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Medicine 2.0'14 Summit & World Congress (Maui, Hawaii, USA)


An Exploratory Lecture of Connected Health Devices: Toward Co-Creation of Healthcare Experience Abstract
Leila El Kamel*
Building New Computational Models of Momentary Health-Related Behavior Abstract
Donna Spruijt-Metz*, Eric Hekler, Tylar Murray, Andrew Raij, Daniel Rivera
Implementation of a Wiki to Develop Structured Electronic Order Sets in a Computer Physician Order Entry System Abstract
Patrick Michel Archambault*, Laura Bégin, Susie Gagnon, Pierre Beaupré, Mario Côté, Simon Rioux
Effect of a Smartphone Intervention on Quitting Smoking in a Young Adult Population of Smokers: Randomized Controlled Trial Study Protocol Abstract
Neill Bruce Baskerville*, David Hammond, Laura Louise Struik*, Robyn Whittaker*, Cameron Norman, Emmanuel Guindon, Stephen Brown, Catherine Burns, Kelly Grindrod*
Can Wikipedia Page-View Volumes Be Utilized to Predict Cancer Incidence in the United States? Abstract
Christopher J Weight*
Pain Management in Cancer Patients Using a Mobile Application: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Clare Flanagan, Shiyi Zan, Meghan Searl, Mihir Kamdar, Stephen O. Agboola, Kamal Jethwani*
Reaching Perinatal Parents through Clinically-Endorsed and Personally-Tailored Online Resources and App Abstract
Lydia Hearn*, Margaret Miller*
Lessons Learned; Embedding EHealth into Undergraduate Medical Education Abstract
Juanita Fernando*, Lindley Jennifer*
PainBuddy – Using Virtual Characters to Improve Home-Based Therapy for Children Suffering from Cancer Abstract
Arthur Zhang*, Sergio Gago*, Ariana Martinez, Michelle Fortier
Closing Keynote: Promoting Interactivity, Relational Sensitivity, and Immediacy with Artificial Intelligence Abstract
Gary L. Kreps*
Food Image Classification for Dietary Intake Reporting for Future MHealth Applications in Australia. Abstract
Yasmine Probst, Duc Thanh Nguyen, Wanqing Li, Megan Rollo*
Engaging Adolescent Asthmatics in Symptom Control and Self-Management Using an Online Peer Social Network: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Shiyi Zan, Clare Flanagan, Meghan Searl, T. Bernard Kinane, Timothy M. Hale, Stephen O. Agboola, Kamal Jethwani*
E-monitoring System for Clinicians who Prescribe E-therapy for Depressed Adolescents: They Want It and They Don't Abstract
Karolina Stasiak*, Sally Merry
Tutorial: Analyzing Twitter for Public Health Research (extra registration required) Abstract
Nicholas Genes*, Michael Chary*, Alex F. Manini
Computer-Facilitated 5A's for Smoking Cessation in Primary Care Abstract
Jason Satterfield*
Therapeutic Affordances of Social Media: Emerging Themes From a Global Online Survey of People With Chronic Pain Abstract
Mark Anthony Merolli*, Kathleen Gray, Fernando Martin-Sanchez
Panel on Adapting MHealth Interventions for New Contexts & Countries Abstract
Robyn Whittaker*, Jude McCool*, Enid Dorey*, Annette David*, Lorien Abroms*, Erik Augustson, Heather Patrick, Claudia Pagliari*
Smartphone-Supported Versus Regular Face-to-Face Behavioral Activation Treatment for Depression: a Randomized Controlled Non-Inferiority Trial Abstract
Hoa Ly*, Naira Topooco-Hjalmarsson, Jan Bergström, Hanna Cederlund, Anna Wallin, Olof Molander, Gerhard Andersson
Txt4two: Testing the Feasibility of an M-Health Intervention to Promote Healthy Nutrition, Physical Activity and Weight Gain in Pregnant Women Abstract
Jane Catherine Willcox*
Generalizing Tweet Patterns across Epidemics with Varying Threat Levels: A Comparison of H1N1, SARS, and Mumps Abstract
Enny Das*, Emma Broekhuizen, Florian Kunneman, Ali Hurriyetoglu
“Puts You in Their Shoes”- Animated Comics to Remind Medical Students about Empathy Abstract
Catherine Yu*, Pamela Tsao
Feasibility, Acceptance and Initial Efficacy of the “Tobacco Status Project” – An Intervention to Help Young Adults Quit Smoking on Facebook Abstract
Danielle E. Ramo*, Kathryn Chavez, Kevin L. Delucchi, Judith J. Prochaska
Share2Quit: Facebook Smoker-Smoker Recruitment to an Online Smoking Cessation Intervention Abstract
Rajani Shankar Sadasivam*, Sarah L Cutrona, Tana M Luger, Erik M Volz, Rebecca Kinney, Jeroan J Allison, Thomas K Houston
A Comparison Of Self-Reported And Objective Physical Activity Measures In Young Australian Women Abstract
Suzanne M Garland*, Elisa J Young, Avelyn Y Sim, Ilona Tay, Stefanie Hartley, Kim L Bennell, John D Wark*
