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Medicine 2.0'14 Europe (Malaga, Spain)


Listening to the Patient Voice at the Heart of Health Care Abstract
Carol Anne Haigh*
Smart Food: Identifying Calories of Meals Using Smartphone to Inform the Development of a Personalized Messaging System for Obesity Prevention and Management Abstract
Anne Moorhead*, Raymond Bond*, Huiru Zheng
Exploring the Quality of Health Apps: The ISYS Ranking System Abstract
Maria Immaculada Grau*, Francisco J Grajales III, Luis Fernandez-Luque*, Belchin Kostov, Jose Antonio Gallego
The Changing Patient-Physician Relationship: What Predicts Willingness to Undergo Online Treatment and Pay for Online Treatment? Abstract
Johanna Roettl*, Sonja Bidmon*, Ralf Terlutter, Susanna Meyer, Norbert Schell
“Is Your Man Stepping Out?” An Online Pilot Study to Evaluate Facebook Advertising Recruitment and Retention Using Smartphones to Deliver HIV Prevention Videos to African American Young Adult Women Abstract
Rachel Jones*, Lorraine J Lacroix
Demographic and Health Related Data of Users of a Mobile Application to Support Drug Adherence Is Associated with Usage Duration and Intensity Abstract
Stefan Becker*, Alexander Mertens, Christopher Brandl, Sven Meister, Talya Miron-Shatz, Urs-Vito Albrecht*, Andreas Keck, Anna Mitchell, Andreas Kribben, Eckhard Nagel
Quality, Accessibility and Readability of Online Health Information on Prostate Cancer Abstract
Hendrik Borgmann*, Igor Tsaur, Jan-Henning Wölm, Axel Haferkamp
Educational Games for Creating Awareness about Health Issues: The Case of Educational Content Evaluation Integrated in the Game Abstract
Patty Kostkova*, Andreea Molnar
Attention Facebook – Patients and Health Care Provider Meet in Social Networks Abstract
Anke Hollinderbäumer*, Tobias Hartz*, Florian Walter, Frank Ückert
An Internet-Based Intervention for Eating Disorders & the Role of Different Levels of Therapist Support: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Jiska Aardoom*
A Clinical Guide to Evaluate Heart Rate Related Smartphone Applications Abstract
Frederic Lenaerts*, Lenn Drijkoningen, Jo Van Der Auwera, Christophe Smeets, Valerie Storms, Pieter Vandervoort, Lars Grieten
Empowering Immigrant Medical Doctors through Social Media Abstract
Cindy R. Sinclair*
Pier2Peer: Development and Evaluation of a Socially-Connected Mobile App to Increase Fish Consumption Abstract
James White*, Alexandra McManus, Moyez Jiwa
The Impact of Online Health Information Seeking Behavior on Self-Care Activities among Adult Diabetic Type-2 Patients Abstract
Amr Jamal*
Modulation of Medical Condition Likelihood by Patient History Similarity Abstract
Jonathan Turner*, Peter Weller
Predicting the Influenza Season 2013-2014 in Italy Abstract
Daniela Paolotti*, Daniela Perrotta, Qiang Zhang, Michele Tizzoni, Nicola Perra, Alessandro Vespignani
Care4Talk – Secure Messenger for Clinical Settings Abstract
Tobias Hartz*, Nicole Schmelzer, Holger Storf, Frank Ückert
Cost-Effectiveness of an Internet-Based Treatment Programme for Stress Urinary Incontinence Abstract
Malin Sjöström*, Göran Umefjord, Lars Lindholm, Eva Samuelsson*
The Strategic Use of Self-Disclosure in Health 2.0 Communities Abstract
Jeana H. Frost*, Ivar E. Vermeulen
Online Health Information for People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Utility and Usability of Web-Based Information and Feasibility of Evaluation Tools. Abstract
Peter A. Bath*, Victoria Dobson
