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Medicine 2.0'13 (London, UK)


Online Peer-to-Peer Healthcare: Exploring Push-Pull Factors of Engagement Abstract
Pam Briggs*, Claire Hardy, Elizabeth Sillence, Peter R Harris
YouTube and Patient Activism: Online Video and the Generation of ‘Experiential’ Evidence Abstract
Fadhila Mazanderani*, Braden O'Neill*, John Powell*
Ethical Issues in Socially Generated Online Information: A Multi-Professional Panel Discussion Abstract
Richard Booth*, Osman Ahmed*, Carol Bond*, Chris Paton*
Patients’ Access to Online Medical Records by 2015 in the UK: An Analysis of Comments by Online Newspaper Readers Abstract
Syed Ghulam Sarwar Shah*, Julie Barnett, Terry Young, Richard Fitton
Free Full Paper Healthcare Social Media: Expectations of Users in a Developing Country Abstract
Amrita .*, Dhrubes Biswas
Informed Consent in Health Research in the Online Environment (Panel) Abstract
Jeffrey Kahn*, Effy Vayena*, Anna Mastroianni*, Dan O'Connor*
Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale (dallas) – What Can We Learn About Implementation From A Large Scale Deployment? Abstract
Frances Susanne Mair*, Susan Browne, Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Matt-Mouley Bouamrane, Sarah Barry, Sally Wyke, Nicholas Watson, Eleanor Grieve, Andrew Briggs, Ruth Agbakoba, Tracy Finch, Catherine O'Donnell
Pharmacovigilance Can Contribute to Study Adverse Drug Reactions Associated with Use of Online Health Information* Abstract
Marco Masoni*, Maria Renza Guelfi*, Antonio Conti, Jonida Shtylla, Gian Franco Gensini
The Use of Deception in Online Alcohol Trials: an Ethical Evaluation Abstract
Jim McCambridge*
Use of the Refill Function through an Online Patient Portal Is Associated with Improved Adherence to Statins in an Integrated Health System Abstract
Urmimala Sarkar*, Courtney Lyles, Melissa Parker, Jill Allen, Robert Nguyen, Howard Moffet, Dean Schillinger, Andrew J. Karter
Activities on Facebook reveal depressive state of users Abstract
Sungkyu Park, Jinah Kwak, Sang-Won Lee, Meeyoung Cha*, BumSeok Jeong
Collaborative Learning Online between Health Professionals and Mental Health Service Users: What Works? Abstract
Ray Jones*, Tobit Emmens*, Siobhan Sharkey, Emily Ashurst*, Christabel Owens
Hashtag Your Way to Health? The Use of Hashtags to Create Healthy Communities and Spread Health Behavior on Twitter Abstract
Sherry Pagoto*, Martinus Evans*, Matthew Whited, Michael Bauman, Theodore A Vickey, Kristin L Schneider
Free Full Paper MTUG: an Instrumented Timed Up and Go Extended Test. Abstract
Antonio Ignacio Cuesta-Vargas*, Alejandro Galan-Mercant
Shoebox Audiometry: Evaluation of a Novel, Interactive IPad-Based Hearing Test for Children Abstract
Jeffrey Yeung*, Hedyeh Javidnia, Sophie Heley, Yves Beauregard, Sandra Champagne, Matthew Bromwich*
A Clinical Rules and Modifiers System in a Patient Decision Aid for Bipolar Disorder Abstract
Øystein Eiring*, Jack Dowie*
Web-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Support in the Community and Clinic: Shared Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Abstract
Mette Kjer Kaltoft*, Jack Dowie*, Glenn Salkeld*, Christine Norton, Jesper Bo Nielsen
Translation for Person-Centred Care: the Role of Web-Based Decision Support Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Abstract
Jack Dowie*, Mette Kjer Kaltoft*, Michelle Cunich, Glenn Salkeld*
Free Full Paper An Analysis of Online Evaluations on a German Physician Rating Website Abstract
Martin Emmert*, Florian Meier
How Effective and Cost-Effective Was ‘Stoptober’? A National Mass Media Smoking Cessation Campaign Including Digital Support Abstract
Jamie Brown*, Matthew Walmsley, Robert West
Development and Evaluation of MumsQuit - an Innovative Internet Smoking Cessation Intervention for Pregnant Smokers Abstract
Aleksandra Herbec*, Jamie Brown*, Emma Beard, Ildiko Tombor, Robert West
User Profiles of a Smartphone Application to Support Drug Adherence - Experiences from the INephro Project Abstract
Stefan Becker*, Andreas Kribben, Sven Meister, Clarissa J. Diamantidis, Anna Mitchell
Long-Term Effects of a Computer Tailored Smoking Relapse Prevention Program Abstract
Iman Elfeddali*, Catherine Bolman, Math Candel, Reinout Wiers, Hein de Vries*
How the Internet Is Transforming Health Experiences: Reflections from a Decade of Qualitative Research on Experiences of Cancer, Chronic Illness, Infertility and Bereavement Abstract
Sue Ziebland*
User-Generated Online Health Content: A Survey of UK Internet Users Abstract
Braden O'Neill*, Sue Ziebland*, Jose Valderas, Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva
Soap Opera Video Episodes Streamed to Smartphones in a Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce HIV Sex Risk in Young Urban African American/Black Women Abstract
Rachel Jones*, Lorraine Lacroix, Donald Hoover
Uptake And Usage Of Digital Self-Management Interventions: Triangulating Mixed Methods Studies Of A Weight Management Intervention Abstract
Lucy Yardley*, Leanne Morrison, Laura Dennison, Sharon Lin, Charlie Hargood, Scott Lloyd, Derek Johnston, Marie Johnston, Paul Roderick, Elizabeth Murray*, Susan Michie*, Paul Little, Peter Smith, Mark Weal
Using Mobile Phone Technology for Informing and Monitoring the Rapid Spread of New Psychoactive Drugs Abstract
Ornella Corazza*, Cheri Hunter, Billy Liu, Sulaf Assi, Pierluigi Simonato, Fabrizio Schifano
SMARTHealth India: Development and Evaluation of an Electronic Clinical Decision Support System for Cardiovascular Diseases in India Abstract
Devarsetty Praveen*, Anushka Patel, Arvind Raghu, Gari Clifford, Pallab Maulik, Mohammad Abdul Ameer, Lionel Tarrasenko, David Peiris
Patient Email Use with Healthcare Professionals: Data from 14 European Countries Abstract
Helen Atherton*, Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva
Gaining Insight from Patient & Person-Generated Real World/Real Time Data Abstract
Kevin Patrick*, Jerry Sheehan, Matthew Bietz, Judith Gregory, Michael Claffey, Scout Calvert, Lori Melichar, Stephen Downs
The Potential Use of Smartphone Apps for Suicide Prevention Abstract
Nuria Machin*, Ronald Strickland Hamilton*, Maria Dolores Picouto Gonzalez, Lluis San Molina, Jorge Juan Fernandez Garcia
Free Full Paper E-Health Inequalities: Development of a Measure of ‘e-Health Readiness’ for Use in Intervention Studies Abstract
Ray Jones*
Preventing Smoking Relapse among Smokers via a Web-Based Multiple-Session Attentional Bias Modification Training: a Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Iman Elfeddali*, Hein de Vries*, Reinout Wiers
Smartphone Diet Application Use in Sports Dietetics Abstract
Michelle Rose Jospe*, Kirsty Fairbairn, Tracy Perry A Game-Style Web App for Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases Abstract
Elia Gabarron*, J. Artur Serrano, Thomas Schopf, Luis Fernandez-Luque*, Rolf Wynn, Manuel Armayones, Richard Wootton
U-CARE Heart: A Randomized Controlled Study of the Effects of Internet-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy on Depression and Anxiety in Patients with a Previous Myocardial Infarction - A Clinical Trial Protocol Abstract
Helena Grönqvist*, Erik Olsson, Fredrika Norlund, Emma Wallin, Gunilla Burell, Timo Hursti, Louise von Essen*, Claes Held
YouTube and Schizophrenia: A Content Analysis of Greek and Finnish Videos Abstract
Christina Athanasopoulou*, Heli Hätönen, Ioannis Apostolakis, Christos Lionis, Maritta Välimäki
How to Combine Theory and Data to Develop an Online Self-Management Programme (SMP) for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Abstract
Charlotte Dack*, Kingshuk Pal*, Jamie Ross*, Fiona Stevenson, Susan Michie*, Elizabeth Murray*
