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Medicine 2.0'12 (Boston, USA)


Mobilyze! Context Sensing Mobile Intervention for Depression Abstract
David C. Mohr*, Mark Begale, Jenna Duffecy
Estimating the Long Term Effectiveness of Mobile Fitness Apps and Exercise Motivation: a Pilot Study Abstract
Ted Vickey*
Recruiting via Social Networking Sites for Sexual Health Research (assessing Chlamydia and HPV Knowledge) Abstract
John Wark*, Yeshe Fenner, Sepehr Tabrizi, Yasmin Jayasinghe, Elya Moore, Ashley Fletcher, Bharathy Gunasekaran, Naveera Ahmed, Suzanne Garland*
Randomized Controlled Trial of a Diabetes Self-Management SmartPhone App for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Abstract
Morwenna J Kirwan*, Corneel Vandelanotte, Mitch J Duncan
Associations between Internet-based Patient Ratings and Conventional Surveys of Patient Experience in the English NHS: an Observational Study Abstract
Felix Greaves*, Utz J Pape, Dominic King, Ara Darzi, Azeem Majeed, Robert M Wachter, Christopher Millett
Generating Evidence in MHealth Abstract
Wendy Nilsen*
A Randomized Trial of an Interactive, Mobile Text-Messaging Program to Promote Smoking Cessation in U.S. Adult Smokers Abstract
Lorien C. Abroms*, Meenakshi Ahuja, Richard A. Windsor
Free Full Paper Mapping M-Health: a Decade of Evolution Abstract
Maddalena Fiordelli*, Nicola Diviani, Thomas Lips, Peter J. Schulz*
Development and Usability of an Internet Intervention to Increase Physical Activity in Overweight Adolescents Abstract
Kirsti Riiser*, Knut Løndal, Yngvar Ommundsen, Turid Sundar, Sølvi Helseth
Free Full Paper Development and Testing of a Multidimensional IPhone Pain Assessment Application for Adolescents with Cancer Abstract
Jennifer Stinson*, Lindsay Jibb*, Paul Nathan, Anne-marie Maloney, Donna Johnston, Carol Portwine, Lee Dupuis
Assessing Global Health Communities of Practice: Application of a Conceptual Framework to An Experience in Africa Abstract
Bruno Meessen*, Maria Paola Bertone
Relationship between Social Media Use, Social Support and QOL among Patient with Breast Cancer Abstract
Yoko Setoyama*, Kazuhiro Nakayama
Development of Health Information Technology Acceptance Model for Health Consumers’ Behavioral Intention Abstract
Jeongeun Kim*, Hyeounae Park, James G. Boram Kim*
User-Centered E-Health Design Model to Accommodate the Cognitive Impairments of Persons with Severe Mental Illness: Page Complexity, Navigation Simplicity, and Meaning Comprehension Abstract
Armando James Rotondi*
How Much Does Practice-Guiding Medical Knowledge Change in One Year? Abstract
Brian S. Alper*, Alan Ehlich
The Validity and User Experience of an Online Clinical Diagnostic Assessment Program Abstract
David Nguyen*, Britt Klein, Denny Meyer, David Austin
ETherapy for Men with Prostate Cancer: My Road Ahead Abstract
Addie Wootten*, Jo Abbott, Katherine Chisholm, Marita Mccabe, David Austin, Britt Klein
Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Test on the Internet: Where Are We Going? A Systematic Review. Abstract
Loredana Covolo*, Anna Caruana, Enrico Lirangi, Sara Rubinelli, Umberto Gelatti*
Facebook Me: The Use of Social Networking Sites for Gender-Sensitive Tobacco Control Messaging. Abstract
Laura Louise Struik*, Joan L Bottorff, Mary Jung, Claire Budgen
Examining the Evolving Use of Apps and Mobile Health Devices in a Real-Time Clinical Setting: A Look at Health in a New Dimension Abstract
Doug Elwood*, Kathleen O'rourke*, Jeffrey Heckman*, Jaclyn Bonder, Alex Moroz, Jeffrey Yip, Lisa Patel
GPS and Inertial Sensor Data Fusion for Ecological Assessment of Lifespace and Mobility Constriction in Aging and Disease Abstract
Patrick Boissy*, Cédric Gingras-hill, Simon Brière, Margaux Blamoutier, Cabana François, Duval Christian
A Two-Part Study of Social Media for Health Care Organizations Abstract
Ricky C Leung*, Jing Li
The Effectiveness of Self-Guided Web-Based Physical Activity Interventions among Patients with a Chronic Disease: a Systematic Review Abstract
Daniël Bossen*, Cindy Veenhof, Joost Dekker, Dinny De Bakker
Building Virtual Communities: a Facebook Stress Management Group for First-year Medical Students Abstract
Cheryl Dellasega*, Daniel R George*, Megan Whitehead, Alan Bordon*, Brittney Hacken, Ali Thompson
A Closer Look at Patient-Physician Relationship at “Internet Age”: From a Principal-Agent Model Perspective Abstract
Yiran Li*, Wen You
Developing Guidelines for Evaluating Cultural Competency of E-Health Initiatives Abstract