Virtual Intervention to Support Self-Management of Antiretroviral Therapy among Persons Living with HIV Abstract
José Côté*, Gaston Godin, Pilar Ramirez-Garcìa, Geneviève Rouleau, Anne Bourbonnais, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc, Cécile Tremblay, Joanne Otis
Internet Users's Experiences of Seeking Information on Health Administrations Websites Abstract
Joelle Kivits*, Sophie Gendarme, Ingrid Volery, Francis Guillemin
A Gender Perspective on the Adoption of Internet Communication With the General Practitioner (GP) Abstract
Sonja Bidmon*, Ralf Terlutter, Susanna Meyer, Norbert Schell
The EXPERT Study: Randomised Controlled Trial of an Internet-Based Intervention Harnessing Patient Experiences to Support Self-Management of Asthma Abstract
John Powell*
Malaria System: a New Tool for Automatic Diagnosis of Malaria in Mobile Devices Abstract
Allisson Dantas Oliveira*, Mercia Eliane Arruda, Jordi Gomez Prat, Daniel Lopez Codina, Francesc Zarzuela Serrat, Jones Oliveira Albuquerque
“Just Text Me”: Using Text Messaging as a Patient Evaluation Tool – The SIMPle Study Abstract
Sinead Duane*, Sandra Galvin, Aoife Callan, Akke Vellinga, SIMPle Team
Online Facilitation of Collaboration and Recovery in Mental Health: a Pilot Study. Abstract
Monica Strand*, Deede Gammon*, Lillian Sofie Eng
Improving the Quality and Findability of Open Medical Information on the Web: Medical Wikidata and the FindMeEvidence Search Engine Abstract
Matthias Samwald*, Veronika Stefanov, Georg Petz, Claus-Dieter Volko, Allan Hanbury
Transforming Patient Experience: The Need for a Design Innovation Approach to Health Web Science and Medicine 2.0. Abstract
Grant Cumming*, Tara French*, Lynn-Sayers McHattie*, Cara Broadley*
Online Video Group Counselling for Family Caregivers of Persons with Dementia – an Ongoing Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Benjamin Jonas*
Mobile Jump Assessment (mJump) Abstract
Antonio Ignacio Cuesta-Vargas*, Alvaro Mateo-Angulo, Alejandro Galan-Mercant*, Manuel Gónzalez-Sánchez*
Randomized Controlled Trial of the Text4baby Program in the Military Women's Population Abstract
William Douglas Evans*
Utility and Accuracy of Online Schematics That Illustrate ECG Electrode Positions Abstract
Raymond Robert Bond*, Dewar Finlay, Daniel Guldenring, Cathal Breen, Anne Moorhead*
How Might the Internet Help Level Health Inequalities? Abstract
Sue Ziebland*, Helen Atherton, John Powell*
A Semantic Web Health Recommender System: Enriching YouTube Health Videos Abstract
Luis Fernandez-Luque*, Carlos-Luis Sanchez-Bocanegra, Jose Luis Sevillano Ramos, Stathis Konstantinidis*, Randi Karlsen
Use and Usability of Electronic Resources Among Health Professionals at King Fahad University Hospital: An Assessment Abstract
Raed AlBukhari, Farzana Shafique*, Muhammad Al-Sultan*, Fatima Abdullah*, Ajmal Khan
Registered Nurses’ Opinions of Patient Access to Electronic Health Records in Sweden - a Nationwide Survey Abstract
Isabella Scandurra*, Ture Ålander*
Treatment Choices for Depression: Young People’s Responses to Traditional Versus Health 2.0 Websites Abstract
Faye Scanlan*
Why So Serious?: Detecting and Tracking Depression Through the Presence of Emoticons Abstract
Jinah Kwak*, Hwon Ihm, Wonjae Lee
Seniors Exergaming 2.0: The Role of Social and Motivational Aspects on Games for Elderly's Physical Training through Web 2.0 Techniques Abstract
Stathis Th Konstantinidis*, Luis Fernández-Luque*, Ellen Brox*, Per Egil Kummervold
PHIT for Duty – A Mobile Application to Improve Psychological Health and Reduce Alcohol Use in Persons with Post-Traumatic Stress Abstract