Emotional Approach Coping and the Effects of Online Peer Support on Patients’ Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Study Among Breast Cancer Patients Abstract
Anika Batenburg*, Enny Das*
Scoping Review of Information and Communication-Technology to Support Patients and Health Care Providers in Person Centered Care Management of Chronic Diseases Abstract
Sabine Wildevuur*, Lianne Simonse*
Tablet Computers in the Waiting Room: Patient Attitudes Towards The Use Of Tablet Computers For Clinic Based Personalized Healthcare Information Abstract
Kamal Jethwani*, Vishal Patel, Timothy M Hale, Shiyi Zan, Stephen Olusegun Agboola, Clare Flanagan, Joseph C Kvedar*
Building an Active-Community for the Whole Slide Imaging Tool Pate Abstract
Christoph Brochhausen*, Hinrich B Winther*, C James Kirkpatrick
Virtual Patient Simulation is as Effective as Hands-On Simulation for Enhancing Clinical Nursing Performance: Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Sok Ying Liaw*
How Effective Is a Computerised Self-Help Programme (SPARX) for Māori Adolescents Seeking Help for Depression? Abstract
Matt Shepherd*, Sally Merry, Ian Lambie, Chris Frampton
Efficacy And Cost-Effectiveness Of A Web-Based Stress-Management Training In Employees – Results Of A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Elena Heber*, David Daniel Ebert, Dirk Lehr*, Matthias Berking*, Heleen Riper
Digital Communication in Health: Content Analysis of the Usage of Social Media on Hospitals in Turkey Abstract
Didem Hekimoglu Tunceli*, Esma Hazir, Meric Yavuz Colak
Exploring the Acceptability and Feasibility of Using an Interactive Digital Intervention for Sexual Problems: A Qualitative Interview Study. Abstract
Lorna Hobbs*
A Mobile Computing Intervention for On-­Scene Reporting of Motor Vehicle Crash Trauma Abstract
Thomas Horan*, Abdullah Murad, Benjamin Schooley
Facebook and Smoking Cessation Interventions: Characterizing the Crush the Crave Facebook Page Content Abstract
Laura Louise Struik*, Neil Bruce Baskerville*
Implementing an Internet Self-Management Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes Abstract
Jamie Ross*
Developing a Theory-Based Interactive Digital Intervention to Increase Condom Use in Men Abstract
Rosie Webster*, Susan Michie, Claudia Estcourt, Makeda Gerressu, Julia Bailey
The ClearSight Scope Adapter and Its Effect on Patient Satisfaction and Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Jeffson Chung*, Matthew Bromwich
Keynote: Answering Questions of Health and Medicine Using Internet Data Abstract
Elad Yom-Tov*
Evaluation of the Web-Based Food Frequency Questionnaire Developed for the European Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy and Childhood Abstract
Tomas Prusa*, Ondrej Mikes, Eliska Hrezova
Popular Newspaper Websites and Reporting on Schizophrenia: A Content Analysis Abstract
Maritta Välimäki*, Christina Athanasopoulou
Need and Usage of Different Kind of Support among Young Informal Carers of Persons with Mental Illness Abstract
Lilas Ali*, Britt Hedman Ahlström, Barbro Krevers, Nils Sjöström, Ingela Skarsater
A Virtual Agent to Provide Feedback and Motivate Patients During Rehabilitation Training of the Hand Abstract
Sergio Gago*, Nathanial Alan Benjamin, David J. Reinkensmeyer
The Impact of the Interventionist-Participant Relationship in an Online Group Behavioral Weight Loss Program on Weight Loss and Treatment Adherence Abstract
Rebecca A Krukowski*, Delia West*, Jean Harvey*
Patients Everyday Life Experience of Person-Centred MHealth after Hospital Discharge Abstract
Axel Wolf*, Andreas Fors, Kerstin Dudas, Inger Ekman
Usage of New Innovative Smartphone Technologies in Clinical Psychiatric Teaching Abstract
Melvyn Weibin Zhang*, Roger Cm Ho
Predictors of Adherence to a Web-Based Stress-Management Intervention Abstract
Anna-Carlotta Zarski*, Dirk Lehr*, Matthias Berking*, Heleen Riper, Pim Cuijpers, Elena Heber*, David Daniel Ebert
Twitter Discussions of Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use Correlate with Federal Survey Data Abstract
Nicholas Genes*, Michael Chary*, Alex F. Manini
Healthcare Robots In The Homes Of Older People: A Randomised Cross-Over Trial Abstract
Elizabeth Broadbent*, Kathy Peri, Chandimal Jayawardena, I Han Kuo, Ngaire Kerse, Rebecca Stafford, Bruce MacDonald
A Social Networking Tool For Collaborative Care For Patients, Caregivers and Health Care Professionals Abstract