Internet Use among Mothers of Young Children in Norway – a Survey of Internet Habits and Perceived Parental Self-Efficacy regarding Child Health and the Caring for a Sick Child. Abstract
Lars Petter Skranes*, Gro Cc Løhaugen, Jon Sverre Skranes*
Key Characteristics of Current Social Media Policies at U.S. Allopathic Medical Schools Abstract
Amanda Xi*, Joel Topf*, Jill Stefaniak
Developing Mobile Based Cognitive Prosthetics through a User Centred Design Approach: Lessons Learnt Abstract
Chris Nugent*, Mark Donnelly, Ian Cleland*, Sally McClean, Bryan Scotney
Using Smartphone-Based Ambulatory Training to Maintain Biofeedback-Triggered Blood Pressure Reduction Abstract
Marion Tegethoff, Gunther Meinlschmidt*
Conference-Based Usability Evaluation Methodology for Medical Web Applications Abstract
Raymond Robert Bond*, Dewar Darren Finlay, Chris Desmond Nugent*, George Moore, Kyle Boyd*
How Online Referral System Works in Rural Community Hospital : a Case Study in Kantararom District, Si Sa Ket Province, Thailand Abstract
Niruwan Turnbull*
Evaluation of Patient Interest in Mobile Apps for Health-Related Education in Pharmacy Practice Abstract
Sean M Mirk*, Nicole M Wegrzyn*
Using Online Social Networks to Foster a Healthier Lifestyle: Results from Australia and Germany Abstract
Nilmini Sunethra Wickramasinghe*, Carolin Durst, Janine Viol
Institutional Campaigns, the "summer Effect" and the Demand for Information on Skin Cancer Prevention in a Brazilian Institutional Site. Abstract
Paulo Roberto Vasconcellos-Silva*, Rosane Harter Griep
The Feasibility of Co-Designing a Digital Health Initiative to Encourage the Adoption of Healthier Lifestyles Abstract
Wendy Ruth Maltinsky*, Jenny Hall, John Flitcroft, Priscilla Chueng-Nainby, David Heaney, Sandra MacRury*, Lindsey Moodie, Joe Lockwood
Web-Based Support in Long-Term Illness – a Person-Centred Care Approach Abstract
Ingela Skärsäter*, Marie Berg*, Anna-Lena Hellström, inga-Lill Hellström, Margareta Jenholt Nolbris, Agneta Ranerup*, Carina Sparud Lundin*, Ulrika Josefsson
Trusting Online Health Information: A Literature Review of Website Features That Influence Trust Abstract
Jamie Ross*, Charlotte Dack*, Kingshuk Pal*, Elizabeth Murray*
Health Action Planning – A Digitally Delivered Physical Activity Intervention Abstract
Wendy Ruth Maltinsky*, Joanne Fox
What Are They Really Doing on That Smartphone? How Medical Students, Residents and Faculty Use Their Mobile Devices Abstract
Helen Lee Robertson*, Jill Boruff, Dagmara Chojecki, Dale Storie, Lee-Anne Utholz
“Let’s Get WASTED!” and Other Apps: Characteristics, Acceptability and Use of Alcohol-Related Smartphone Applications Abstract
Megan Lim*, Emma Weaver, Danielle Horyniak, Rebecca Jenkinson, Paul Dietze
Web 2.0 Open-Intelligence Analysis for Disease and Pest Surveillance Abstract
Aidan Lyon*
A Service-Based Evaluation of a Therapist-Supported Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programme for Depression Abstract
John Sharry, Gavin Doherty, Orla Mc Loughlin, Derek Richards*
Barriers to Social Media Adoption by Private Hospitals Abstract
Janet Keys*, Barbara Crump*, Keri Logan
Customised and Automated Intelligence for National Communicable Disease Analysis and Decision-Making Abstract
Anette Hulth*, Tor Johnson, Johan Lindh*
Online Communities in Support of Health and Wellbeing: A Case of #hscmca Abstract
Caroline Haythornthwaite*, Anatoliy Gruzd
Free Full Paper How Twitter Is Studied in the Medical Professions: A Classification of Twitter Papers Indexed in PubMed Abstract
Shirley Ann Williams*, Melissa Terras, Claire Warwick
Free Full Paper ConnectGPR: Implementing a Virtual Community of Practice for General Practice Training Abstract
Stephen Robert Barnett*
Investigating Drug Effectiveness Using Consumer-Generated Reviews Abstract
Pauline C Ng*, Ngak-Leng Sim, Qiangze Hoi, Gina Pan
The Effects of a Randomized Workplace Lifestyle Intervention - Using Web-Based Feedback with Health Behavior Theories for Self-Empowered Health and Health Literacy Abstract
Madeleine Svensson*, Elena Pasquali, Rino Bellocco, Lena Petersson, Linda Bakkman, Ylva Trolle Lagerros
Constraints of List-Based Knowledge Interaction on an Android App for Emergency Medicine Abstract
Andreas Holzinger*, Klaus-Martin Simonic, Michael Geier, Bernhard Ofner, Ralf Mueller, Stefan Heschl, Gerhard Prause
The Effectiveness of a Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention in Patients with Knee And/or Hip Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Daniël Bossen*
Health Informatics Information Technology and Consumer Perspective on Health Care Professionals’ Responses to Health Information Exchange Abstract
Gul Seckin*, Hacer Ansal
Proof-of-Concept – Easily Identifying and Extracting Potential Patients in Facebook Abstract
Tobias Hartz*, Martin Lablans, Anke Hollinderbäumer, Frank Ückert
Physicians’ View on Patient-Related E-Health and Its Impact on Patients, Physicians and Their Relationship Abstract
Simone Jaeger*
Advances in Social Media: Towards Interdigital Scenarios for Health 2.0 Abstract
Monica Murero*
Researching With Our Head In The Clouds? Using Tag Clouds To Analyze Free Text Patient Feedback Abstract
Inocencio Daniel Maramba*, John Campbell, Antoinette Davey, Finlay Brown
Types of Drug Information on Authoritative Versus Social Media Sites: An Exploratory Study Abstract
Christopher Soo-Guan Khoo*, Kevin C.h. Lai, Amalyasa Mohd Khalid, Jacquelyn Shihui Wang
Participatory Development of Medical Technology for Antimicrobial Stewardship Results in New Focus for ASP Mobile App Abstract
Nienke de Jong*, Jobke Wentzel*, Lex van Velsen, Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen*
A Qualitative Study of Patient and Professional Preferences for Computer-Based Diabetes Self-Management Interventions Abstract
Kingshuk Pal*, Charlotte Dack*, Jamie Ross*, Fiona Stevenson, Elizabeth Murray*
A Cochrane Systematic Review of Computer-Based Self-Management Interventions for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Abstract
Kingshuk Pal*, Sophie Eastwood, Susan Michie*, Andrew Farmer, Maria Barnard, Richard Peacock, Bindie Wood, Phil Edwards, Elizabeth Murray*
Free Full Paper Apps4CPR: A Review Study of Mobile Applications for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training and Support Abstract
Marco Kalz*, Niklas Lenssen, Marc Felzen, Bernardo Tabuenca, Marcus Specht, Max Skorning
Promoting Positive Psychology Development with Online Social Network on College New Entrants in a Northern Taiwan University Abstract
Shu-Man Chang*, Her-Kun Chang, Yung-Hsiu Lin
Gamification: Expanding the CE Universe Abstract
Daniel Patrick*
What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits: Med 2.0: 2008-2013 Abstract
Pat Rich*
MObesity-MHealth for Obesity: Diabetes and Obesity Monitoring and Rehabilitation Integrated System Abstract
Gianluca Castelnuovo, Gian Mauro Manzoni, Giada Pietrabissa*, Stefania Corti, Martina Ceccarini, Enrico Molinari
Free Full Paper Analysis of Twitter Users’ Sharing of Official New York Preparedness Messages During a Recent Storm Abstract
Nicholas Genes*, Kevin Chason, Michael Chary
Variation and Trends in the Use of Two Health Websites: HealthTalk Online and Living Life to the Full Abstract
Ray Jones*, Christopher J Williams, Graham Shaw*
The Equivalence of Remote Electronic and Paper Collection of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs): a Randomised Crossover Trial. Abstract
Dan Williams, Mark Norton, Darren Fern, Will Griffiths-Jones, Dr Tim Williams*
GET.ON PAPP: Feasibility of a Mobile Application for Panic with and without Agoraphobia Abstract
Lara Ebenfeld*, Stefan Kleine Stegemann, David Daniel Ebert, Dirk Lehr, Heleen Riper, Burkhardt Funk, Matthias Berking