Paul N. Kizakevich*
Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence via a Smartphone Application. Report from an Ongoing Randomised Controlled Study. Abstract
Ina Asklund*, Malin Sjöström*, Göran Umefjord, Eva Samuelsson*
A Web-Based Coping and Alcohol-Intervention Program for Adolescents Having Parents with Alcohol Problems: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Tobias H Elgan*, Nicklas Kartengren*
Medi+board: the Public Health Dashboard Abstract
Patty Kostkova*
Balancing Theory with Engagement: the Development of a Paediatric Weight Management App Targeting Parents for Local Public Health Services Abstract
Kristina Elizabeth Curtis*, Sudakshina Lahiri, Katherine Elizabeth Brown, Jeremy Wyatt
User Centered Design Process for a Smartphone App for Young Adults with Hereditary Blood Disorders Abstract
Kai Sostmann*, Tina Harms, Anna Hudalla, Stephan Lobitz
Exploring the Potential of Open Innovation Communities for Healthcare Institutions: A Scoping Review Abstract
Julia Amann*, Claudia Zanini, Mirjam Brach, Gerold Stucki, Sara Rubinelli
Social Media Guidelines for Communication in Health Settings in Germany Abstract
Anke Hollinderbäumer*, Florian Walter, Freya Trautmann, Frank Ückert, Tobias Hartz*
The eContinence Project: Development, Evaluation, and Implementation of Treatment Programmes for Urinary Incontinence via Internet/Smartphone/PC Tablet Applications Abstract
Eva Samuelsson*, Malin Sjöström*, Ina Asklund*, Hans Stenlund, Susanne Johansson*, Emma Nyström*, Göran Umefjord
A Systematic Review of Factors Associated to M-Health Adoption by Health Care Professionals Abstract
Marie-pierre Gagnon*, Julie Payne-Gagnon, Patrice Ngangue
Students’ Savings through Web-Conference Learning within Health Professional Education Abstract
Peter Nicklen*, Jenny Keating, George Rivers, Stephen Maloney
Need and Usage of Different Kind of Support among Young Informal Carers of Persons with Mental Illness Abstract
Lilas Ali*, Britt Hedman Ahlström, Barbro Krevers, Nils Sjöström, Ingela Skärsäter
A Social Networking Tool For Collaborative Care For Patients, Caregivers and Health Care Professionals Abstract
Amna Husain*, Jennifer Stinson, Margaret van Wyk, Bhadra Lokuge, Kurahashi Allison, Peter Weinstein, Renee Desjardins, Trevor Jamieson*, Eyal Cohen, Adam Rapoport, Joseph Cafazzo, Wayne Ho
Scoping Review of Information and Communication-Technology to Support Patients and Health Care Providers in Person Centered Care Management of Chronic Diseases Abstract
Lianne Simonse*, Sabine Wildevuur
Taking the Leap Introducing a Mobile App for the Private Medical Practice: The Case of Six Gynecologists in Germany Abstract
Peter Martin Resch*
The Etiquette of Mobile Device Use by Doctors in Trauma and Orthopaedics Abstract
Oliver Blocker*, Lydia Hayden, Alison Bullock
Who Searches for Health Information on the Internet? Findings from the Canadian Internet Use Survey Abstract
Michelle Pannor Silver*
Translating the Diabetes Prevention Program into an Online Social Network: Validation against CDC Standards Abstract
Cameron Sepah*
Helping Patients and Their Doctors to Systematically Collaborate - Supporting Diabetes Patients` Self-Management Activities by an Online Tool Abstract
Maddalena Fiordelli*, Sarah Mantwill, Ramona Ludolph, Alexander Pabst
Acceptance of Mobile Applications for Diabetics by Patients Age 50 Years or Older: A Qualitative Study Abstract
Madlen Scheibe*, Wilhelm Kirch