Jennifer Stinson*, Amna Husain, Margaret van Wyk, Bhadra Lokuge, Kurahashi Allison*, Peter Weinstein, Renee Desjardins, Trevor Jamieson, Eyal Cohen, Adam Rapoport, Joseph Cafazzo, Wayne Ho
Randomized Controlled Trial of an Online Diabetes Prevention Program Abstract
Gladys Block*, Kristen Azar, Torin Block*, Heather Carpenter, Clifford H. Block, Latha Palaniappan
Methods for Improving Consent and Survey Completion in Online HIV Prevention Research with Young Men Who Have Sex with Men Abstract
R. Craig Sineath*, Arielle Ross, Patrick S Sullivan, Rob Stephenson, Travis Sanchez, Aryeh D. Stein
An Analysis Showing the Increasing Usage of Physician Rating Websites in Germany Abstract
Martin Emmert*, Florian Meier, Uwe Sander, Frank Halling
Efficacy an Online Recreation Training for Employees Affected by Symptoms of Insomnia - Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Dirk Lehr*, Hanne Thiart, David Ebert, Heleen Riper
Proof of Concept for a Twitter-Based Weight Loss Intervention Abstract
Sherry Pagoto*, Kristin L. Schneider, Rashelle Hayes, Martinus Evans, Jonathan Scully, Molly Waring, Bradley Appelhans, Stephenie C. Lemon
Effectiveness of Weight Loss Interventions Delivered Using EHealth Technologies: A Systematic Review Abstract
Megan Rollo*, Melinda Hutchesson, Rebecca Krukowski*, Louisa Ells, Jean Harvey*, Philip Morgan, Robin Callister, Ronald Plotnikoff, Clare Collins*
Development of Minimal and Best Practice Quality Standards for Addiction Counselling on the Internet Abstract
Michael Patrick Schaub*
In Pursuit of Theoretical Ground in Health 2.0 Behavior Change Support Systems: Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Communication in a Health-Related Online Community Abstract
Sahiti Myneni*, Nathan K Cobb, Trevor Cohen
Killing Her Socially: YouTube Narratives of the Cicely Bolden Case Abstract
Janeane Nicole Anderson*
Panic Treatment on the Way: Evaluating the Efficacy of an App-Enhanced Online-Intervention for the Treatment of Panic Disorder Abstract
Matthias Berking*, Laura Ebenfeld, Stefan Kleine Stegemann, David Daniel Ebert, Dirk Lehr*, Heleen Riper, Pim Cujpers
Engagement in the Diabetes Online Community is Associated with Better Glycemic Control Abstract
Michelle Litchman*, Gary Donaldson, Linda Edelman
Using Smartphones to Capture Social Network Dynamics in Young Adult Smoking Abstract
Yuelin Li*
Challenger - the Development and Initial Evaluation of a Smartphone Application for Social Anxiety Disorder Abstract
Arvid Marklund*, Per Carlbring*
Understanding Pharmacokinetics: Are YouTube Videos a Useful Learning Resource to Undergraduate Students? Abstract
Samy A Azer*
Large-Scale Survey Findings Shed Light on Secure Messaging User Experiences Abstract
Jolie N. Haun*, Jason D Lind, Nitin Patel, Nicole Antinori
Randomized Controlled Trial of the Web-Based Tobacco Tactics with Telephone Support versus 1-800-QUIT-NOW Telephone Line among Operating Engineers Abstract
Sonia A Duffy*, Seung Hee Choi, Andrea H Waltje, David L Ronis, Devon Noonan, Oisaeng Hong, Caroline R Richardson, John D Meeker
The Effectiveness of a New Smartphone App Using Personalized Health-Related Visual Imagery in Improving Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Abstract
Keith Petrie*
Rehab on Wheels: Tablet-Based Wheelchair Training for Older Adults Abstract
Ed Giesbrecht*, William Miller*, Janice Eng
Social Media in Health Professional Education – a Student Perspective on User Levels and Prospective Applications. Abstract
Stephen Maloney*
Development of a Smartphone Application and Potential Demographics Variables Influencing Usage in Times of a Major Air Pollution Crisis. Abstract
Melvyn Weibin Zhang*, Cyrus Sh Ho, Roger Cm Ho
Usefulness of the “Mobile Interactive Pharmacy Education Enhancement Resource” (miPEER) Mobile Web-App as a Learning Tool for Electronic Health Records Abstract
Terry Weiyi Toh, Wai Keung Chui, Kevin Yap*
The Use of Virtual World-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation to Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Choices Among Cardiac Patients Abstract
LaPrincess C Brewer*, Brian Kaihoi*, Kathleen Zarling, Ray W. Squires, Stephen Kopecky
Health Conditions on Facebook: A Descriptive Analysis of Page Content and User Engagement Abstract
Timothy M Hale, Akhilesh S Pathipati, Shiyi Zan, Stephen Olusegun Agboola, Clare Flanagan, Joseph C Kvedar*, Kamal Jethwani*
Features and Formative Evidence for Smartphone Smoking Cessation Intervention Abstract