Semantic Social Media Platforms: Does a Silo of Trusted YouTube Health Videos Could Change the Scene in Health Education? Abstract
Stathis Th. Konstantinidis*, Luis Fernández-Luque*, Alejandro Rivero-Rodríguez, Carlos L. Sanchez-Bocanegra, Panagiotis D. Bamidis*
Ongoing Research: A Social and Learning Community to Support Self-Management in Childbearing Women with Type 1 Diabetes Abstract
Karolina Linden*, Carina Sparud-Lundin*, Annsofie Adolfsson*, Agneta Ranerup*, Marie Berg*
Online Health Information Seeking: A Survey of Patient Attitudes Abstract
Julia Moreland*, Tara French*, Grant Cumming*
Free Full Paper The Role of Chronically Ill Patients' Active Participation in Their Treatment and Online Involvement in Determining Perceived Efficacy of Social Health Networks Abstract
Dafna Grosberg*, Racheli Magnezi, Yoav Bergman*
Social Media Analysis in the Czech Republic: Tracking Influenza-Like Illnesses Abstract
Tomáš Pruša*, Josef Šlerka, Adam Zbiejczuk
Are Websites about Nutrition of High Quality in the Czech Republic? Abstract
Tomáš Pruša*, Josef Šlerka, Alena Bedřichová*
'No Delays': The Development of Digital Postcards to Enhance Patient Care Abstract
Jamie Hogg, Gemma Teal, Tara French*
An Analysis of YouTube Comments on Drug Health Effects Abstract
Andrew McKenzie, Michael Chary, Emily Park, Julia Sun, Alex Manini, Nicholas Genes*
Mobile Application for Personalized Patient Surgical Safety Checklists Abstract
Marta Vazquez Vazquez*, Manuel Pacheco, Javier Ferrero, Vicente Santana, Habibullah Rodriguez, Angela Escobar
Online Support Groups for Depression: Barriers and Benefits Abstract
Louise Breuer, Chris Barker*
The Sexunzipped Trial: Optimizing the Design of Online Randomized Controlled Trials Abstract
Julia V Bailey*
Free Full Paper Young People’s Views of Participating in the Sexunzipped Online Trial Abstract
Julia V Bailey*
The Effectiveness of Interactive Computer-Based Interventions for Sexual Problems in Adults: A Systematic Review Abstract
Lorna Hobbs*, Julia Bailey*, Elizabeth Murray*
An Infoveillance of Various Repetitive Musculoskeletal Disorders Prevalence Among Computer Users and Computer Professionals Abstract
Wojciech M Glinkowski*
Ethics Oversight of Participant Led Medical Research: Problems and Prospects Abstract
Effy Vayena*
Word Frequency and Content Analysis Approach to Identify Demand Patterns in a Virtual Community of Carriers of Hepatitis C. Abstract
Paulo Roberto Vasconcellos-Silva*, Darlinton Barbosa Feres Carvalho
The Facebook Use of Hospitals in Germany – A Content Analysis Abstract
Sebastian Merkel*
Preventing Ankle Sprains With a Smartphone; Implementation Effectiveness of an Evidence Based App Abstract
Evert Verhagen*, Ingrid Vriend
Health-Related Quality of Life, Outcome and Patient Experience in Care Homes: A Study in Three Countries. Abstract
Tim Benson*, Clive Bowman
ANKOS Mobile – A System for Collecting and Monitoring Epidemiological Surveys Interconnecting GIS with Real-Time Information Abstract
Onicio Batista Leal Neto*, Cesar Martins Albuquerque, Jones Oliveira Albuquerque, Constança Simões Barbosa
Their First Real Test: Did Advanced Biosurveillance Systems Help Detect and Provide Situational Awareness for the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic? Abstract
Michael A Stoto*, Ying Zhang
Information about Vaccines in English and Spanish on Facebook: Features and Content in Open Groups Abstract
Miguel Angel Mayer*, Angela Leis*, Javier Torres Niño, Alejandro Rodríguez-González
How Twitter Is Used in International Health Events: World Aids Day Case Study Abstract
Angela Leis*, Miguel Angel Mayer*, Alex Mayer
Health Behavior Theory in Diet Apps Abstract
Josh West*
Mobile Health Apps: Evidence-Based User Interface Development Abstract
Frederic Ehrler*, Magali Walesa, Christian Lovis
User Experience and Comprehensibility of German Public Reporting Portals That Present Hospital Outcome Data Abstract
Uwe Sander*, Susanne Steingräber, Martin Emmert*
An Analysis of Online Evaluations on Physician-Rating Websites (PRW) at the Example of the German Integrated Healthcare Network “Quality and Efficiency” Abstract
Martin Emmert*, Uwe Sander*, Veit Wambach
Preventive Socio-Technology for the Increasing Ageing Population: Apps as a Way to Improve the (social) Wellbeing of Elderly Abstract
Sabine Wildevuur*
Anonymity versus Privacy: Selective Information Sharing in Online Cancer Communities Abstract
Jeana Frost*, Ivar Vermeulen, Nienke Beekers
Systematic Development of Two Innovative Web-Based Computer-Tailored Obesity Prevention Interventions Abstract
Michel Walthouwer*, Anke Oenema, Lilian Lechner, Hein De Vries*
Smarter Hospital Team Communication: Smartphone Group Text Messaging Improves Efficacy, Workflow, and Provider Satisfaction Abstract
Jennifer Anne Przybylo*, Ange Wang, Pooja Loftus, Kambria Hooper, Isabella Chu, Lisa Shieh
Public Engagement with Social Media for Health Interactions Abstract
Anne Moorhead*
Applying Sparse Machine Learning Methods to Twitter: Analysis of the Change in Pap Smear Guidelines Abstract
Urmimala Sarkar*, Courtney Lyles, Andrew Godbehere, Laurent El Ghaoui
A Facebook-Based Intervention to Reduce Smoking Among Young Adults: Evaluating Interest and Developing the Intervention and Procedures for Evaluation Abstract
Danielle E Ramo*, Howard Liu, Kathryn Chavez, Judith J Prochaska
A Picture Instead of Words – Can a Visual MHealth App Promote Healthy Lifestyles in Low Health Literacy Populations? Abstract
Christine Kennedy*, Sean Arayasirikul, Melinda Bender, Suzanna Martinez, Katie Reeves
Detection of Disease Outbreaks in Mass Gatherings Using Internet Data Abstract
Ingemar Cox*, Elad Yom-Tov, Diana Borsa, Anne Johnson, Rachel A. McKendry
Reach and Uptake of Internet- and Telephone-Based Smoking Cessation Interventions: Results from a Cohort Study and Randomised Controlled Trial Abstract
Lise Skrubbeltrang Skov-Ettrup*, Peter Dalum, Janne Schurmann Tolstrup
The Quality and Readability of Colorectal Cancer Information on the Internet Abstract
Perbinder Grewal*, Swethan Alagaratnam
Google Keyword Searches and Trends for General Surgical Conditions and Operations Abstract
Perbinder Grewal*
A Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing an Online Support Group to Expressive Writing for Depression and Anxiety Abstract
Chris Barker*, Jeremy Dean, Henry Ww Potts*
Development of a Mobile Speech Therapy Application – Encouraging Louder Communication in Parkinson’s Patients Abstract
Peter Michael John Nolan, Julia Johnson, Roger Eglin*, K Ray-Chaudhuri
A Cross-Platform EEG Monitoring and Processing Application for Mobile Devices Abstract
Angel Torrado-Carvajal*, Maria Cristina Rodriguez-Sanchez*, Susana Borromeo, Eva Manzanedo, Ana Beatriz Solana, Juan Antonio Hernandez-Tamames*
Interaction and language patterns of an online depression communities in Korea Abstract
Jinah Kwak, Kanghak Kim, Meeyoung Cha*, Chiyoung Cha*
CHW Conversations: Designing a Social Learning System for Health Workers with Limited Digital Experience Abstract
Claire Loe*, Vickie Nguyen*, J. Franck Diaz Garelli
Chronic Pain Patients' Use of Online Health Information: a Cross-Sectional Study Abstract
Natalia Pletneva*, Ameena Jesaimani, Caroline Werner, Marie Besson, Jules Desmeules, Christine Cedraschi, Valerie Piguet*
Exergame Efficacy in Clinical and Non-Clinical Populations: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Abstract
Alexandra Douglass-Bonner*, Henry Ww Potts*
Online Social Gaming for Cancer Prevention: Case Study Abstract
Matic Meglic*, Ales Lamut, Ana Sinkovec
Identifying and Categorizing Health 2.0 Websites: A Quality Management Approach Abstract
Fatemeh Ameri*, Kathleen Keeling, Debbie Keeling