Randomized Controlled Trial of the Web-Based Tobacco Tactics with Telephone Support versus 1-800-QUIT-NOW Telephone Line among Operating Engineers Abstract
Sonia A Duffy*, Seung Hee Choi, Andrea H Waltje, David L Ronis, Devon Noonan, Oisaeng Hong, Caroline R Richardson, John D Meeker
Risk Analysis of Different Use Cases Which Might Lead to Patient Identification within Facebook Abstract
Tobias Hartz*, Holger Storf, Anke Hollinderbäumer*, Freya Trautmann, Florian Walter, Frank Ückert
Web-Based Distress Management Program for Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Patients (Webcare): Long-Term Follow-up of a Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Mirela Habibovic*, Johan Denollet, Pim Cuijpers, Jean-Paul Herrman, Leon Bouwels, Suzanne Valk, Marco Alings, Pepijn van der Voort, Dominic Theuns, Susanne Pedersen
Google Glass for Documentation of Medical Findings: Evaluation in Forensic Medicine Abstract
Urs-Vito Albrecht*, Ute von Jan, Joachim Kuebler, Christoph Zoeller, Martin Lacher, Oliver J. Muensterer, Max Ettinger, Michael Klintschar, Lars Hagemeier
WiinWalk: A Telehealth Intervention to Improve Walking in Older Adults with Lower Limb Amputation Abstract
Bita Imam*, William C Miller, Ian M Mitchell, Heather Finlayson, Janice J Eng, Tal Jarus
Creating a Database of Internet-Based Clinical Trials to Support a Public-Led Research Programme. Abstract
Anne Brice*, Amanda Burls*
A Web- and Mobile Phone-Based Intervention in 4-Year-Olds: a Population-Based Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Marie Lof*, Christine Delisle*, Ralph Maddison
Use of IPhone by Nurses in Acute Care Settings to Improve Communication and Decision Making Processes Abstract
Maureen Jean Farrell*
A Curriculum to Enhance Online EProfessionalism among Internal Medicine Residents Abstract
Vandana Y. Bhide
The Power Exchange between Patient and Health Professional: A Grounded Theory Approach Abstract
Julia Moreland*
Assessing the Implementability of Health and Telehealth Interventions for Self Management Support: a Realist Synthesis in a European Context Abstract
Ivaylo Vassilev*, Catherine Pope, Anne Rogers*, Anne Kennedy
Business Modelling from Patient Experience Journeys: Three Care Model Designs of eHealth 2.0 Product Service Systems Abstract
Lianne Simonse*, Stella Boess
Validation of an Italian Version of the EHealth Literacy Scale (I-EHEALS) Abstract
Nicola Diviani*, Sara Palazzo, Peter J Schulz
Assessing the Credibility of Health Information on the Web: Does Health Literacy Play a Role? Abstract
Nicola Diviani*, Stefano Giani, Bas van den Putte, Julia C.m. van Weert
Are We Fully Exploiting the Potential of Mobile Devices? Addressing social isolation through mHealth Abstract
Maddalena Fiordelli*, Nicola Diviani*, Peter J Schulz
Design of a Website to Foster Healthy Behaviour Among Young People Abstract
Siti Maon*, Sharidatul Akma Abu Seman
The Development of an Ontology to Facilitate Personalised Patient Education Abstract
Raymond Bond*, Susan Quinn, Chris Nugent
Understanding the Roles of Peers in Health Online User Communities Abstract
Ari-Matti Auvinen*
Long-Term Adherence to Care-Centered and Research-Centered Online Self-Assessment Programs in Multiple Sclerosis: A Comparative Analysis Abstract
Elena Hristodorova*, Peter Joseph Jongen, Mikael Hiligsmann, Anneke van der Zande, Anton Kool, Esther van Noort, Silvia Evers, MSmonitor Working Group
The Effectiveness of Technology-Based Strategies to Promote Engagement with Digital Interventions (Systematic Review Protocol) Abstract