Brian G. Danaher*, John R. Seeley, Håvar Brendryen, Milagra S. Tyler
Online Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Support for Youth with Chronic Illness Abstract
Jennifer N Stinson*, Sara Ahola Kohut, Lynn Spiegel, Khush Amaria, Mary Bell, Fiona Campbell, Paula Forgeron, Miriam Kaufman, Nadia Luca, Danielle Ruskin, Margaret van Wyk
Lighting up on Facebook: The Relationship between Tobacco-Related Postings on Facebook and Feelings of Nicotine Dependence in Young Adults Abstract
Dana Litt*, Melissa A Lewis*, Christine M Lee*
What Happens During Online Health Interventions? An Examination of College Student Activities and Attentiveness During a Web-Delivered Intervention Abstract
Melissa A Lewis*, Dana Litt*, Christine Lee*
Recruitment through Social Networking Sites: Are Substance Use Patterns Comparable to Traditional Recruitment Methods? Abstract
Christine Lee*, Melissa Lewis*, Dana Litt*
Public Health Guidelines for Physical Activity: Is There an App for That? A Review of Android and Apple App Stores Abstract
Emily Knight*, Melanie I Stuckey, Harry Prapavessis, Robert J Petrella
Usability Testing of an Online Self-Management Program for Adolescents with Cancer Abstract
Jennifer Stinson*, Lindsay Jibb*, Abha Gupta, France Dupuis, Bruce Dick, Caroline Laverdiere, Sylvie Le May, Lillian Sung, Elizabeth Dettmer, Stephanie Gomer, Janie Lober, Carol Chan
SMS Reminders in Various Countries and Patient Groups: A Narrative Literature Review Abstract
Kati Kannisto*, Marita Koivunen, Maritta Välimäki*
Environmental Design for Communities to Expand the Social Interaction Paradigm: A Merger of Data, Technologies, and Theories Abstract
Vickie Nguyen*, Ning Shang, Sahiti Myneni*
Evaluating the Efficacy of a Web-Based Prevention of Major Depressive Disorder Abstract
Matthias Berking*, David Daniel Ebert, Claudia Buntrock, Dirk Lehr*, Heleen Riper, Pim Cuijpers
Evaluation of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Articles on Wikipedia: Are They Suitable as Learning Resources for Medical Students? Abstract
Samy A Azer*
Women in Control: A Comparative Effectiveness Pilot Study of a Virtual World- VS. a Face to Face- Intervention Format to Promote Diabetes Self-Management among African American Women Abstract
John Moore Wiecha*, Milagros Rosal, Robin Heyden, Roanne Mejilla, Veerappa Chetty
Where Is Everyone? Canadian Physician Use of Social Media Abstract
Pat Rich*
Business Modelling from Patient Experience Journeys: Three Care Model Designs of eHealth 2.0 Product Service Systems Abstract
Lianne Simonse*, Stella Boess
BRAVE After an Earthquake: Delivering an Online Intervention to Children and Adolescents After New Zealand Earthquakes Abstract
Karolina Stasiak*, Stephanie Moor, Caroline Donovan, Sonja March
The Value of Rosh Review Question Bank Performance Analytics to Emergency Medicine Residency Program Directors Abstract
Sean S Michael*, Adam J Rosh, Joshua B Moskovitz, Phillip D Levy
Side Effects in Internet-Based Interventions for Social Anxiety Disorder Abstract
Per Carlbring*, Johanna Boettcher, Alexander Rozental, Gerhard Andersson
Consensus Statement on Defining and Measuring Negative Effects of Internet Interventions Abstract
Per Carlbring*, Alexander Rozental, Gerhard Andersson, Johanna Boettcher, David Daniel Ebert, Pim Cuijpers, Christine Knaevelsrud, Brjánn Ljótsson, Viktor Kaldo, Nickolai Titov*
Patient Engagement with a Novel Web-Based Telemonitoring System for Heart Failure Self-Management: A Pilot Study Abstract
Shiyi Zan, Stephen O. Agboola, Stephanie A. Moore, Kimberly A. Parks, Joseph C. Kvedar*, Kamal Jethwani*
New Technologies in the Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle Across Pregnancy – Views of Women and Health Professionals Abstract
Jane Catherine Willcox*
Development and Formative Evaluation of a Mobile Phone Application for Improving Intakes of Bioavailable Iron in Premenopausal Women with Low Iron Stores Abstract
Alison Olivia Booth*, Davina Mann, Karen Lim, Caryl A Nowson, Manuela Rigo, Ewa A Szymlek-Gay, Lynn Riddell
Applying Systematic Review Methodologies to the Analysis of Data Available on Social Media Sites: An Exploratory Study into How the Topic of Gestational Diabetes Is Discussed on Twitter Abstract
Joanna Taylor*, Miles Osborne, Claudia Pagliari*
A Real-Time Smartphone-Based Pain Management App for Adolescents With Cancer: Establishing System Requirements and a Pain Care Algorithm Based on Literature Review, Interviews, and Consensus Abstract