A Multi-Methods Study of How Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Youth Interact On-Line and Offline to Manage Psychological Health and Well-Being Abstract
Jenny Speirs*
Developing Mobile Apps for Stroke Survivors and Their Caregivers Abstract
Dee Burton*, Steven Levine, Amy Jensen, Marilyn White, Ruth Browne, Denise Henasey, Laura Beving, Randi Bretz, Saroj Kunnakkat, Abhishek Pandey
The Impact of Use of a Child Health Information Web-Site on Perceived Parental Self-Efficacy of Norwegian Mothers. Abstract
Lars Petter Skranes*, Gro Cc Løhaugen, Jon Sverre Skranes*
Investigating Methods of Increasing Adoption of Social Media Among Elderly Carers. Abstract
Kyle Boyd*, Chris Nugent*, Mark Donnelly, Raymond Bond*, Roy Sterritt, Lorraine Gibson
The Design and Usability of a Web-Based Educational and Peer Support Intervention for Siblings of People with Psychosis Abstract
Jacqueline Sin*, Claire Henderson, Ian Norman
Development of a Web-Based Supportive Intervention for Relatives of People with Depression or Schizophrenia Abstract
Sigrid Stjernswärd*, Lars Hansson
Effectiveness of Web-Based versus Folder Support Interventions for Young Informal Carers of Persons with Mental Illness: a Randomized Controlled Trial. Abstract
Lilas Ali*, Barbro Krevers, Nils Sjöström, Ingela Skärsäter*
Credibility VS Anonymity: Views of Siblings’ of Young People with Psychosis on a Web-Based Educational and Peer Support Intervention Abstract
Jacqueline Sin*
The Patient-Therapist Relationship as an Indicator for Treatment Success in E-Health Treatments for Patients with Chronic Somatic Conditions Abstract
Maaike Ferwerda*, Saskia Spillekom, Henriët van Middendorp, Sylvia van Beugen*, Wietske Kievit, Jaap Fransen, Henk Visser, Piet van Oijen, Erik Taal, Piet van Riel, Elke de Jong, Peter van de Kerkhof, Mart van der Laar, Andrea Evers
Examining Smoking Behavior and Perceptions of New and Emerging Tobacco Products Using Twitter and Natural Language Processing Abstract
Mike Conway*, Mark Myslin, Shu-Hong Zhu, Wendy Chapman
The Validity of Internet-Based Self-Monitoring of Physical Activity (PA) Using Low-Cost Accelerometers in COPD. Abstract
Jacob K. Sont*, Martijn Vooijs, Jiska B. Snoeck-Stroband*, Laurence L. Alpay, Thijs Beerthuizen, Jannie J. Abbink, A. (Ton) J.m. Rövekamp
The Smartphone as a Tool to Improve Cardiac Rehabilitation Abstract
Alexandra Cristobal-Huerta*, Angel Torrado-Carvajal*, Susana Borromeo, Maria Cristina Rodriguez-Sanchez*, Alberto Rodriguez-Moreno, Dam Peinador, Maria Luaces, Juan Antonio Hernandez-Tamames*
Evaluating the Cognitive and Emotional Impact of a Risk Calculator and Support Package for People with Type 2 Diabetes. Abstract
Kingshuk Pal*, Tom Nolan, Elizabeth Murray*
Motivations for Contributing to Health-Related Articles on Wikipedia: An Interview Study Abstract
Nuša Farič*, Henry Ww Potts*
Internet-Based Self-Monitoring of Physical Activity (PA) in COPD Patients: a Study of the Usability of Activity Monitors and Patient’s Preferences Abstract
Jiska Snoeck-Stroband*, Laurence Alpay, Martijn Vooys, Thijs Beerthuizen, Jannie Abbink, Jaap Sont*, Ton Rövekamp
Using the Internet to Effectively Promote Physical Activity in People with Type 2 Diabetes in the Highlands: A Patient’s Perspective Abstract
Jenni Connelly*, Alison Kirk, Michael Schlafli, Judith Masthoff, Sandra MacRury*
The Views of Hazardous and Harmful Drinkers of an Online Brief Alcohol Intervention and its Potential Application in the Workplace: A Qualitative Study. Abstract
Sarah Elizabeth Renouf*
Personal Health Records and Related Laws in South Korea Abstract
Jeongeun Kim*, James G. Boram Kim, Yongyeob Jeong, Sukwha Kim
Domain-Specific or General Search Engines: Which Results Do Users Prefer? Abstract
Rafael Ruiz-de-Castaneda, Natalia Pletneva*, Frederic Baroz, Celia Boyer
In the Words of the Medical Tourist: Analysis of Internet Narratives by Health Travelers to Turkey Abstract
Margaret E. Ozan-Rafferty*, James A. Johnson, Gulzar Shah, Attila Kursun
Free Full Paper Health Professionals Competencies for E-Health Technology to Age in Place - Outcome of a Two Day Collaborative Workshop Abstract
Ansam Barakat*, Ryan Woolrych, Andrew Sixsmith, William Kearns, Helianthe Kort
Online Treatment of Adolescents with Insomnia Abstract
Eduard Jan de Bruin*, Frans J Oort, Susan M Bögels, Anne Marie Meijer*
Consumer-Centered Performance Indicator in Acute Care: Analyzing the Use of Text Mining in Newspapers Abstract
Ryoma Seto*, Noriko Fujiwara
An Early Digital Resource for Enhancing Recovery Motivation for Eating Disorders: Users’ Perspectives Abstract
Sarah Williams*, Ciarán Newell, Katy Sivyer, Sarah Thomas, Jess Griffiths
Managing Complex Patients According to Guidelines Without Lifting a Finger Abstract
Patrick James Darragh*, Mat Trudel, Howie Abrams, Dante Morra
"SIMBA - Social Information Monitoring for Patients with Bipolar Affective Disorder”: A Feasibility Study on a Sensor-Based Application for Smart Phones to Predict Phase Transitions in Bipolar Disorder. Abstract
Sally Sophie Kindermann*, Kai Kossow, Sharlina Spiering, Andreas Maier, Jörn Moock, Guido Barbian, Wulf Roessler
“Do Email and SMS Prompts Stimulate Primary School Children to Revisit the Website of an E-Health Smoking Prevention Program?” Abstract
Paul Cremers*
Mobile Phones – Rediscovering Their Niche in Medical Education Abstract
Amit Motwani*, Sunhea Choi
Needs and Expectations of Alzheimer Disease Family Caregivers from a Web-Based Psycho-Educational Program Abstract
Victoria Cristancho-Lacroix*, Jérémy Wrobel, Mélanie Cornuet, Anne-Sophie Rigaud
An Internet-Based, Multi-Media Education Platform for Teaching Intensive Care Medicine Communication Skills to Physician Trainees Abstract
Ludwig Haw-Bair Lin*, Lindsey Huddleston, Jason Leong, Erin Hennessey
Smartphone Accessibility Of The ALS Online Genetics Database Abstract
Olubunmi Abel*
New Primary Health Care in Thailand : Community Health Alliance between Health Security Local Fund Collaboration Abstract
Arun Boonsang*, Cheerasak Charoenpun, Niruwan Turnbull*
A report of further uptake and growth in the use of Twitter as an educational tool at an anesthetic conference. Abstract
Douglas Ra McKendrick*, Grant P Cumming*
Free Full Paper A Meta-Analytic Review of Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Patients with Chronic Somatic Conditions Abstract
Sylvia van Beugen*
Facilitated Access to an Alcohol Reduction Website in Primary Care: The Pilot Phase of the EFAR-FVG Randomised Controlled Non-Inferiority Trial Abstract
Paul Wallace, Pierluigi Struzzo, Charilaos Lygidakis*, Emanuele Scafato, Roberto Della Vedova, Lisa Verbano, Costanza Tersar, Nick Freemantle, Richard McGregor
Curating Personalised Collections of Health Experiences Abstract
Graham Shaw*
Acceptance Of Recorded Lectures In Clinical Dental And Medical Education Abstract
Peter Schulz*, Keyvan Sagheb, Christian Mang, Harald Affeldt, Hannah Klumpp, Bilal Al-Nawas
Stroke Manager App - Individual and Mobile Support for Stroke Patients and Their Caregivers Abstract
Roland A Görlitz*, Robert Hagedorn
Good, Bad and Ugly Tech, Why We Need Persuasive Technology to Make EHealth More Productive Abstract
Lisette Van Gemert-Pijnen*
How Can the Use of Web-Based Computer-Tailored Obesity Prevention Interventions Be Improved? Abstract
Michel Walthouwer*, Anke Oenema, Lilian Lechner, Hein De Vries*
Under the U-CARE Umbrella - Multidisciplinary Projects for Online Healthcare Abstract
Ruth Alicia Lochan*, Pär Ågerfalk, Jonas Sjöström, Louise von Essen*
Keynote: Designing Digital Interventions - Applying Theories and Methods from Health Psychology Abstract
Susan Michie*
Seniors’ Navigation: Understanding Their Needs so as to Create an Adaptive Smartphone Application Abstract
