Medical Education 2.0 - Socializing and Personalizing

Lawrence Sherman* Lawrence Sherman*, Prova Education, Melville, United States

Track: Practice
Presentation Topic: Web 2.0-based medical education and learning
Presentation Type: Oral presentation
Submission Type: Single Presentation

Building: Mermaid
Room: Main Auditorium
Date: 2013-09-24 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Last modified: 2013-09-25

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Technology enhances the ability of clinicians to practice medicine. Technology enhances the ability of medical educators to teach and for students to find, use and benefit from courses. Technology enhances the ability of patients to play an integral role in their own medical care. These three groups, clinicians, educators and patients, each follow inevitably intersecting journeys; technology is the common factor. The Medicine 2.0 environment is the common platform in which each of the three audiences can and should find the information, education and directions to enhance their individual journeys.

This highly interactive presentation will focus on the opportunities to: impact the velocity of these journeys, the quality of the intersection of these journeys, and provide suggestions for preparing these audiences to benefit from the times these journeys intersect. Examples of currently available tools and platforms for each audience will be reviewed and critiqued, and a provocative view into the future will form the crux of the presentation.

Clinicians are already developing personalized learning networks that use technology to transform the Point of Care to the Point of Education. The next step for these 2.0 clinicians will be to form technology-based learning communities where information is accessible in real-time, clinical educational materials are searchable and usable in formats that promote sharing and commenting about relevance, applicability and impact on patient care. This will ultimately lead to a technology-based framework for ongoing professional education and development in which the learners drive the content and every educational intervention provides a data point for individual and aggregate measurement of success.

Medical educators are currently utilizing mobile, online and other digital platforms for the delivery of educational activities. Some of the more savvy medical educators are utilizing online and mobile platforms during other time points along the medical education continuum, including assessing the educational needs of learners, interacting before, during and after educational activities, and in measuring educational impact. Looking ahead, medical educators will be able to interact with individual and groups of learners in order to more directly assess and impact their educational needs. Technological platforms will provide medical educators with the tools and milieu to develop a more learner-centric framework for participating in ongoing continuing medical education (CME). This new environment will promote self-assessment, identification of appropriate educational activities to meet the needs identified, platforms for interactivity amongst the learners and between educator and learners, and ongoing, continuous evaluation data collection and analysis.
Finally, the 2.0 environment will provide patients with the opportunity to be key stakeholders in their own care. The phenomena of e-patients and participatory medicine will be supported and advanced. The current practice of research about disease information and management by patients will be replaced with an environment of qualified technological platforms that will permit patients to interact with their healthcare providers, to identify appropriate informational resources, to analyze options specific to their own health or illness, and to more capably participate in their own healthcare.

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