Lindsay Jibb*, Bonnie J Stevens, Paul C Nathan, Joseph Cafazzo, Emily Seto, Jennifer Stinson*
Use of Web-Based Virtual Patient Simulation to Enhance Interprofessional Collaboration Skills in Diabetes Team Care Abstract
Calvin Ke*, Terence Yung, Roger Wong
IPad-Based Symptom Heuristics App to Empower Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer Abstract
Lauri Ann Linder*, Catherine Fiona Macpherson, Suzanne Ameringer, Jeanne Erickson, Kristin Stegenga, Pamela Hinds, Nancy Woods
Bedside Coaching Improves Patient Engagement through Patient Portals During and after Hospital Care Abstract
Ryan Greysen*, Avlin Rajkomar, Ronald Jacolbia, Gigi Magan, Alice Nguyen, Heather Greysen, Andrew Auerbach
The Delivery of Global Cardiovascular Risk by Virtual Humans: Effects on Intent to Adhere to Lifestyle Change. Abstract
Jorge Gamaniel Ruiz*, Allen Dominic Andrade, Chandana Karanam, Dhurga Krishnamurthy, Lorena Nino, Ramankumar Anam, Joseph Sharit
Cultivating A Fan Base on Facebook for Public Health Promotion: The Case of East Los High Abstract
Hua Wang*, Weiai Xu, Gregory D. Saxton
Clinical Trials Using Mobile Health Applications Abstract
Melissa Ann LoPresti*, Mickey Abraham, Olivier Bruyère, Justin Slomian, Jean-Yves Reginster, Geoff Appelboom, E. Sander Connolly
How are Norwegians Using the Internet to Support Exercise or Diet? Abstract
Silje C Wangberg*, Tove Sørensen, Hege K Andreassen
What Are the Weight Loss Outcomes among African American Women in Online Behavioral Weight Control Programs? Abstract
Delia Smith West*, Jean Harvey*, Rebecca Krukowski*
Web-Based Interventions for Family Caregivers: A Scoping Review Abstract
Marina Bastawrous*
Effectiveness of Collecting Secondary Data Using Mobile Phone Image Capture: A Case Study of Immunization-History Data Among Children in Remote Areas of Thailand Abstract
Kasemsak Jandee*, Amnat Khamsiriwatchara, Jaranit Kaewkungwal*, Saranath Lawpoolsri, Peerawat Wansatid
Change of Attitude? Incorporation of Mobile Applications in Clinical Nursing Practice Abstract
Lori Giles-Smith*, Christine Shaw-Daigle*, Andrea Spencer, Ceceile Porter, Michelle Lobchuk
Assessing the Usability and Usefulness of Wearable Activity Trackers with Adults over Age 50: a Mixed Methods Evaluation Abstract
Kelly A Grindrod*, Lora Giangregorio, Kathryn Mercer
Internet-based brief intervention for young men with unhealthy alcohol use: a randomized trial in a general population sample Abstract
Nicolas Bertholet*, John A. Cunningham, Mohamed Faouzi, Jacques Gaume, Gerhard Gmel*, Bernard Burnand, Jean-Bernard Daeppen
Assessing the Impact of Mobile Health Apps on Family Caregiver Burden Levels and the Factors Predicting Mobile Health App Use Abstract
Kathleen L Frisbee
A Content Analysis of Online Petitions: Linking the Framing of Health Social Movements with the Likelihood of Online Participation Abstract
Prawit Thainiyom*
Systematic Literature Review of Usability and Feasibility Evaluation Studies for Mobile Healthcare Applications Abstract
Eva Appel*, Lora Appel*
Use of EHealth in the Communication with Patients about Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome Abstract
Mette Maria Skjøth*, Claus Duedal Pedersen, Eva Draborg, Helle Ploug Hansen, Jan Stener Jørgensen
Lessons from Crowdsourcing Technology for Guiding a Patient-Centered Research Agenda Abstract
Korey L. Capozza*, Qing Zeng*, Yijun Shao
Feasibility Study Of Online Screening And Brief Intervention For Alcohol Misuse In Workplace Settings Abstract
Zarnie Khadjesari*
Quality of References Supporting Urologic Articles on Wikipedia Abstract
Marshall Channing Strother*, Isaac Palma, Terrence Adams, Christopher Weight*
Developing a Gay-Specific, Theory-Based Text-Messaging Intervention for Methamphetamine-Using Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) Abstract
Cathy J. Reback*, Dallas Swendeman*, Mitcheal Metzner, Jesse B. Fletcher*
Bar and Quick Response Codes Helping Elderly Patients for a Safer Drug Use Abstract
José Joaquín Mira*, César Fernández, María Asunción Vicente, Mercedes Guilabert, Irene Carrillo
How Can We Develop Appropriate Portals for Doctors in a Private Healthcare Context? Abstract
Gordon Jones*, Professor Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Hon DL, PhD, MBA
Exploring Women’s Perceptions about the Characteristics of Healthy Eating Blogs Contributing to Their Usefulness and Ease of Use for Improving Their Dietary Behaviors Abstract