Gonzalo Bacigalupe*, Sabrina Askari
Preliminary Results from a Randomized Internet-Based Infant-Focused Parenting Intervention "Baby-Net": Examining Social Networking’s Relationship to Usage and Outcomes Abstract
Edward G Feil*, Kathleen Baggett, Betsy Davis, Lisa Sheeber, Susan Landry
An Exploratory Study on the Effects of Health and Fitness Celebrity Twitter Usage on Consumer Attitudinal and Behavioral Loyalty Abstract
Antonio Williams*, Matt Blaszka, Patrick Walsh
Smoking Cessation Intervention on Social Media: QuitNet Forum and QuitNet Facebook Abstract
Chris Yang*, Mi Zhang
Social Media and Pharmacovigilance: New Space for Signal Detection & Socialvigilance Abstract
Maria Ale Vazquez-gragg*
Health Professional Students as Resource Producers - Methods for Transitioning to a Web-Based Education. Abstract
Stephen Maloney*
The Content of Physician Rating Websites: a Comparison of English and German Language Websites Abstract
Martin Emmert*
The Benefit of Patient Narratives on Physician-Rating Websites Abstract
Uwe Sander*, Julia Hagemeister, Martin Emmert*
Introducing a Wireless Mobile Technology to Improve Diabetes Care Outcomes among Specific Minority Groups Abstract
Saif Khairat*, Carolyn Garcia
Free Full Paper The Personal Health Record Paradox: Health Care Professionals' Perspectives and the Information Ecology of PHR Systems in Organizational and Clinical Settings Abstract
Kim M. Nazi*
A Mobile Clinical Collaboration System for Inter-Professional Team Based Care in an Outpatient Setting Abstract
Wayne H Ho*, Peter Weinstein, Diane De Sousa, Christopher Flewwelling, Amna Husain, Trevor Jamieson, Robert Wu, Joseph A Cafazzo*, Kevin Armour, Irfan Dhalla
The Design and Feasibility of a Web-based Physical Activity Program for Patients with Osteoarthritis in Hip and/or Knee Abstract
Daniël Bossen*, Cindy Veenhof, Joost Dekker, Dinny De Bakker
Challenges for EHealth Computer Tailored Programs; Reach & Effectiveness Abstract
Hein De Vries*, Daniela Schulz, Francine Schneider, Iman Elfeddali, Eline Smit, Ciska Hoving, Liesbeth Van Osch, Catherine Bolman, Astrid Jander*
Crave-Out! A Smartphone Game to Prevent Relapse after Quitting Smoking Abstract
Rajani Shankar Sadasivam*, Wayne S Chan, Kavitha Balakrishnan, Kathryn Delaughter, Barrett D. Phillips*, Thomas English, Thomas K Houston*
A Changing Landscape of Physician Quality Reporting: Analysis of Patients’ Online Ratings of Their Physicians Abstract
Guodong (gordon) Gao*, Jeffrey S Mccullough, Ritu Agarwal, Brad Greenwood, Ashish Jha
Perceptions of Online Information Privacy among Older Canadians with Parkinson’s Disease Abstract
Lorie Donelle*, Allyson Lee
Accuracy of the IPod Touch for Detecting Self-Paced and Prescribed Physical Activity Abstract
Gregory J Norman*, Wanmin Wu, Ernesto Ramirez, Carlyn Peterson, Sanjoy Dasgupta
Mental Health Information on the Web: Interactivity of Greek and Finnish Websites Abstract
Christina Athanasopoulou*, Heli Hätönen, Sanna Suni, Christos Lionis, Maritta Välimäki*
A View of Online Communities Across Stages of Life: Current Research and Future Trends (Panel) Abstract
Jackie L. Bender*, Holly O Witteman*, Osman Hassan Ahmed*, Michael Massimi*
Wikis and Collaborative Writing Applications in Health Care: Preliminary Results of a Scoping Review Abstract
Patrick Michel Archambault*, Tom H Van De Belt, Francisco J Grajales Iii*, Marjan J Faber, Andrea Bilodeau, Simon Rioux, Craig E Kuziemsky, Gunther Eysenbach*, Karine Aubin, Irving Gold, Marie-pierre Gagnon*, Alexis F Turgeon, Julien Poitras, Jan A.m. Kremer, Marcel Heldoorn, France Légaré
Digital Literacy in Medical Education: A Global Course with Gamification Abstract
Bertalan Mesko*
Russian Social Media for Patients and Physicians: Problems and Perspectives Abstract
Elena Tarasenko*
What Are They Talking About?: How Digital Diabetics Use Social Media Features in Online Patient Communities Abstract
Daniel Swayze*
How Disease-Specific Online Health Communities Differ Between Mobile and Web Access Abstract
Lisa Gualtieri*, Troy Oldroyd
Use of Social Media for Engaging Communities of Color in Child Health Dialogue Abstract
Ivor Braden Horn*, Amelia Burke, Denene Millner
Suicide Prevention through the Internet: the Supreme Project Abstract
Gergo Hadlaczky*, Vladimir Carli*, Michael Westerlund*, Danuta Wasserman
Free Full Paper Using Social Network Analysis Methods to Map Ghanaian Community Health Team Interactions in Mobile Phone Closed User Groups Abstract
