with Mental Illness
Ingela Skärsäter*, Lilas Ali*, Mikael Elf*, Barbro Krevers*

Background Currently, most psychiatric care takes place in out-patient settings, and family members and close friends often assume great responsibility for the mentally ill. It is important, therefore, to learn how best to support patients and the people who care for them, which forms of social support are of greatest value to those struggling with mental illness, and how individuals benefit from specific components, such as information and education, in their daily lives. Pedagogic processe...

In Pursuit of Quality and Usefulness regarding Web-based Support for Young Carers of Persons with Mental Illness
Barbro Krevers Krevers*, Mikael Elf*, Lilas Ali*, Ingela Skärsäter*

Background The Internet is still a new field for health care service delivery. Consequently there is a need to examine the quality and usefulness of web-based support for different target groups. This requires development of a framework that adapts theories and methods concerning quality of care, since these are originally developed for a health care based on personal meetings. Several young carers of persons with mental illness shoulder great responsibility. They are vulnerable and at risk ...

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