Sophie Desroches*, Véronique Bissonnette-Maheux, Annie Lapointe, Marilyn Dugrenier, Audrée-Anne Dumas, Sharon E Straus, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Véronique Provencher
The Transition of a Whole Slide Imaging Application (Pate) to an Open Source Development Model Abstract
Hinrich B Winther*, Christoph Brochhausen*, C James Kirkpatrick
Heath Information Exchange (HIE) and Emergency Preparedness (EP) in a Georgia Public Health District– A Case Study Abstract
Vibha Kumar*
Investigating Barriers to Effective Use by Patients of the VA’s Personal Health Record Abstract
Joseph Sharit, Miriam Lisigurski, Allen Dominic Andrade, Chandana Karanam, Kim Nazi, Jorge Gamaniel Ruiz*
United Kingdom Practice Websites- An Assessment Of The Validity of Orthodontic Information Abstract
Annika Patel*
The Virtual NICU: Using Social Media Tools to Reduce Stress and Increase Satisfaction in Parents of Very Low Birth Weight Infants Abstract
Clara H Song*
Assessing Patient Satisfaction Through Patient-Authored Reviews of Health Care Systems, Hospitals, and Clinics Abstract
Qing Zeng*, Rebecca Morris, Catherine Smith, Katherine Doyon, Dawn Sweeney, Jorie M Butler
Development of a Consumer E-Health Tool for Management of Cardiovascular Risk Abstract
Lis Neubeck*, David Peiris, Genevieve Coorey, Emma Heeley, Fred Hersch, John Mulley, Marilyn Lyford, Jax Wechsler, Lauren Tan, Julie Redfern
Development of a Virtual Clinic Platform Within an Existing Web-Based Weight Loss Program. Abstract
Megan Rollo*, Andrew Harvey, Melinda Hutchesson, Pennie Jones, Anna Crook, Geoff Skinner, Clare Collins*
An Interprofessional Shared Decision-Making and Goal-Setting Decision Aid for Patients with Diabetes: Preliminary Results of a Feasibility Study Abstract
Catherine Yu*, Dawn Stacey, Susan Hall, Noah Ivers, Jeremy Rezmovitz , Fok-Han Leung, Joanna Sale, Michael Coons, Harold Yuen, David M Kaplan, Sharon E Straus, Paul Cantarutti
Development of a Home Safety Mobile App Abstract
Lara Beth McKenzie*, Kristin J Roberts
Taking the Leap Introducing a Mobile App for the Private Medical Practice: The Case of Six Gynecologists in Germany Abstract
Peter Martin Resch*
Web 2.0 Usage Preferences And Attitudes Among the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Students and Teachers in Russian and Uzbek Medical Schools Abstract
Nataliya Bukhanova*, Sergey Chemezov, Elena Taptygina, Gavhar Zharylkasynova, Rano Juldacheva, Larisa Petrova
Basal Temperature Monitoring Using BodyMedia SenseWear® Versus a Digital Oral Thermometer: a Comparative Study Abstract
John D Wark*, Lucy Henningham, Yasmin Jayasinghe, Stefanie Hartley, Alexandra Gorelik, Suzanne Garland*
SupportNet: Preliminary Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Kotaro Shoji*, Ferderick W Gibson, Roman Cieslak, Valeire Anderson, Judith Bock, Lisa Decker, Carolyn Yeager, Charles Benight
Medication Adherence and Quality of Life Support by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Calls among People Living with HIV in India Abstract
Dallas Swendeman*, Protim Ray, Smarajit Jana
Feasibility Issues with Using Low-Cost Wearable Activity Monitors in Children Abstract
June Tester*, Tess Lang, Janet King
Tablet Based Asynchronous Communication to Support Integrated Care for Complex Patients Abstract
Peter Tsasis*
Investigating People for the Implementation of Personal Medical Record Platform Acceptance Abstract
Yi-Syuan Wu, Sen-Yeong Kao, Hsyien-Chia Wen, Min-Huei Hsu, Fu-Chung Wang, Yu-Tien Chang, Chung-Tay Yao, Yu-Ching Chou, Sui-Lung Su, Hsiu-Ling Chou, Chia-Yi Lee, Harn-Jing Terng, Chi-Shuan Huang, Yun-Wen Shih, Chian-Yu Lu, Kang-Hua Chen, Chi-Wen Chang, Ching-Huang Lai Lai, Chen-En Jian, Chiao-Huang Lin, Chein-Ting Chen, Ke-Shin Lin, I-Chien Chen, Chi-Ming Chu*
Acceptability of a Web-Based and Tailored Intervention for the Self-Management of Pain after Cardiac Surgery: The Perception of Women and Men Abstract
Geraldine Martorella*, Céline Gélinas, Margaret Purden
Health in One Touch: Assessing the Use of Mobile Health Technology by Patients of LAC+USC Medical Center Primary Care Clinics Abstract
Veronica Ramirez*, Barbara Rubino, Gina Rossetti
Pilot Test of Usability and Functionality of Academic EMR App for Nursing Students’ Clinical Practicum Abstract
Mona Choi*, Hyeongsuk Lee, Joon Ho Park, YoungAh Kim, SungSoo Kim