Nadi Nina Kaonga*, Alain Labrique, Patricia Mechael, Eric Akosah, Seth Ohemeng-dapaah, Richmond Kodie, Andrew Kanter, Orin Levine
Assessing Young Adults’ Web Searching for Health Information: An Exploratory Study in Singapore Abstract
Pallavi Rao, Yin-leng Theng*, Joanna Sin Sei Ching, Natalie Pang
Diabetes Self Management: Role of Mobile Apps in Supporting Patients with Advanced Diabetes and Foot Ulcers Abstract
Bengisu Tulu*, Diane Strong, Emmanuel Agu, Peder Pedersen, Steve (qian) He*, Lei Wang*
Revising a Hospital Information Service Search Engine in Japan: Adapting to Information Needs of Citizens and Evaluating a Smartphone Prototype Abstract
Ryoma Seto*
Interactive Virtual Environment for Diabetes Self-Management Abstract
Constance Johnson*, Allison Vorderstrasse, Katherine Pereira, Nancy Hassell, Janet Nicollerat, Mark Feinglos
Formally Modeling Learning Styles in Medical Intelligent Tutoring Systems Abstract
Diego M. López*, Carolina González Serrano, Bernd Blobel
Free Full Paper Smartphone-Based Diaries and Feedback to Enhance Wellbeing in Women with Chronic Widespread Pain – Follow-up Results of a Randomized Trial Abstract
Olöf Birna Kristjansdottir*, Egil A Fors, Sandra Van Dulmen, Arnstein Finset, Sigrid Hørven Wigers, Erlend Eide, Hilde Eide
Online Social Networking And Social Support In Adolescence Abstract
Bridianne O'dea*, Andrew Campbell
Development and Exploration of a Multifaceted Social Platform to Improve Patient Education, Communication, and Activity Abstract
Kathleen O'rourke*, Jeffrey Heckman*, Douglas Elwood*, Lisa Patel
Identifying a Viable Intervention to Improve Engagement and Activity through an Interactive Tool: Gaming in a New Dimension Abstract
Jeffrey Heckman*, Douglas Elwood*, Kathleen O'rourke*, Lisa Patel, Sarah Zoogman, Matthew Diamond, Dave Norfleet
Effectiveness of Tailored Text Message for Weight Loss -Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Ju-young Kim*
Engaging Asthmatic Teens in Symptom Control Using Facebook Abstract
Meghan M Searl*, Misbah Mohammed, Kamal Jethwani
Readiness to Adopt Remote Monitoring Technologies for Chronic Disease Management Abstract
Meghan M Searl*, Kamal Jethwani, Khinlei Myint-u, Joseph Kvedar*
Low Acceptability for Online HIV-Positive Test Result Notification - Recommendations for Future Best Practice Abstract
Udi Davidovich*, Livia Kalma*, Esther Moekotte, Jannie Van Der Helm, Joyce Karreman
An effective single-session online sexual-health training for youth and their sexual network Abstract
Udi Davidovich*, Hanna Uhr Dall*
Online Mediated STI Testing Scores Well on Usability and Acceptability, Lowers the Threshold for Testing and Increases Test Capacity Abstract
Rik Koekenbier*, Han Fennema, Edwin Van Leent, Wim Zuilhof, Evert Van Veen, Udi Davidovich*
Effects of a Web-Based Tailored Intervention on Decreasing Alcohol Consumption in Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Astrid Franziska Jander*, Daniela Nadine Schulz, Stef Petrus Jacobus Kremers, Dominique Reinwand, Hein De Vries*
Use of Mobile Health Technology as an Intervention for Type Ii Diabetes Self-Management” Abstract
Korey Capozza*
Advances in Digital Health Illiteracy 2.0 Abstract
Monica Murero*
Feasibility and Usability Testing of an Electronic Symptom Diary for Adolescents with Cancer Abstract
Christina Rasco Baggott*, Christine Miaskowski
Body Wholeness and Technological Struggles: How Patients and Staff Cope with the Reality of the Hospital. Abstract
Anna Aurelia Wojnarowska*
Feasibility of Implementing a Healthy Lifestyle Text Message Program for Older Adolescents and Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes in an Adolescent Pediatric Setting Abstract
Tara M Cousineau*, Debra L Franko, Jessica T Markowitz, Lori Laffel, Alan Schulz, Meredith W Trant
User-Centered Design Methodology for Cross-Platform MHealth Applications Development Abstract
Santiago Alberto Muñoz*, Paola Alejandra Moreno*, Francisco Orlando Martínez, Diego M Lopez*
Free Full Paper Virtual Reality for Enhancing the Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Obesity: A Controlled Study with One-Year Follow-up Abstract
Giuseppe Riva*, Gianluca Castelnuovo, Gianluca Cesa, Andrea Gaggioli*, Mantovani Fabrizia, Enrico Molinari
INTERSTRESS: An Integrated Virtual Reality Platform for the Evaluation and Treatment of Psychological Stress Abstract