Ghadah Alkhaldi*, Lorna Hobbs, Susan Michie, Elizabeth Murray
An Analysis of Twitter Activity of Pharmaceutical Companies and Tweets Relating to Publication Activity Abstract
Sarah Feeny*, Ray Magee, Elaine Wilson
Smartphone and Web 2.0 Applications for Weight Management: A Review of the Literature Abstract
Marco Bardus*, Charles Abraham, Jane Smith, Melvyn Hillsdon
Visual Business Modelling Toolkit Development Abstract
Corette Arts-Posthoorn, Trine Gedde, Lianne Simonse*
Internet Use for Children's Health Information at Canadian Tertiary Hospital Abstract
Clyde Matava*
Short-Term Results of A Web-Based Attentional Bias Modification Program for Smoking Relapse Prevention Abstract
Iman Elfeddali*
Patient-Centered Health Information on Quality of Inpatient Care: Trend Analysis of Newspapers and Blogs Abstract
Ryoma Seto*
Medical Students and Personal Smartphones in the Clinical Environment: The Impact on Confidentiality of Personal Health Information and Professionalism Abstract
Kim Tran*, Dante Morra, Vivian Lo, Sherman Quan, Howard Abrams*, Robert Wu
“Loop” as a Window: Analytics and Social Network Theory to Understand Teams of Care Abstract
Trevor Jamieson*, Peter Weinstein, Jennifer Stinson, Bhadra Lokuge, Allison Kurahashi, Renée Desjardins, Wayne Ho, Joseph Cafazzo, Amna Husain*
Mobile Phone Applications in Primary Prevention: a Systematic Review of the Evidence. Abstract
Loredana Covolo*, Elisabetta Ceretti, Silvana Castaldi, Enrico Lirangi, Umberto Gelatti*
Studying Upper-Limb Kinematic Using Inertial Sensors Embedded in Smartphones. Abstract
Antonio Ignacio Cuesta-Vargas*, Cristina Roldan-Jimenez*, Paul Bennett
Social Media in Health and Care Coproduction Abstract
Hadi Daneshvar Farzanegan*, Stuart Anderson
Mobile Plyometric Assessment (mPlyometrics) Abstract
Antonio Ignacio Cuesta-Vargas*, Alvaro Mateo-Angulo, Alejandro Galan-Mercant*, Manuel Gónzalez-Sánchez*
Validity and Reliability of Range of Motion Measured on Smartphone (mROM) Abstract
Antonio Ignacio Cuesta-Vargas*
Experiences of a Patient Portal with Access During 9 Years to the Medical Records, in Primary Care. Abstract
Ture Alander*, Rose-Mharie Ahlfeldt, Isto Huvila
Electronic Personal Health Records in Canada: An Exploratory Review of the Literature Abstract
Marie-Pierre Gagnon*, Julie Payne-Gagnon, Erik Breton, Lara Khoury
Analysis of Response Time in Electronic PRO Instrument: How Could It Be Used to Refine the Analysis of Health-Related Quality of Life Data? Abstract
Christophe Lalanne*, Cécile Goujard, Susan Herrmann, Christian Cheung-Lung, Yannick Schwartz, Andrew Armstrong, Olivier Chassany, Martin Duracinsky
Using Social Media to Support Self-Management of Diabetes and Common Mental Health Issues: Young Adults’ Perspectives on Sharing Experiences Online Abstract
Gillian Fergie*, Shona Hilton*, Kate Hunt
How the Social Media Is Used by Healthcare Professionals in KSA Abstract
Farzana Shafique*
A-DISCERN: Developing an Automated Tool for Identifying Better Online Quality Information regarding Treatment Options Abstract
Ahmed Allam*, Peter Johannes Schulz, Kent Nakamoto
Treatment Choices for Depression: Young People’s Responses to Traditional Versus Health 2.0 Websites Abstract
Faye Scanlan*, Sunil Bhar, Anthony Jorm, Nicole Reavley
Information Security Management in Health Care According to ISO/IEC 27799 Standard Abstract
Igor Bernik*
Self-Selection in Video Game Research Abstract
Yasser Khazaal*, Mathias Van-Singer, Anne Chatton