Adolescent, Caregiver, and Provider Preferences for an Asthma Self-Management App Abstract
Delesha Carpenter*, Lorie L. Geryk, Courtney Arrindell, Deborah Tate, Dayna S. Alexander, Adam Sage, Betsy L Sleath
Analyses Of 22,833 Orthopaedic Surgeons’ Scores From 2 Major Physician-­Rating Websites Abstract
Mohammed Hussain*, Waqas Hussain, Haroon Hussain, J.m. Leland III, Douglas Dirschl, Lewis L Shi
Characterizing the Processes for Navigating Internet Health Information Using Real Time Observations: A Mixed Methods Approach Abstract
Susan L Perez*
Measuring Marijuana Use and Craving via Text Messaging as a Form of Ecological Momentary Assessment Abstract
Kristina T Phillips*, Michael M Phillips*
Developing a New Scale to Measure E-Health Literacy Abstract
Fiona Chew*, Zhuqing Cheng, William D Grant, Carlos Enrique Caicedo
Using the Web to Increase Healthful Meal Behavior in Young Adults Abstract
Kendra Kattelmann*, Geoffrey W. Greene, Adrienne White, Carol Byrd Bredbenner, Tandalayo Kidd, Sharon Hoerr, Sarah Colby, Tanya Horacek, Melissa Olfert, Onikia Brown, Mallory Koenings, Beatrice Phillips, Karla P. Shelnutt, Jesse Morrell
Assessing Saudis’ Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Seeking Health Information Online Abstract
Ohoud Saad Alhammad*, Kimberley Hindy
“Loop” as a Window: Analytics and Social Network Theory to Understand Teams of Care Abstract
Allison Kurahashi*, Trevor Jamieson, Amna Husain, Peter Weinstein, Jennifer Stinson*, Bhadra Lokuge, Renée Desjardins, Wayne Ho, Joseph Cafazzo


Embedding Ehealth Trials in Clinical Practice Abstract
Nick Glozier*, Helen Christensen, Nicole Cockayne, Kathy Griffiths, Ian Hickie, Frances Thorndike, Sharon Naismith, Lee Ritterband
Wikipedia and Medicine: A Look at Readership, Editor Numbers, and the Significance of Language. Abstract
James Heilman*
Mobile Health (mHealth) Apps for Improved Health in Medicine Abstract
Stephen P. Yang, Maged Kamel Boulos
Free Mini-Tutorial: Patient Journey Mapping to Inform Design Decisions Abstract
Barbara Spanton*
Nobody Wants Another Button: How to Translate User Requirements into Design Solutions Abstract
Barbara Spanton*
Situated Co-Inquiry: a Method of Usability Testing to Closely Appreciate User Experiences of an Artifact in Terms of the Health Needs and Opportunities Abstract
Jackie Feather*, Philip D Carter, Jane Koziol-McLain, Dave Parry
PHIT™ – A Personal Health Intervention Toolkit for Building Mobile Health Applications Abstract
Randall Eckhoff*, Paul Kizakevich, Vesselina Bakalov, Yuying Zhang, Stephanie Bryant, Maria Hobbs
Face2Name App: Visual Hospital Staff Directory Abstract
Lora Appel*
What Is the Current State of Physician Utilization of Social Networking for Emergency Medicine Board Certification Preparation? Abstract
Sarah Michael*, Adam Rosh
Global Proliferation of Participatory Surveillance: Examples from North America, Thailand, and Brazil Abstract
Marlo Libel*, Alexis de Belloy*, Patipat Susumpow*, Wanderson Kleber de Oliveria*, Michael Johansson*
Free Mini-Tutorial: Bridging the Digital Health Divide: Helping Older Users with Mobile Health Technologies Abstract
Kelly A Grindrod*
Serious Gaming in Medicine: Development of a Virtual Mechanical Ventilator for Pediatric Critical Care Abstract
Traci Wolbrink*
Development of a Brief Online Healthy Eating Quiz with Real-Time Feedback for Assessing Diet Quality and Variety Abstract
Clare E Collins*
Mental Health Access in Primary Care Pediatrics: an Age-Old Perennial Challenge and a Contemporary Solution Abstract
Anthony Guerrero*, Amanda Schroepfer, Lisa Serwin, Michael Fukuda*
"Net-Step" - A Therapist Delivered Internet Psychotherapy For Depression And Anxiety Disorders In Primary Care Abstract
Ulrich Sprick*, Martin Köhne
The Use of an Omnipresent Array of Dynamic QR Codes to Establish Bidirectional Multi Platform Social Media Communication and Conversation Between Visitors and Organizers During Mass Events. Abstract
Christophe Robert Laurent*, Stefaan Debrauwer, Raf Fransen
Quality Improvement on the Frontline: Leveraging Virtual Workspace, Mentoring and Tutorials to Jumpstart Quality Improvement by Healthcare Providers Abstract
Carolyn Wong Simpkins*
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHs) Online Abstract
Sean Maskey*, Omer Salah Moghraby, Philip G Collins, David Newton
The MindSpot Clinic: Preliminary 18 Month Results From an Online National Australian Mental Health Service Delivering Telephone and Internet Treatment for Anxiety and Depression Abstract