Andrea Gaggioli*, Giuseppe Riva*, Pietro Cipresso, Andrea Gagliati, Giuseppe Donvito, Giovanni Pioggia, Gennaro Tartarisco
Social Media Use in Medical Education: A Systematic Review of Opportunities and Challenges Abstract
Christine C Cheston, Ba*, Tabor Flickinger, Md, Mph, Margaret Chisolm, Md*
How Is an Electronic Screening and Brief Intervention Tool on Alcohol Use Received in a Student Population? a Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation. Abstract
Bart Vriesacker*, Jessica Fraeyman, Paul Van Royen, Leen De Mey, Guido Van Hal
A Web-Based Application to Enhance Shared Decision Making between Patients with Psychotic Disorders and Their Clinicians Abstract
Lian Van Der Krieke*, Ando C Emerencia, Lex Wunderink, Sjoerd Sytema*
Free Full Paper See, Feel and Experience! - Effects of Mobile Augmented Reality Learning on Medical Students Abstract
Urs-vito Albrecht*, Marianne Behrends, Herbert K. Matthies, Ute Von Jan
Mobile-Based SMS Intervention to Encourage Compliance in People with Serious Mental Disorders – Developing User-Friendly Intervention (SMS) and a Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Design Abstract
Maritta Anneli Välimäki*, Heli Hätönen, Kaisa Kauppi, Clive E Adams
Social Media, Media and Coverage Abstract
Roger Chafe*
Methodological Issues in Documenting the Content of Websites for Potentially Malevolent Online Pharmacies Abstract
Samantha J Janson*, Paul Albee*, Lana Ivanitskaya*, Dmitry A. Erofeev*, David R. Munro
“RU@Risk?”: Encouraging STD Testing Behaviors Among At-Risk Young Adults Through a Web-Based Tailored STD Risk Assessment and Test Kit Ordering System Abstract
Mia Liza A. Lustria*, Karla Schmitt, Juliann Cortese, Ying Mai Kung, Casey Mclaughlin
What Evil Lies Beneath, Tracking the Hidden Malevolence of Online Pharmacies. Abstract
Paul B. Albee*, Lana V. Ivanitskaya*, David R. Munro, Samantha J. Janson*
E-Health Approach to Chronic Disease Management for Self-Management and Behaviour Change Abstract
Tatjana Zrimec*, Mate Beštek, Iztok Cukjati, Stanislav Šuškovič, Blaz Kurent*, Andrej Brodnik
Analyzing The Evidence Of Critical Thinking And Engagement In Team-Based Mobile Inquiry Based Learning Activities In Medical Education Abstract
Youngsung Lee*, Arafeh Karimi, Paul Kim, Eun-jung Lee
Forumclinic: Can Virtual Communities Survive Adverse Technical Platform Changes? Abstract
Maria Inmaculada Grau*, Francisco Grajales Iii*, Antoni Sisó
Measuring the LINKS Model for Knowledge Sharing Using Social Network Analysis Abstract
Samuel Alan Stewart*, Syed Sibte Raza Abidi
Exploring Healthcare Opportunities in Online Social Networks: Depressive Moods of Users Captured in Twitter Abstract
Minsu Park*, Chiyoung Cha, Meeyoung Cha*
Teledermoscopy through a Smartphone App Abstract
Alexander Börve*
E-Health Ethics: a Qualitative Study of Help Seeking and Self-Managing in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Abstract
Anne Townsend*, Paul Adam, Catherine Backman, Linda C Li
Social Media and Health Care in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Abstract
Tomáš Pruša*, Adam Zbiejczuk*, Michal Baumann
An “App” a Day Keeps the Doctor Away? A Systematic Review of the Mobile Phone Application in Primary Prevention. Abstract
Umberto Gelatti*, Anna Merla, Enrico Lirangi, Loredana Covolo*
Using Cell Phone Text Messaging to Screen for Hazardous Alcohol Use among Adolescents in a Clinical Setting: A Feasibility Study Abstract
Carlos Francisco Rios-bedoya*, Casey Hay
Prescribing Social Networking to Adolescent Diabetes Clinic Patients: Advancing Collection of Patient-Centered Data for Care Improvement Abstract
Elissa R Weitzman*, Skyler Kelemen, Katherine Garvey, Maryanne Quinn, Kenneth D Mandl*
How to Protect Consumers against the Risks Posed by the Online Pharmacy Market? Abstract
Iris Julia Elene Wilke Van Der Heijden*
TELECARES: Telehealth Cardiac Education and Support Abstract
Sheryl Lacoursiere*
Telling Tales: Treatment Stories on an Eating Disorder Support Website Abstract
Bethany Hipple Walters*
An Adaptive EHealth Information Literacy Assessment for Pre-Professional Health Students Abstract
Lana Ivanitskaya*, Paul Albee*, Lawrence Fulton, Samantha J. Janson*
Can Internet-Based Tools Engage Adolescents on Health Lifestyle Factors? Why Tapping Psychosocial and Developmentally Relevant Issues Is Key Abstract
Tara M Cousineau*, Debra L Franko, Rachel F. Rodgers, James P Roehrig
Custom Search: Between Bad Literacy and Guided Navigation Abstract
Ahmed Allam*, Peter Johannes Schulz*, Kent Nakamoto