Victoria Cristancho-Lacroix*, Angeliki Angeletou, Riitta Hellman, David Escuin, Helge Klitzing, Fernando Benavides, Victor Sanchez
Medicine on the Go: Rapid Access to Radiology Images with a Mobile Image Viewer Abstract
Ross Mitchell*, Amy Hara, Miao He, Bart Demaerschalk, Teresa Wu
Web-Based Learning Portfolios in Pediatric Rheumatology Abstract
Michal Cidon*
Wikis and Collaborative Writing Applications in Healthcare: a Scoping Review Abstract
Tom H Van De Belt*, Patrick Michel Archambault, Francisco J Grajales, Marjan J Faber, Craig E Kuziemsky, Susie Gagnon, Andrea Bilodeau, Simon Rioux, Karine Aubin, Irving Gold, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Alexis F Turgeon, Cynthia Fournier, Mathieu Émond, Marcel Heldoorn, Julien Poitras, Jan A.m. Kremer, Gunther Eysenbach*, France Légaré
Impact of an Online Support Forum for Carers of People with Dementia Abstract
Vicky McKechnie, Josh Stott, Chris Barker*
Diabetes During Pregnancy: Effect of MHealth Remote Monitoring of Blood Glucose on Glycemic Control – A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Joseph A Cafazzo*
Electronic Coaching with Type 2 Diabetic Patients from an Economically Disadvantaged Urban Area Abstract
Noah Wayne*, Joseph Cafazzo*, Paul Ritvo*
Demographic, Psychological and Smoking Characteristics of 23,700 Users of an on-Line Smoking Cessation Program Provided in Spanish Language Abstract
Miguel A Vallejo*
Using Human Factors to Tailor Persuasive Information in Self-Management Support Abstract
Martin Laverman*, Mark A. Neerincx, Laurence L. Alpay, Bertie J.h.m. Schonk
Free Full Paper Developing a Framework to Generate Evidence of Health Outcomes from Social Media Use in Chronic Disease Management Abstract
Mark Merolli*, Kathleen Gray, Fernando Martin-Sanchez
A Survey of the Use of Social Media by Women for Pregnancy Abstract
Amy Claire O'Higgins*, Olivia Murphy, Clare O'Connor, Mairead M Kennelly, Sharon R Sheehan, Michael J Turner
Free Full Paper Life Long and Prosper: Potentials of Low-Cost Consumer Devices for the Prevention of Cardio-Vascular Diseases Abstract
Jochen Meyer*, Andreas Hein
Tailored E-Health Gaming: a New Window of Opportunities for E-Health? Abstract
Astrid Franziska Jander*, Rik Crutzen, Liesbeth Mercken, Hein de Vries*
Using Mobile Technology in Medical Training in the Workplace: Benefits and Challenges Abstract
Rebecca Dimond*, Alison Bullock*, Wendy Hardyman, Mark Stacey
Reaching Out via Blended Care: Empowering High-Risk Adolescents via Tailored ePublic Sexual Health Services Abstract
Olga Kulyk*, Ronald V. Roskam, Silke David, Maaike van Veen, Julia E.w.c. van Gemert-Pijnen
Current Challenges in Developing an Evidence-Based Protocol of Preventive E-Counselling for Cardiovascular Disease Abstract
Robert P Nolan*, Sam Liu
The Nature of the Information Shared by Chronic Patients in Virtual Communities. Abstract
Gabriela OrtizMichel*
E-Rehabilitation – an Internet and Mobile Phone Based Tailored Intervention to Enhance Self-Management of Cardiovascular Disease: Preliminary Results Abstract
Konstantinos Antypas*, Silje Camilla Wangberg*
Development of a Sleep-App for Sleep Extension in Adolescents and Young Adults with Chronic Sleep Reduction Abstract
Anne Marie Meijer*, Ed Jan De Bruin, Julia Felicitas Kaufmann-Dewald
Healthcare Professionals Using Handheld Computer: Evidence of Effectiveness? A Scoping Review of Systematic Reviews Abstract
Sharon Mickan*, Julie Tilson, Helen Atherton*, Nia Roberts, Carl Heneghan
Free Full Paper Clinicians’ Assessment of Mobile Diabetes Monitoring: A Comparative Study in Japan and Spain Abstract
Shintaro Okazaki*, J. Alberto Castañeda, Silvia Sanz
Can Internet Applications Help with Feeding Babies? A Study of Online Social Support Amongst Breastfeeding Women. Abstract
Ana Beatriz Burman, Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou, Julie Barnett
EPortal for Self-Management; Critical Factors for Implementation Abstract
Lisette Van Van Gemert-pijnen*, Bart Brandenburg*
Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) for Ensuring Best Possible Patient Care: Health Professionals’ Perceptions and Current Practices at KFHU Abstract
Farzana Shafique, Dalal Al-Tammimi*
BlindShell: Android Multi-Touch Gesture Interface for Blind Users Abstract
Petr Svobodnik*, Daniel Novak
Measuring the Effects of Using Health-Related Websites: Translatability Assessment of Questionnaire Items in the E-Health Impact Questionnaire (eHIQ). Abstract
Laura Kelly*
RattleJam- a Collaborative App for Rehabilitation Abstract
Karl Oyri*, Stian Hauge, Kjartan Vestvik
Tailored eHealth technology: differences in reactions between LSES and HSES respondents Abstract
Hein De Vries*
Informational and Technological Needs of Public Health Inspectors and Design of Mobile, Social Media Solutions for Dengue Prevention in Sri Lanka Abstract
Santosh Vijaykumar*, May O Lwin, Vajira Sampath Rathnayake, Owen Noel Newton Fernando, Gentatsu Lim
Touch Surgery- Decision Making for Surgical Training Abstract
Jean Nehme*, Andre Chow, Advait Gandhe, Sanjay Purkayastha
Free Full Paper Feasibility of an e-health intervention for rural patients with a range of chronic conditions: preliminary findings from a pilot study Abstract
Niranjan Bidargaddi*, Geoffrey Schrader, Melanie Harris, Lareen Newman, Sarah Lynn, Leigh Peterson, Malcolm Battersby
Exploration of Health Disparities in Colombian Health System through Health Information System –SISPRO-. Abstract
Sandra Milena Agudelo*
What Can We Do with Tablets for Medical Education Abstract
Matt Hammerton*, Sunhea Choi
U-CARE: Public Involvement in Psychosocial Research Including the Design of an Online Psychological Intervention. A Journey with Adolescents Abstract
Annika Lindahl Norberg*, Helena Grönqvist*, Louise von Essen*
Using Social Media in Healthcare: Preferences of the General Population Abstract
Tom H van de Belt*, Lucien Jlpg Engelen, Sivera Aa Berben, Steven Teerenstra, Melvin Samsom, Lisette Schoonhoven
A proposed usability study on an online cancer portal for mobile devices Abstract
Edison Gunawan, Nasriah Zakaria*, Wahidah Husain, Nik Mohd Asrol Alias
The Kronikoen-Sarea Virtual Community of Chronic Patients: Research Lessons Abstract
Gonzalo Bacigalupe*, Roberto Nuno
Effects of an Online Healthy Eating Programme on Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables, Saturated Fat and Added Sugar. Abstract
Katy Tapper*, Gabriela M Jiga-Boy, Gregory R Maio, Geoffrey Haddock
Assessing the Reliability of Patient Reported Blood Sugar Data Reported a via an SMS Coaching Program for Type 2 DM Abstract
Korey Capozza Capozza*
‘KIDOPS’: Developing an Online Intervention to Prepare Children for Elective Surgical Procedures: An Informant Design Approach. Abstract
Sara Raftery*, Veronica Lambert, Michele Glacken, Paula Hicks
Optimizing Care for Infantile Hemangiomas: E-Learning Can Improve Parents’ Knowledge and (Risk) Evaluation Abstract
Marlies de Graaf*, Mirjam Knol, Joan Totte, Harmieke Os-Medendorp*, Corstiaan Breugem, Suzanne Pasmans
DASH Mobile: Development of a Novel Mobile Platform for Enabling Collaborative Behavioral Hypertension Control Abstract
Devin Mann*, Lisa Quintiliani
A Content-Based Approach to Identify the Target Users for Health Intervention in Social Media – A Case Study on SafetyMD Abstract
Haodong Yang, Jiexun Li, Christopher Yang, Venk Kandadai*, Flaura Winston
Mobile Healthcare Wireless Networks: A Comparative Study Abstract
Pantea Keikhosrokiani*, Nasriah Zakaria*, Norlia Mustaffa, Tat-Chee Wan
Does Delivery Modality (Native Smart Phone App VS SMS) Affect Validity of Ambulatory Monitoring in Severe Mental Illness Abstract
John Ainsworth*, Jasper Palmier-Claus, Matthew Machin, Shôn Lewis
Free Full Paper Validity and Reliability of the EHealth Analysis and Steering Instrument (eASI) Abstract