Nickolai Titov*, Blake Farran Dear, Ron Rapee, James Bennett-Levy, Britt Klein, Susan Anderson
Disseminating the Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines: Preliminary Results Abstract
Catherine Yu*, Susie Jin, Lori Berard, Maureen Clement, Calvin Ke*, Peter J Lin, Sharon E Straus, Carolyn Gall-Casey
HIV Prevention 2.0: The Trouble with Apps Abstract
Maggie MacAulay*
Instant Messaging for Team Coordination in Surgical Areas. Initial Experience of a Hip Team in a Third Level Hospital in Spain. Abstract
Jenaro Ángel Fernández-Valencia*, Elena Salas, Jorge Egea, Montse Tió, Misericordia Basora, Xavier Gallart, Josep Riba
Speech and Medical Intelligence – Allowing Doctors to Focus on Patients Not Technology Abstract
Nick van Terheyden*
It Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a YouTube Video for Parents with Information about How to Help Children with Shots and Needles Abstract
Christine Chambers*, Jennifer Parker, Emily Fraser, Justine Dol, Katie Birnie, Line Caes, Marsha Campbell-Yeo, Scott Halperin, Jennifer Stinson*, Anna Taddio, Dionne Dougall-Bass, Miles Sedgwick, Katelynn Boerner
Panel: Editing Wikipedia for Medical School Credit-- You Can Too! Abstract
Amin Azzam*, James Heilman*, Jake Orlowitz
Web-Based Food Portion Size Database in the Czech Republic Abstract
Eliska Hrezova, Tomas Prusa*
Designing a Game-Motivated Web-Based Learning Application to Promote the Use of EHealth Tools in an Integrated Health Care System Abstract
Jolie N. Haun*
Tele-Audiology in Australia: Audiological Support and Supervision for All of Australia, What’s Happening Now? Abstract
Frances Lockhart*, Sandra-Jill Snell, John Nikolarakos
Irony in Our Favor: Technology to Bring the Doctor Back to the Bedside (The Stanford Medicine 25) Abstract
Errol Ozdalga*, Abraham Verghese
Developing an Online Decision App for Osteoarthritis Abstract
Glenn Philip Salkeld*, Sally Wortley, David Hunter, Hemalatha Umapathy
“Improving the Care of Chronic Illness Through User-Centered EMR Design” Abstract
Najla Nina Zahr*, Kori Leblanc, Alissia Valentinis, Doug Kavanagh, Kim Tran, Noah Ivers
Internet-Based Collaborative Technologies: Predictors of Radiologist and Resident Awareness, Use, and Willingness to Incorporate Into Practice and Education Abstract
Alex Botsford*, Christopher Smith, Angus Hartery
Responsive Web Design: a Tool to Offer Content and Learning Objects to Distance Education Courses in Primary Care Abstract
Ana Emília Figueiredo Oliveira*, Rômulo Martins França, Eurides Florindo Castro Jr*, Deborah Castro E Lima Baesse, Elza Bernardes Ferreira*, Marcia Maria Pereira Rendeiro*
MHealth Behavior Change: Who Is Ready? Abstract
Sheridan W Miyamoto*, Stuart Henderson, Heather M. Young, Jay Han
ECAMHS –a Novel Approach to Engaging Young People in Inner City or Any Healthcare Setting Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Abstract
Omer Moghraby, Philip Collins, Sean Maskey*, Gordana Milavic, David Newton
The Health Atlas of Jalisco: a New Web Service for the Health Ministry and the Community Abstract
Igor M. Ramos-Herrera*, Miguel E. Gonzalez-Castañeda, Juan de Dios Robles-Pastrana, Joel Fonseca-Leon
The Interactive Textbook of Cardiology Abstract
Eva Fabiánová*, Tereza Přidalová*, Renáta Kolářová*
A Proof-of-Concept for Visualizing Healthcare Related Information Trough a Digital Patient Avatar Abstract
Kaisa Orajärvi*, Pekka Nisula*, Jussi Kangasoja
CARDIO3®ECHO Expert System for Echocardiography : a Smartphone Application Abstract
Roman Kerekes*, Jiri Kofranek, Jaroslav Januska


Quality Metrics: Combining the Power of Social Media and Data Transparency to Drive Frontline Provider Engagement and Improve Outcomes. Abstract
Camilo Barcenas*, Farris Timimi*
The Business of Healthcare - Mobile Abstract
Ashwin Kutty*, Faten Alshazly, Stan Kutcher
Bridging the Patient Digital Divide Abstract
Melody Smith Jones*, Nick van Terheyden*, Mandi Bishop*, Lauren Still*
The Nutritionquest “Alive-PD” Diabetes Prevention Program Abstract
Torin Block*, Gladys Block*, Clifford Block, Don Hopkins, Heather Carpenter, Latha Palaniappan, Kristen Azar
InpharmD: A Novel Approach to Faciltate the Practice of Evidence-Based Medicine Abstract
Ashish Advani*
JMIR Publications and Medicine 2.0 (Expo Table) Abstract
Gunther Eysenbach*, Carmen Chu*

Total number of abstracts: 194

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