An Investigation Into The Role For A Pervasive Technology Solution To Support Gestational Diabetes Self-Care Abstract
Nilmini Sunethra Wickramasinghe*, Stephen Cole, Len Kliman, Steve Goldberg
Children of Divorce Coping with Divorce (CoD-CoD): Evaluating the Efficacy of an Internet-Based Preventative Intervention for Children of Divorce Abstract
Jesse Logan Boring*
Investigating Trusted Sources and Social Media for Patient Care in Infectious Disease Prevention and Control: A Survey of India’s Middle-of-Pyramid Population Segmentation Abstract
Yin-leng Theng*, Shalini Chandra, Lynette Ying Qin Goh, May O. Lwin, Schubert Foo Shou-boon, Ajanta Sen, Ravi Poovaiah
Use of Mobile Phones to Dispatch Volunteers to Perform Early CPR, the First 303 Cases. Abstract
David Fredman*, Tomas Stark, Jacob Hollenberg, Per Nordberg, Leif Svensson, Mårten Rosenqvist, Mattias Ringh
A Qualitative Content Analysis of Support Exchange in an Online Support Group for People Living with Depression Abstract
Sayaka Sugimoto*
‘I Wouldn’t Expect There To Be Anything On The Net That Would Help Me’: Perceptions and Treatment Preferences Regarding Internet Delivered Treatments For Substance Use. Abstract
Louise Kylie Thornton*, Amanda L Baker, Martin P Johnson, Frances Kay-lambkin
How the World Addresses Online Health Information Quality: Results from 114 Countries Abstract
Kevin A. Clauson*, Michael G. Kay, Jonathan J. Santos, Marina Takane
Health Information Social Networks as Enablers of Disaster Resiliency Abstract
Annette Sobel*, Glen Cameron*, Chris Fulcher*, Ricky Leung*
Effects of Symptom Presentation Order on Perceived Disease Risk Abstract
Talya Miron-shatz*, Virginia Kwan, Sean Wojcik, Ashley Votruba, Christopher Olivola
Health Promotion via Social Media: An Exploratory Study About the Determinants of Social Media Use among Healthy People Abstract
Reka Anna Lassu*, Melanie Connor
The Skeletal Structure of Health Forum Content Abstract
Diana Lynn Maclean*
Free Full Paper Risk Assessment of Direct-to-Consumer Social Media Advertising for Illicit Online Drug Sales Abstract
Timothy Ken Mackey*, Bryan Liang*
A Web Platform for Personalized Preconceptional Counseling Abstract
Alberto Eugenio Tozzi*, Eleonora Agricola, Mariateresa Romano, Francesco Gesualdo, Elisabetta Pandolfi, Pierpaolo Mastroiacovo
Online Organ Solicitation: Finding a Kidney Donor Using the Internet from the Solicitor’s Point of View Abstract
Kaitlin Light Costello*
Quality of Information Management in Online Healthcare Social Networks Abstract
Diego M. Lopez*, Martha L. Ortega, Carolina Gonzalez, Alejandro Fernandez, Alicia Diaz, Regina Motz
VIH-TAVIE™: Tailored Virtual Support for Better Self-Management of Antiretroviral Therapy Abstract
José Côté*, Geneviève Rouleau*, Pilar Ramirez-garcia, Yann-gaël Guéhéneuc, Gaston Godin, Annick Hernandez
Empowering Patients with Chronic Diseases Abstract
Mate Bestek*, Matic Meglic*, Blaz Kurent*, Iztok Cukjati, Tatjana Zrimec*, Andrej Brodnik
Enriched Social Graphs for Healthcare Social Network Modeling Abstract
Nilton Fernando Obando*, Juan Carlos Corrales, Diego M Lopez*
Exploring the role of social support on self-monitoring and self-efficacy on Lose It! Facebook page Abstract
Hsuan Yuan Huang*, Prabu David
Determinants of Participation in Internet-Based Epidemiological Studies Abstract
Daniela Paolotti*, Paolo Bajardi, Lorenzo Richiardi, Franco Merletti, Emanuele Pivetta, Corrado Gioannini, Vittoria Colizza, Alessandro Vespignani
High Acceptability for Cell Phone Text Messages to Improve Health-Related Communication among HIV-Infected Patients in Rural Uganda Abstract
Mark Siedner*
Self-Efficacy and the Perceived Impact of Information Use in the Context of Physical Activity and Exercise Abstract
Heidi Enwald*, Noora Hirvonen, Raija Korpelainen, Maija-leena Huotari
Removing Barriers of Internationally Trained Physicians for 21ST Century Medicine with Web 2.0 Applications Abstract
Cindy R. Sinclair*
The Diffusion and Use of The Tethered Personal Health Record In Primary Care Abstract
Seuli Bose-brill*, Taylor Pressler*
A Semantic Network Comparison of Information Contagion between Messages That Get Retweeted and Those That Do Not in Two Health-Related Twitter Case Studies Abstract
Cati Gene Brown-johnson*, Ashley Sanders-jackson, Judith J Prochaska
The Diabetes Online Community: A Content Analysis of Return Members Abstract
Michelle Litchman*
Emerging Web Based Strategies for Cardiovascular Diseases Abstract