Olivier Blanson Henkemans*, Elise Dusseldorp, Jolanda Keijsers, Judith Kessens, Mark Neerincx, Wilma Otten
Medical Education and Learning for Globalized Patient Population with Web 2.0 Abstract
Cindy Sinclair*
Survey of the Impact of Twitter in Medical Education Abstract
Matthew Mak*
Can Sir John Kirwan's "The Journal" Reduuce Waiting Lists in Mental Health? Abstract
Simon Hatcher*
A User Centered Design Approach to Developing a Cross Platform E-Health Intervention for Consumers at Mod-to-High Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Abstract
Fred Hersch*, David Peiris, Genevieve Coorey, Bindu Patel, Lis Neubeck, Jax Wechsler, Lauren Tan, Julie Redfern
A Dialogue with a Virtual and an Imaginary Interlocutor as a Form of a Psychological Support and a Mental Health Improvement Abstract
Agata Barbara Pasikowska*, Abolfazl Zaraki, Nicole Lazzeri
The Diabetes App Challenge: Recruiting and Supporting Young People with Diabetes to Develop Apps for Other Young People with Diabetes Abstract
Emily Ashurst*, Ray Jones*, Kate Boddy, Martin Jenner, Charles Abraham, Suzanne Hammersley, Rachel Besser, Jonathan Pinkney
Designing and Implementation of a Teleconsulting System to Improve Medical Decisions on Obstetrical Emergencies Abstract
Mahmood Tara*, Fatemeh Tara
Blood Brothers On-Line: A Cross-Cultural study of Social Media for Hemophilia Patients Abstract
Gal Yavetz*, Elad Segev
Understanding the Contribution of Physician-Moderated Virtual Support Groups to Health and Wellness: A Content Analysis Abstract
Maria Inmaculada Grau, Francisco J Grajales III*
Patient 2.0 – What Predicts Usage of Physician-Rating Apps? Abstract
Sonja Bidmon*, Ralf Terlutter*, Johanna Röttl*, Martina Moick, Susanna Meyer, Norbert Schell
Evaluation of Empowering Interventions through Routine Clinical Data – Learnings from Intervention Studies in Two Finnish Health Centers Abstract
Iiris Riippa*, Miika Linna*
A Case Study of Sociability Aspects in Cancer Community Web Portal Abstract
Nor Athiyah Abdullah, Nasriah Zakaria*
Sharing Healthy Power through ICT Abstract
María J. Miranda Velasco*, Santiago Pérez, Roberto Álvarez, Mario Pascual, Gloria Solis, Javier Arroyo, Jesús González, Gianni Carlone, Alba Moríñigo M., Mercedes Fernández, Inmaculada Rojo
Comparing the Success of ECare Interventions for Chronic Disease Management and Disease Prevention Abstract
Tatjana Zrimec*, Mate Bestek, Iztok Cujkati, Andrej Brodnik
Development of the Survey Email Scheduler (SES) Software, a Tool That May Improve Data Collection and Logistics of Clinical Trials in General Practice. Abstract
Trygve Skonnord*, Finn Steen, Atle Klovning*
Reducing Design-Induced Error in Medical Devices Abstract
Harold Thimbleby*
The Use of Smartphones in Orthopaedic Training Abstract
Oliver Blocker*
A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of a Social Networking-Based Intervention in Increasing HIV Risk Perception and Reducing HIV Risk Behaviors among Men Who Have Sex with Men in China Abstract
Joseph Tak Fai Lau*, Wenjuan Wang, Phoenix Kit Han Mo, Jinghua Li, Li Crystal Jiang
Online Communities: Prevalence and Predictors of Use, and Reasons for Non-Use in Cancer Survivors Abstract
Jackie Bender*, Haiyan Jiang
A Web-Based Multidrug-Resistant Organisms Surveillance and Outbreak Detection System with Rule-Based Classification and Clustering Abstract
Yi-Ju Tseng*, Jung-Hsuan Wu, Xiao-Ou Ping, Hui-Chi Lin, Ying-Yu Chen, Rung-Ji Shang, Ming-Yuan Chen, Feipei Lai, Yee-Chun Chen
Patient 2.0-Usage of Physician-Rating Websites and the Role of Sociodemographic, Psychographic Variables and Health Status Abstract
Ralf Terlutter*, Sonja Bidmon*, Johanna Röttl*, Martina Moick, Susanna Meyer, Norbert Schell
‘Mobile’ And Evidence-Based: Performance Of An Online Parenting Repository In the Pockets of Parents Abstract
Julie Green*
Mobile Phone Text Messaging Intervention for Cervical Cancer Screening Abstract
Hee Yun Lee*
Decisional Support Algorithm to Promote Youth Participation in Community Life Abstract
Mary Alunkal Khetani*, Anna Cliff*
Development of a Personalised, Multi-Criteria Decision Analytic Web-Based Patient Decision Aid for Long-Term Treatment in Bipolar Disorder Type I Abstract
Øystein Eiring*, Jack Dowie*
How to Assess and Improve the Quality and Safety of Apps for Medicine and Health Promotion ? Abstract
Jeremy Wyatt*, Alain Labrique, Kristina Curtis*, Satish Misra*, Thomas Lorchan Lewis*
Supporting Patient Empowerment by an Intelligent Self-Management Pathway for Diabetes Patients Abstract
Robert Eckhoff*, Manuela Ploessnig
Development of DASH Mobile: A Mobile-Based Behavioral Change Intervention for the Management of Hypertension Abstract
Shivani Motkar Reddy*, Lisa Quintiliani, Nicole Kitos, Michael Weng, Devin Mann*
Closing Keynote: Emerging Technologies for Mobile Health Abstract
Richard Ribon Fletcher*
Big Data Panel Abstract
Chris Paton*, Jim Davies*, Iain Buchan*, Paul Wicks*
An Evaluation Framework for Defining the Contributions of Telestration in Surgical Telementoring Abstract
Andrius Budrionis*, Knut Magne Augestad, Hiten Rh Patel, Johan Gustav Bellika
Exploring the Usability of a Smartphone Application for Adolescent Obesity Management Abstract
Grace O'Malley*, Noirin Curran, Amanda Burls, Grainne Dowdall, Ivan Perry
Effectiveness of an Interactive Web-Based Intervention for Lifestyle Modifying on Metabolic Syndrome: a Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Leila Jahangiry*, Davoud Shojaeezadeh, Mehdi Najafi, Kazem Mohammad, Ali Montazeri


An Approach for Digital Media & Research for the Health Sector Abstract
Amelia Burke-Garcia*
"Yes, We Can!" Supporting Patients with Chronic Diseases to Be More Active in Their Selfcare Abstract
Sara Riggare*
Web 2.0 Enables Working with Patients as a Driver of Innovation in Research Abstract
Chris Kula-Przezwanski*
“My Health Decision”: a New Web Site for Individuals and Communities Making HealthEdecisions (Expo Table) Abstract
Glenn Philip Salkeld*, Jack Dowie*, Mette Kaltoft*, Osytein Eiring
A Tablet Application for Supporting Implementation of Evidence-Based Psychosocial Practices Abstract
Rickard Färdig*
AIDSVu: An Interactive Online Surveillance Mapping Resource to Improve HIV Prevention in the US Abstract
Patrick Sean Sullivan*, Travis Sanchez*, Alexandra Ricca, Jennifer Taussig
Building Partnerships in Research Abstract
Jane Kaye*, Matt Jameson, Will Dixon*, Sharon Terry*, Dave Lund, Edgar Whitley*
Dynamic Consent - A Model for Translational Research Abstract
Jane Kaye*, Edgar Whitley*, David Lund, Harriet Teare*, Michael Morrison*
OPENPediatrics™: An Innovative Knowledge Sharing Platform for Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. Abstract
Traci Wolbrink*, Jeffrey Burns
Free Full Paper A Progress Report of E-Learning Tools Usage among Medical Students in Saudi Teaching Hospital Abstract
Nasriah Zakaria*, Amr Jamal*, Shekhar Bisht, Cristina Koppel*
PAXonline. The Psychotherapy of Anxiety in Digital Age Abstract
Amalia Maria Ciuca*, Mircea Miclea, Liviu George Crisan
All Superusers Are Not Created Equal: Contributory Patterns Observed in Four Separate Digital Health Social Networks Promoting Behavior Change Abstract
Trevor D van Mierlo*, Rachel T Fournier, Ashley McGowan, Peter L Selby
A Gesture Interface Environment to Train and Prepare Surgeons Abstract
Mark Antony Hughes*
MSmonitor - An Interactive Web-Based Tool for Self-Management and Care in People with Multiple Sclerosis Available for Mobile Devices Abstract
Peter Joseph Jongen*, Okke Sinnige, Björn van Geel, Freek Verheul, Wim Verhagen, Ruud van der Kruijk, Reinoud Haverkamp, Hans Schrijver, Coby Baart, Leo H Visser, Edo Arnoldus, Job Gilhuis, Paul Pop, Monique Booy, Esther van Noort