Ready to Manage Intimate Partner Violence? Abstract
Raquel Gomez Bravo*, Charilaos Lygidakis, Claus Vögele, Silvio Cambiaso, Mauro Melis, Alex Martini
Harnessing the Web: How E-Health and E-Health Literacy Impact Young Adults’ Perceptions of Online Health Information Abstract
Rowena L. Briones*
Mobile Functional Reach Test in People Who Suffer Stroke Abstract
Antonio Ignacio Cuesta-Vargas*, Jose A Merchán-Baeza*, Manuel Gónzalez-Sánchez*
Web 2.0 Applications In Medicine : Trends And Topics In The Literature Abstract
Christophe Boudry*
Understanding Health Research: Developing an Online Intervention to Bridge the Communicative Gap between Academics and Consumers of Research Evidence Abstract
Shona Hilton*, Sally Macintyre, Mark Petticrew, David Ogilvie, Susan Jebb, Lindsay Hogg
Virtual Patient-Physician Relationship: How Do Women and Men Differ? Abstract
Sonja Bidmon*, Ralf Terlutter, Susanna Meyer, Norbert Schell
Social Media and Mobile Usage Among Italian Cardiologists Abstract
Eugenio Santoro*
Platform to Enhance the Communication of Elderly Persons – Differences of Rural and Urban Regions Abstract
Madeleine Berger*, Christophe Kunze, Jennifer Müller, Alexander Bejan
Development and Effectiveness of a Web-Based Mindfulness Intervention for Families Living with Mental Illness Abstract
Sigrid Stjernswärd*
Health Information Exchange Implementation Lessons Learned and Critical Success Factors: A Case Study Abstract
Sue S Feldman*, Benjamin L. Schooley, Grishma Patel Bhavsar
The FGM App: a Novel Approach to Teaching Students about Female Genital Mutiliation(FGM) Using Mobile Technology Abstract
Adaugo Jacquelyn Amajuoyi*
The Role of App Use in Preparation of Running Events Abstract
Marije Baart de la Faille - Deutekom*
Fostering Healthcare Criticalities Management through Web Collaboration Platforms: HealthUs Project Abstract
Luigi Lella*, Silvia Innocenzi*, Ebe Tartufo, Giuseppe Giampieri


Closing Keynote: Ambient Assisted Living [AAL] for Smart Ageing - Challenges and Opportunities Abstract
Rafael de Andrés Medina*
Challenges and Opportunities of Health Serious Games Abstract
Luis Fernandez Luque*, Ellen Brox*, Viviane Hasselmann*, Santiago Hors-Fraile*
Telemedicine Project In Africa: “Salud 2.0” Abstract
Macrina Camps*
EPatient Panel: Exploring the Meaning and Transition Process of Becoming an EPatient in Spain/Southern Europe Abstract
Maria Inmaculada Grau*, Joan Carles March*, Antoni Roig*
A Pilot Study on MyDoc, Singapore's First Private, Secure, Mobile Telehealth Application and Messaging Platform Abstract
Keng Lin Wong*, Zubin Jimmy Daruwalla, Joseph Thambiah
Patient Data Protection in a Free Photo Sharing Network for Healthcare Professionals - The InsightMedi Mobile App Case Abstract
Gonzalo Mora*, Juan Gonzalez, Luis Rodrigues, Gabriel Piza
Pre-Med2 Tutorial: From The Idea to the App in 4 Hours (extra registration required) Abstract
Gonzalo Mora*
End-User Recommendations for Safer Use of Mobile Health Applications (mHealth Apps) Abstract
Miguel Angel Mayer*, Francisco José Sánchez-Laguna, Angela Leis, Octavi Rodríguez-Blanco
Along Came A Spider…And Frightened Health Professionals Away: Impelling EHealth and MHealth Diffusion by Evolving from the Ethics Fixation Abstract
Marlene L East*, Byron C Havard
Fitness Coach Connects - Combining Digital Tools and Physical Health Coaching to Support Employee Wellness Abstract
Barbara Veder*, Rita Fridella*
PLOT-IT: Public Empowerment and Engagement in Clinical Trials Abstract
Amanda Burls*, Anne Brice*, Amy Price