Kovalan Arangasamy*
Free Full Paper Acceptance of E-Learning Devices (Computers, Tablet Computer, Smartphones) in Dental and Medical Education Abstract
Peter Schulz*, Keyvan Sagheb, Harald Affeldt*, Kathy Taylor, Kawe Sagheb, Christian Walter
An Internet Family: Parent Blog Use During Childhood Cancer Treatment Abstract
Catherine Mcgeehin Heilferty*
eHealth Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean Abstract
Maria Carolina Jimenez-marroquin*, Farzad Ghaznavi, Raisa Deber, Alejandro R. Jadad
The Segment Matrix Analysis on Digital Divide in EHealth Services across Internet Security, Satisfaction in EEnvironment, and Life Promotion by EServices Abstract
Te-hsin Liang*, Yong Goo Lee
Application of Health Outcomes for Quality of Work Life Using Online Visual Representation Provided by a Mental-Related Medical Doctor for Consulation Abstract
Tsair-wei Chien*
Keynote: Digital Disease Detection Abstract
John Brownstein*
Internet and Mobile Technology Use Among Urban African American Parents Abstract
Ivor Braden Horn*, Stephanie J Mitchell
Using Health Discussion Board Posts as Research Data; How Contributors View the Ethical Considerations. Abstract
Carol S Bond*, Osman Hassan Ahmed*
Telehealth for Weight Maintenance of African-American Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Ben Gerber*, Linda Schiffer, James Rimmer, Carol Braunschweig, Marian Fitzgibbon
Social Media as a Tool for Studying the Effectiveness of the Australian Cervical Cancer /HPV Vaccination Program Abstract
Suzanne Garland*, Elisa Young, Yeshe Fenner, John D Wark*
Stroke Patients’ Needs for Access to Care Process Related Information Abstract
Maria Hägglund*, Nadia Davoody, Peter Bolin, Casper Winsnes, Nina Lundberg, Vivian Vimarlund, Sabine Koch
Electronic Health Record (EHR)-Based Patient Portals for Patient-Provider Advance Care Planning Communication: Harnessing Innovation, Handling Disparities Abstract
Seuli Moushumi Bose-brill*, Matthew Kretovics, Taylor Pressler*, Lindsay Belanger, Gabriella Modan, Christopher Kobe, Robert Taylor, Celia Wills
Searching for Mental Health Preventive Websites Abstract
Michael Westerlund*, Gergo Hadlaczky*, Vladimir Carli*, Danuta Wasserman
A Study of Positive and Negative Affects in Tracking Influenza-like Illness (ili) Rate in Twitter Data Abstract
Son Doan, Mike Conway*, Nigel Collier
The Long-Term Outcomes of a One-Year Internet-Based Self-Management Support Programme Compared with Usual Care in Asthma. Additional Follow-up 1.5 Year after a Randomized Trial. Abstract
Jacob K. Sont*, Johanna L. Van Gaalen, Thijs Beerthuizen, Jiska Snoeck-stroband, Victor Van Der Meer, Smashing Study Group
Local Paediatric Diabetes Practitioners Using a Web 2.0 Patient Portal Abstract
Sam Nordfeldt*, Kerstin Ramfelt, Lena Hanberger
Can Social Media Modelled Non Interruptive Communication in Critical Medicine Environments, Improve Patient Outcome? Abstract
Christophe Robert Laurent*
Quality Practices of Online User Communities Abstract
Ari-matti Auvinen*
An Overview of Cost-Effectiveness of Telehealth Interventions for Chronic Heart Failure Patients Abstract
Andrija Stamenovic, Jan Van Nijnatten, Ron Koymans, Bert Vrijhoef, Hans Severens
Identifying Psychological and Organizational Factors That Are Associated with a Pro-Active Role of Municipal Health Services Organizations in Inviting Primary Schools to Use a Web-Based Smoking Prevention Program Abstract
Paul Cremers*
Interactive Media Treatment for Depression: Description and Feasibility Evaluation Abstract
James A. Cartreine*, Steven E. Locke, Jay C. Buckey, Luis Sandoval, Mark T. Hegel
Rate Me ... Physicians’ Evaluations of Online Ratings and a Rating App Abstract
Martina Moick*, Ralf Terlutter, Susanna Meyer, Norbert Schell
Comparing the SUPREP model teaching and e-learning paradigm with other tutorial models in third world countries: A web application with traditional campus based and academic exchange program learning integration Abstract
Alphonsus 1 Ekwerike**, Jude Ugwuanya*
Collection and Visualization of Dietary Behavior and Reasons for Eating Using a Popular and Free Software Application Abstract
Randy M Burd*, Donella Yoon, Melanie D Hingle
The Feasibility of a Mobile Phone Based System to Increase Vaccine Coverage and Timeliness Through Conditional Cash Transfers and Short Message Reminders in Rural, Western Kenya Abstract
Dustin Gibson*, Subhash Chandir, Hotenzia Wakadha, Frank Odhiambo, Kayla Laserson, Orin Levine, Daniel Feikin
