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James G. Boram Kim (echo4ngel)
Interdisciplinary Program of Medical Informatics, Seoul National University
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Korea, Republic Of


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Attended Medicine 2.0'11 (Stanford University, USA)
Friday, September 16, 2011 to Sunday, September 18, 2011
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Attended Medicine 2.0'12 (Boston, USA)
Saturday, September 15, 2012 to Sunday, September 16, 2012
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Accepted Abstracts

Medicine 2.0'11 (Stanford University, USA)

Approaching to Patients and Working in Partnership by Fostering Agreed-upon Tags in Social Media
James G. Kim*, Sungin Lee, Seungbeom Kim*, Hyejin Jeong, Suik Lee, Hong-gee Kim

The biopsychosocial model is a model that suggests that not only biological factors but also psychosocial factors in a patient's everyday life can potentially influence health outcomes. Yet, physicians cannot effectively capture a holistic understanding of the patient with a few short-time consultations and there have never been enough tools to grab it so far. Especially when physicians face the widest spectrum of diseases, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds (i.e. in primary care settings), ...

Medicine 2.0'12 (Boston, USA)

Development of Health Information Technology Acceptance Model for Health Consumers’ Behavioral Intention
Jeongeun Kim*, Hyeounae Park, James G. Boram Kim*

Background: It is mandatory to have the behavioral intention if health consumers wish to measure, store and manage the health data of their own for the effective health promotion using Health Information Technology. Effective and efficient strategies could be developed and implemented if we could understand the health consumer’s intention & behavior. Objective: It is the aim of this study to develop and verify the extended Technology Acceptance Model in healthcare arena to explain the heal...

Melting Down the Walls between Your Health Data Silos
James G. Boram Kim*, Sungin Lee, Hong-gee Kim

Background: Recent Web-based, personally controlled health record (PCHR) services, such as Dossia and Microsoft HealthVault, are bringing control of health records to their patients, offering them active roles in their healthcare. There remain, however, some technical drawbacks in the current PCHR landscape: (1) lack of cross-service identity resolution scheme workable in both current and any foreseeable Web-based PCHR solutions, and (2) absence of trust mechanism among healthcare ecosystem p...

Medicine 2.0'13 (London, UK)

Personal Health Records and Related Laws in South Korea
Jeongeun Kim*, James G. Boram Kim, Yongyeob Jeong, Sukwha Kim

Background: A Personal Health Record (PHR) consists of health information about an individual from diverse sources, including information entered by the patient or consumer. Majority of the information, however, especially objective data such as laboratory test results, come mainly from Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Due to this reason, it is absolutely vital for PHR systems to import data from EHR systems in a secure and private way. In South Korea, 82.3 percent of people are concer...

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