Evolution of Change: Insights into 10 Years of Integrating Web and Mobile Technologies for Influencing Parent-Child Feeding Behaviors Abstract
Robert J Bensley*, Jason Rivas*
The Treatable Intellectual Disability App: a Digital Tool to Enhance Diagnosis & Care for Rare Diseases. Abstract
Roderick Houben*, Jeff Joa, Sylvia Stockler, Clara van Karnebeek
Combining Retweets and Hashtags to Create an Ad Hoc Communication Platform During the Course of Planned Events, Increasing Resilience of Visitors by Crowdsourcing a Permutation of Conversation. Abstract
Christophe Robert Laurent*
Separated by a Common Language: Can the USA and UK Innovate Their Way Out of Their Healthcare Challenges? Abstract
Paul Wicks*
A Digital Intervention for Hazardous and Harmful Drinkers: From Research To Practice. Abstract
Stuart Linke*
Conference 2 Point Oh! Abstract
Mathena Pavan*, Lawrence Sherman*
The Electronic Discharge Letter Mobile App Abstract
Leonardo Lezcano*, Stefaan Ternier, Hendrik Drachsler, Marco Kalz*, Marcus Specht
Fail Better, Fail Faster, and Learn Together (Panel) Abstract
Colleen Young*, Jackie Bender*, Michelle Hamilton-Page*, Craig Thompson*
Moving towards Social Maturity with Multiple Social Media Channels in a Hospital Setting. Abstract
Michelle Hamilton-Page*
Medical Education 2.0 - Socializing and Personalizing Abstract
Lawrence Sherman*
“Mums Step It Up” – A Team-Based Physical Activity Facebook Application for Mothers Abstract
Carol Maher*, Jocelyn Kernot, Tim Olds, Lucy Lewis
BeCurious: Tailored Real-Time Behavioural and Emotional Support for People Living with Chronic Disease Abstract
Rachel Jones*
Introducing a New Web Site for HealthEdecisions for Individuals and Communities: My Health Decision Abstract
Glenn Philip Salkeld*
The Potential Role of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Social Media in Contemporary Medical Practice Abstract
Constantine George Saites*, Lisa Gualtieri, Chueh Lein, Sigrid Bairdain, Bradley C Linden
Epidemiological Monitoring Of Rumors Through Social Networks During Mass Gatherings Abstract
Onicio Batista Leal Neto*, Patricia Michelly Lima, Isabella Moreira Silva, Maria Auxiliadora Sivini, Lilyanna Felix Damasceno, Lucilene Rafael Aguiar, Romildo Santiago Assunção, Patricia Ismael Carvalho
Web-Based Platform for Morbidity and Mortality Conferencing: a Model for Rural Medical Education Abstract
Sarah Pletcher*, Scott Rodi*
Shots4Health: Leveraging Social Media and the Internet to Advocate for Childhood Immunization Abstract
Cora Constantinescu*, Tajdin Jadavji
Needs and Challenges in the Social Alarm Area Abstract
Marie Sjölinder*, Anneli Avatare Nöu*
Free Full Paper The Ligurian HIV Clinical Network - A Web-Tool to Manage HIV+ Patients in Primary Care and Multicentre Clinical Trials Abstract
Paolo Fraccaro*, Valeria Pupella, Roberta Gazzarata, Chiara Dentone, Giovanni Cenderello, Pasqualina De Leo, Federica Bozzano, Giorgetta Casalino Finocchio, Andrea De Maria, Daniela Fenoglio, Gilberto Filaci, Michele Guerra, Antonio Di Biagio, Eugenio Mantia, Giancarlo Orofino, Giuseppe Ferrea, Claudio Viscoli, Mauro Giacomini
‘Discuss’: A Multi-Disciplinary Bloggers Summit on the Rising Importance of Patient Social Media for Support During Treatment of Chronic Illnesses Abstract
Emma Louise Darcy*, Graeme Moyle
Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Telemonitoring Software Abstract
Arezou Taheri*, Mohammad Tafazzoli Shadpoor
The Role of Online Behavioural Classification in the Regulation of Social and Professional Networks in Medicine Abstract
Marcus Alexander Wade*
MDM Toolkit - An App For Commonly Used Calculations In Radiology Abstract
Siva Muthukumarasamy*, Harish Nagraj
AAPCR Patient-Centered Reminders MSystem: A Novel for Method for Health Care Education and Care Abstract
Remigius N Okea*, Alphonsus 1 Ekwerike
Quantifying Health and Wellness: E-Healthystrides Delivers Person Centered Care Delivery Abstract
Priscilla E. Pemu*
Free Full Paper Transforming Patient Experience: Health Web Science Meets Medicine 2.0 Panel Abstract
Tara French*, Grant Cumming*, Andrew Fowlie, Sandra MacRury*, Lynn McHattie*, Elizabeth Brooks*
PI-CME/CPD 2.0 - Exploring the Barriers and Drivers of Continuous Improvement Activities of Physicians Using Web 2.0 Tools Abstract
Mila Kostic*, Lauren Patrick*
Assessment of Technology Adoption for Reminding Apps Designed for Persons with Dementia Abstract
Ian Cleland*, Chris Nugent*, Sally McClean, Mark Donnelly, Shuia Zhang, Brian Scotney, Joann Tschanz, Maria Norton, Chelsea Sanders, Ken Smith
EHealth Projects Challenges from Policy Making to Adoption Abstract
Arezou Taheri*, Bill Crounse
Innovations in Clinical Trials: A Systems Biology and Personalized Medicine Approach to Health Disparities Abstract
Elizabeth O. Ofili*
Increasing Citizens Awareness about the Cardiac Arrest Problem via Local-Level Information Abstract
Gonzalo Parra*, Marco Kalz*, Joris Klerkx, Erik Duval
Employing an Online Survey Platform for a Patient Association Campaign Abstract
Charilaos Lygidakis*, Claus Vögele, Silvio Cambiaso*, Mauro Melis*, Nicola Masella, Rita Stara
Employing Social Media to Encourage Active Participation of the Members of a Junior GP Association: The Vasco Da Gama Movement Paradigm Abstract
Raquel Gomez-Bravo*, Charilaos Lygidakis*, Raluca Zoitanu, Martin Sattler*, Sara Rigon, Soleman Begg, Tiago Villanueva
Personal Information Prescription Abstract
Gil Ruda*, Leor Wolff*, Assi Cicurel*
Designing and Using Mobile Health Applications (Medical and Health Apps): Practical Guidelines Are Needed Abstract
Miguel Angel Mayer*, Angela Leis*
Use Of Medical Social Media BLOGS in Communites of Color and Low Level Literacy Individuals to Engage and Empower Them in Healthcare Discussions About Individual Health Issues. Abstract
Derrick Tolbert-Walker*, Susan Bowers-Johnson,MD,MPH
Demand-Driven Development of Next Generation Whole Slide Imaging - Pate Abstract
Hinrich Winther*, Christoph Brochhausen*, Harald Affeldt, Jette Horstmeyer, C. James Kirkpatrick
Atlas of Physiology and Pathophysiology - Web Based Simulators for Medical Education Abstract
Jiri Kofranek*, Marek Matejak, Pavol Privitzer, Tomáš Kulhánek, Filip Ježek, Roman Kerekeš
Free Full Paper The Digital Seniors – Interactive eHealth Service Development with Old Citizens Abstract
Isabella Scandurra*, Marie Sjölinder*
Uptake of a Consumer-Focused MHealth Application for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Abstract
Emily Seto*, Peter Picton, Shivani Goya, Ahmad Zbib, Joseph Cafazzo*
Appropriate Reporting of EbM Content In Electronic Media - APPRECIEM Abstract
Urs-Vito Albrecht*, Ute von Jan, Andrea Gonnermann
Mapping Medical Knowledge into a Relational Database for Decision Support: Two Examples Abstract
Jay Albert Brown*
The "Camoni" Eating Disorders Online Community – How Do We Make It Work? Abstract
Michal Afek*, Tamar Schifter*
Improving Patient Safety And Empowerment Through The Evaluation of Apps On Health Program Of The Andalusian Health Quality Agency Abstract
Javier Ferrero Álvarez-Rementería, Ángela Escobar-Ubreva, Vicente Santana-López, Marta Vázquez-Vázquez*, Habibullah Rodríguez-Contreras
Promoting patient-tailored treatment in clinical psychiatric practice: mobile-based self-tracking combined with automated time series analysis Abstract
Lian Van der Krieke*, Ando C Emerencia, Elisabeth H Bos, Judith Gm Rosmalen, Harriëtte Riese, Marco Aiello, Sjoerd Sytema, Peter de Jonge
Online Learning Week for Nurses in Sexual Health; Building Knowledge and Understanding Enhanced by Web 2.0 Technologies within Communities of Practice (cop). Abstract
Ralph Spijker*, Lydia Pars*, Marjo Taal
Adapting a Heart Failure Telemonitoring System for Use in a Homecare Nursing Model: Lessons Learned for Adapting Healthcare Information Technology to Different Care Models Abstract