Melting Down the Walls between Your Health Data Silos Abstract
James G. Boram Kim*, Sungin Lee, Hong-gee Kim
Intelligent Information Access Techniques for on-line Health Information Search: a Survey of Non-Physicians Abstract
Iris Julia Elene Wilke Van Der Heijden*, Natalia Pletneva, Lonneke Van Der Plas, Celia Boyer
Soft Engineering and Algorithms in Medical Sciences (SEAMS): Extreme Web Based Medical Innovation of the Future. Abstract
Remigius N Okea*, Alphonsus 1 Ekwerike*
Maintaining Confidentiality in Prospective Studies: Anonymous Repeated Measurements via Email Procedure (ARME) Abstract
Vladimir Carli*, Gergo Hadlaczky*, Danuta Wasserman
To 2.0 or 3.0 ? A Year of Change? Lessons Learned from the MEducator Project Abstract
Panagiotis D Bamidis*
Expectancy-Value Model of patients' virtual communities. The determinants of desires for online collective action. Abstract
Raphaelle Laubie*
Use of Mobile Technologies by Nurses in Acute Care Settings Abstract
Maureen Jean Farrell*
To What Extent Are People Using the Internet to Obtain Health Information in the UK: How Online 'Health Seeking' Behaviour Influences Offline Behaviour among Patients Abstract
Julia Moreland*, Tara French*, Grant Cumming
Enhancing In-Clinic Doctor-Patient Communication in Real Time through Adaptive Best-worst Conjoint (ABC) Analysis Abstract
Ely Dahan*
Efficient and Effective Treatment by Cracking Teenagers' Mindsets with (addressable Minds ™ ). Abstract
Hala Badreddine*, Howard Moskowitz
A Web Based Educational Material Can Be Used In A Multi Modal Approach To Change Hygienic Behavior Of Health Care Workers Abstract
Jette Holt*, Elsebeth Jensen, Christian Stab Jensen, Marie Stangerup
Exploring Patient Blogs: Communicating the Experience of Chronic Pain and Illness through Blogging Abstract
Pamela Katz Ressler*, Renee Berry*, Matthew Katz*, Robert West*, Jill Plevinsky*, Maggie Chesnut*
What Can Be Done about Misinformation in Online Pharmaceutical Marketing? Abstract
Brian Falls*, Julian De Freitas, Omar Haque, Sydney Levine, Allen Shaughnessy, Harold Bursztajn
A Review of Web-Based Interventions in Reducing Blood Pressure Abstract
Sam Liu*, Gunther Eysenbach*, Scott Thomas, Dina Brooks, Robert Nolan
Superusers in Social Networks for Smoking Cessation: Analysis of Demographic Characteristics and Posting Behavior From the Canadian Cancer Society's Smokers' Helpline Online and Abstract
Trevor D Van Mierlo*
How Disease-Specific Online Health Communities Differ Between Mobile and Web Access Abstract
Lisa Gualtieri*, Troy Oldroyd


"But Will It Scale?" Lessons in Growth from PatientsLikeMe Abstract
Paul Wicks*
Online Support Communities: Wellsprings for Research Abstract
Brian Loew*
Gimme My Damn Data, Three Years On: What's Changed and What Hasn't Abstract
E-patient Dave Debronkart*
Role of Social Networks in Global Health (Panel) Abstract
Kavitha Nallathambi*, Bruno Bruno Meessen*, Sophie G. Beauvais
Computers, Smartphones, Tablets: Digital Changes at a Medical Journal Abstract
Edward Campion*
QR Codes and Google Analytics: A Novel Approach In The Process Evaluation Of A Multifocal Campaign To Reduce Normalized High Risk Behaviors Abstract
Aleef Rahman*, Amy Hammock*
An Interactive Pedagogical Course Facilitating Access to Information on Analgesics and Exchanges between Chronic Pain Patients Abstract
Valérie Piguet*, Gaelle Molinari, Christophe Luthy, Sarah Kupferschmid, Maria Caiata-zufferey, Anne-francoise Allaz, Christine Cedraschi
Development of Mobile Applications for the New York State HIV Clinical Education Initiative (CEI) Online Education Program Abstract
Hung Le*, Terry Doll, Monica Barbosu, Tom Dellaporta, Amneris Luque, Dongwen Wang
Can Mobile Devices Improve Communication and Care Coordination for Older Patients with Chronic Pain? A Needs Assessment Abstract
Joshua E. Richardson*, M. Carrington Reid
Learning Critical Thinking with Interactive Medical Cases Abstract
Graham T Mcmahon*
Training to Save Lives? There Is an App for That. Abstract
Harry Goldberg*, Stephen Milner
Connecting Nurses: Fostering Innovation and Knowledge Mobilization in Nursing Abstract
Robert Douglas John Fraser*
Connecting PTSD Coach to A Web-Based Visualization Tool: Systemic Integration Using Open Architecture Abstract
Julia E Hoffman*, Deborah Estrin, Ida Sim, Eric Kuhn, Adam Miner*, Katherine L Taylor, Joshua Selsky, Mickey T. Trockel, C Barr Taylor, Josef I Ruzek