"Net-Step" - A Therapist Delivered Internet Psychotherapy For Depression And Anxiety Disorders In Primary Care Abstract
Martin Köhne*, Ulrich Sprick* Software Tools and Infrastructure for Medical Knowledge Engineering and Promoting Best Clinical Practice Abstract
John Fox*
Health Practitioners’ Use of an Open Message Board for Dialogues with Young Diabetes Type 1 Patients Abstract
Sam Nordfeldt*
Designing a Blended Learning Tutorial for Undergraduate Medical Education Supported by the Use of IPads Abstract
Maria Toro-Troconis*, Taylor Bennie*, Ashish Hemani*, Nassim Parvizi, Kevin Murphy
Is Monitoring Behavior Necessary To Achieve Health Behavior Change? The Example of The Quit Smoking With Barça Mobile App Abstract
Claudia Put*, Steven De Peuter, Michiel Janssen
The Use of an Omnipresent Array of Dynamic QR Codes to Establish Bidirectional Multi Platform Social Media Communication and Conversation Between Visitors and Organizers During Mass Events. Abstract
Christophe Robert Laurent*, Stefaan Debrauwer, Raf Fransen
Feed Safe: Development, Evaluation and Promotion of a Mobile App to Assist Breastfeeding Mothers to Make Safe Decisions about Alcohol Consumption Abstract
James White*, Becky White, Roslyn Giglia
Medical Doctors as Online Health Content Curators- Experiences from a New Form of Educating the Patient and His Family Abstract
Leonor Roa*, Maite Ortega, Laura Mata
Developing the Numerical Competence of the Current and Future Nursing Workforce through the Use of a Standardized Numerical Assessment Process to Protect Patients Abstract
Kieron Kelly, Joseph James Mcardle
Personal Health Records (PHRS) as a Base for Medical Research Abstract
Ziggy Kovacs*
The Quality of Health Related-Content Websites: 15 Years of Experience of Web Médica Acreditada Quality Program Abstract
Angela Leis, Miguel Angel Mayer*
Development and Assessment of a Telematic Platform for Diabetic Patients Care Delivery Abstract
Alicia Martínez-García*, María Asunción Martínez-Brocca, Alfonso Soto-Moreno, Raquel Guerrero-Vázquez, Francisco Jodar-Sánchez, Carlos Luís Parra-Calderón*
A Mobile App for the Self-Management of Heart Diseases Abstract
Borja Martínez-Pérez*, Isabel de la Torre-Díez, Miguel López-Coronado, Fernando del Pozo-Crespo, Jesús Herreros-González, Carlos de Castro-Lozano
Mobile App PocketDr Delivers Evidence-Based Clinical Checklists for Junior Doctors’ to Improve Management of Ill Patients Abstract
Paul Watson*
Are We Ready for E-Pathology at King Fahd University Hospital? An Analysis Abstract
Farzana Shafique*, Dalal Muhammad Al-Tammimi*
Animation and Humor In Patient Education. A Film About Acute Back Pain To Be Distributed On Web and App Abstract
Jan Ole Bolsø*


Keynote: GHealth - What Is Gamification and What Can It Bring to Healthcare? Abstract
Anna Sort*
Social Media Analytics: Discovery and Support for Decision Making Abstract
Sherri Matis-Mitchell*, Christopher Hart, Rob Hernandez
MHealth: Don’t Forget All the Stakeholders in the Business Case Abstract
Carolyn Petersen*, Paul DeMuro*, Samantha Adams*
The Business of Healthcare - Mobile Abstract
Ashwin Kutty*, Faten Alshazly, Stan Kutcher
Playing Games for Combating Cognitive Impairment Abstract
Iñaki Bartolome*, Carlos De Juan*
Have a Medical Doubt? Ask an Expert! Abstract
Frederic Llordachs*, Aline Noizet
People Who Global Abstract
Iria Hernández*
JMIR Publications and Medicine 2.0 (Expo Table) Abstract
Gunther Eysenbach*, Carmen Chu*

Total number of abstracts: 150

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