Emily Seto*, Cheryl Reid-Haughian, Jonathan Tomkun, Caterina Masino, Deb Mulholland, Joseph A Cafazzo*
A Mobile App for the Delivery of Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation Abstract
Jonathan Synnott*, Chris Bleakley, Richard Davies, Chris Nugent*, Suzanne McDonough
There’s a Librarian For That: Integrating Information Literacy into Medical Education Via Mobile Devices Abstract
Sa'ad Laws*, Amani Magid
Recruiting Antibiotic Resistance Fighters on Facebook Abstract
Troy Beer*, Anthony Carr, Phillipa Binns, Stephanie Childs, Rachel Holbrook, Danielle Stowasser
Auscultation Master: Heart Sounds Edition — A Paradigm Shift in Cardiac Auscultation Education Abstract
Miguel Silva*, Damião Cunha, Olga Azevedo, Ana Luísa Neves
Free Full Paper Video Counselling: a Post-Launch Retrospective and Comparison with In-Person Counselling Outcomes Abstract
Barbara J Veder*
Patterns of Twitter Utilization among Canadian Physicians Abstract
Naheed Dosani*, Stephen Pomedli
StrokePad: An IPad Application Designed for Documentation of Out-of-Hospital Emergency Medical Care Abstract
Michael Duerr Specht*
Asynchronous E-Visits in Patients with Chronic Disease Abstract
Ronald F. Dixon*
Sharing Experiences Online: Design of a Randomised Trial to Determine the Feasibility and Efficacy of Three Novel Internet-Based Interventions Based on Patient Experience. Abstract
Nikki Newhouse*, Sue Ziebland*, Louise Locock, Rafael Perera, Andrew Farmer, John Powell*
EPROMs Collection on MyClinicalOutcomes to Enable More Efficient Follow Up of Joint Replacement Patients in Virtual Clinics. Abstract
Dan Williams, Dr Tim Williams*
Sleeping with Technology - Designing for Personal Health Abstract
Christel De Maeyer*, An Jacobs
Breast Self-Examination (BSE) in Breast Cancer Prevention: an Educational Smartphone App Abstract
Roman Kerekes*, Jiri Kofranek*, Jan Danes, Miroslava Skovajsova
The Hospital Daily Educational Activity as a Source of Medical Education Apps Abstract
Gonzalo Mora*
The Homework: An App Aiming at Increased Compliance in Psychological Treatment Abstract
Ulla Forsbeck Olsson*, Fadi Lahdo, Gunnar Dagnå*
User-Centered Design for Patient-Centered eHealth Abstract
Maria Hägglund*
Tools for Sustaining the Support of Health Professionals: the Example of MyPace Abstract
Julie Barnett, Michelle Harricharan*, Dave Fletcher, Natalie Metzger, Jo Wills
Tracking Professionalism in Real-Time Abstract
Juan Cendan*, David Metcalf, Michael Eakins
Interactive Online Resource to Visualize Geographic Patterns in the HIV Treatment Cascade in Major US Cities Abstract
Travis Sanchez*
Online Pediatric Skin House Abstract
Harmieke van Os-Medendorp*, Niels Elbert, Joan Totte, Marlies de Graaf*, Carien van Veelen, Wilco van Renselaar, Suzanne Pasmans
Development and Deployment of Whole Slide Imaging with Modern Web Technologies - Pate Abstract
Christoph Brochhausen*, Hinrich Winther*, Harald Affeldt, Andreas Grüne, C James Kirkpatrick
The Digital Landscape for HIV: A Metanalysis of Web 2.0 Content Abstract
Emma Louise D'Arcy, Jane Allan
INurse, ITeach: Using Mobile Applications in Client Education Abstract
Shauna Leigh Davies*
The Clearsight Scope Adapter: Optimizing Communication with the Flexible Nasal Laryngoscope Abstract
Jeffson Chung*, Matthew Bromwich*
Transforming Mental Healthcare Abstract
Jen Hyatt*
Providing Personalized Decision Support By Leveraging A Clinical Data Repository Abstract
Qing Zeng-Treitler*, Joshua Proulx, Brent Hill
Controlled Trial of a Health, Leisure and Communication Tablet App for Elderly Abstract
Iñaki Bartolome*
A Web-Based Software for Effective Treatment of Psychosomatic Disorders Abstract
Arezou Taheri*
Bringing an Intelligent Virtual Assistant to Healthcare Abstract
Nick van Terheyden*
The Structured Database of Clinical Images for Educational Smartphone/Tablet Apps Abstract
Roman Kerekes*, Jaroslav Januska
My®Doctor: a Smartphone Application for E-Health Care Abstract
Roman Kerekes*, Jiri Kofranek*, Jaroslav Januska
Research in MHealth: Finding the Right Balance Abstract
Satish Misra*, Timothy Aungst*, Thomas Lewis*, Gunther Eysenbach*, David Albert
The Application of Mass SMS as a Tool for Patient Education and Reminder Abstract
Anantha Naik Nagappa*, Uday Venkat Mateti, Asim Priyendu, Swapna S, Nischita Prabhu
Therapist-Delivered Internet Psychotherapy for Depression in Primary Care with "Net-Step" Abstract
Ulrich Sprick*, Martin Johannes Köhne
Using The Healthie Platform To Build A Comprehensive National Disease Registry Abstract
Ali Hamou, Joseph Lindsay, Michael Borrie, Femida Gwadry-Sridhar*


Lumos!, a Web-Based Solution for Collaborative Healthcare Research Projects (Startup-Pitch) Abstract
Silvio Cambiaso*, Charilaos Lygidakis*, Nicola Masella, Mauro Melis*
My Doctor Says: Quality, Health Literate Patient-Specific Education Resources to Meet Meaningful Use Certification Criteria and Attestation Requirements (Startup-Pitch) Abstract
Claire Loe*, Kathryn M Anderson
InstaMedi- The Medical Image Sharing Network (Startup-Pitch) Abstract
Gonzalo Mora*
Does Adding Responsive Design to a Professional Medical Website Result in a Change in Rate of Mobile Access? Abstract
Jonathan N. Adler*, Timothy Blasko, Jeffrey Eddows
MyHealthPal Visualising Health - winner of 'one to watch for 2013' and 'best tech entrepreneur'. (Startup-Pitch) Abstract
Mike Barlow*
TrendMD: A Medical Trending Engine That Delivers Personalized, High-Impact Research Articles (Startup-Pitch) Abstract
Paul A Kudlow*, Gunther Eysenbach*
Start-up Panel: Industry Meets Academia Abstract
Talya Miron-shatz*, Sid Thekkpat*, Tony Askew*
Internet of Things: Impact of Connected Devices on Health Related Behaviors Abstract
Alexis Normand*
JMIR Publications and Medicine 2.0 (Expo Table) Abstract
Gunther Eysenbach*, Carmen Chu*
Developing How Are You? : a Secure EHealth Portal and Suite of Self-Management Tools. Abstract
Maria Del Mar Yacaman*, Dawson King, Gerhard Lazu, Andrew Lucas
Redesigning Our National Health Information Services – Development of a User Centric Design Methodology to Improve Digital Health Information Services. Abstract
Rachel De Sain*
From the Medical Idea to the App. The Big Mistakes I Could Have Avoided Before I Launched My Medical App. Abstract
Gonzalo Mora*
WebSalutis: a Brazilian Ehealth Effort Abstract
Fabricio Braga Da Silva*, Flavio Alvim, Carlos Eduardo Reis, Jose Kezen, Augusto Neno, Amanda Zurita, Larissa Abud
Smart-phone and tablet based self-tracking tools for assessing peri-operative patient outcomes following hip arthroscopic surgery in young adults. Abstract
Bruce Hellman*
Neurofibromatosis Social Media Trends Abstract
Brian Loew*
Digital Literacy in a Pharmaceutical Company: A Global E-Learning Programme Abstract
Emma Louise Darcy*, Vittorio Sereni
What It Means to "Go Digital": A Human Library of Today's Healthcare Consumer and How They Access Healthcare in the Digital World Abstract
Maria Tazi*
MHealth: the Next Frontier Abstract
Syed Hosain*
Distruptive Business Modeling in Digital Health. Abstract
Aleksandar Stojanovic*
Engaging Younger Employee and Family Assistance Programs Users - Examining Access Patterns and User Demographics of Online Service Offerings Abstract
Barbara J Veder*
Expectations Regarding Use of Pseudonyms by Healthcare Professionals and Patients in Social Media Abstract
Denise Arlene Silber*
Layered Implementation Of An Antibiotic Stewardship Program Abstract
Maarten Van Limburg*
Kwido (Eldersarea): the New Era of Telecare. Abstract
Iñaki Bartolome*
Withings: How Connected Devices Might Change Healthcare (Expo Table) Abstract
Alexis Normand*

Total number of abstracts: 371

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