Implementation of Veterans Affairs (VA) Mobile Health (Panel) Abstract
Thomas K. Houston*, Kathleen Frisbee*, Ron Moody*, Wyatt Smith*, Susan S. Woods*, Neil Evans*, Barrett D. Phillips*
Emergency Medicine and "Medicine 2.0" (Panel): Cutting-Edge Applications of Technology to Improve Public Health Abstract
Megan L Ranney*, Esther Choo*, Nick Genes*
Lessons on Texting 4 Health from an Expert MHealth (Panel) Abstract
Robyn Whittaker*, Caroline Free*, Lorien Abroms*, Michele Ybarra*
Developing a Virtual Community of Scholars and Practitioners at a Leading Health Policy Journal Abstract
Edward Alan Miller*
Virtual Nursing Interventions: Tailored Real-Time Support for People Living with a Chronic Health Problem Abstract
José Côté*, Geneviève Rouleau*, Yann-gaël Guéhéneuc, Gaston Godin, Pilar Ramirez-garcia, Annick Hernandez, Géraldine Martorella, Sylvie Cossette
Announcing a New Method of Hiv Testing: the Planning of Robust Home Testing for Hiv Combined with Internet Counselling Abstract
Freke Zuure*, Jannie Van Der Helm, Han Fennema, Udi Davidovich*, Maria Prins
Automated Recording Of Lectures In Medicine And Dentistry, And Their Integration Into The Learning Management System ILKUM (Interaktiver Lernzielkatalog Universitätsmedizin Mainz) Abstract
Peter Schulz*, Harald Affeldt*, Keyvan Sagheb, Christian Walter, Bilal Al-nawas
E-Learning and Knowledge Management Communities for Residency Training Programs Abstract
Michael Richard Steigman*, Avni Khatri*, Carl Robert Blesius*
A Collaborative E-Learning Suite for Hospital-Based Simulation Training Abstract
Avni Khatri*, Carl Robert Blesius*, Mark Ottensmeyer, Michael Richard Steigman*, James Gordon
The Ryan Gosling Effect: Tapping into Viral Memes to Change Health Behavior Abstract
Amelia Burke*
Going Mobile – How User Research and Analytics Helped Shape Mobile Strategy at the National Cancer Institute Abstract
Jonathan Cho*, Lakshmi M Grama, Nina Goodman, Sue Feldman
Open MHealth: Building an Open Architecture and Community Abstract
David H Haddad*
Creative Uses for 7 Free/low Cost Web-Applications in 7 Minutes for the Hospital Setting Abstract
Teresa Heithaus*
Patient-Provider Collaboration for Patient Safety (Panel) Abstract
Susannah Fox*, Joe Graedon*, Heather Wellington*, Daniel B Hoch*, Lisa Gualtieri* Strategies and Lessons Learned for a Provincial Health Portal Abstract
Mike Sharun* Building a Sector to Eliminate Health Disparities and Reduce HealthCare Costs Abstract
Nancy Elizabeth Oriol*, Caterina Hill, Anthony Vavasis, Paul Cote, Jennifer Bennet, Darien Delorenzo, John Brownstein*
Getting Smashed Online: a Content Analysis Of Concussion-Related YouTube Videos Abstract
Osman Hassan Ahmed*, S. John Sullivan, Anthony G Schneiders, David Williams, Hopin Lee, Arun Prasad Balasundaram, Paul R Mccrory
New Models to Support Social Learning in Healthcare through Twitter (Panel) Abstract
Brian Mcgowan*, Dana Lewis, Phil Baumann, Jody Schroger, Ryan Madanick*, Pat Rich*
Performance of a Recommender System in Stimulating Viral Growth and Social Tie Formation in a Web-Based Health Intervention Abstract
Josée Poirier*, Nathan Cobb
First Chat: Examining Counselling Services through Text-Based, Synchronous Communication Abstract
Mark Zhao*, Barb Veder*
Augmented Disaster Driven Apomediation: Pre-Determined Hash Tags as a Potential Additional Omnidirectional Information Source During and after an Unexpected Event at Mass Gatherings. Abstract
Christophe Robert Laurent*
Spoonfed MD: An Asynchronous Collaborative Medical Education Application to Facilitate Concept Interrelationship Discovery Abstract
Michael Blechner*
Leveraging Education 2.0 for Health Care Leadership and Improvement Abstract
Ano Lobb*, Thom Walsh
Development of a Personal Health Record with a Diabetes Self-Management Tool for Portuguese-Speaking Patients Abstract
Liliana Laranjo Silva*, Ana Rita Pedro*, Tiago Villanueva, Ana Luisa Neves, Paulo Sousa, Constantino Sakellarides
Identifying Preferences for Mobile Health Applications Self-Monitoring and Self-Management: Focus Group Findings from HIV-Positive Persons and Young Mothers Abstract
Dallas Swendeman*, Nithya Ramanathan, Scott Comulada, Betta Dawson, Mary Jane Rotheram-borus, Deborah Estrin
DailyFeats: How Women Use Online Tools in Their Quest for Well-being Abstract
Meghan M Searl*
National Library of Medicine Mobile Sites and Apps Abstract
Myrna Morales*
Well Connected, a Platform for Safe Online Communication and Therapy Abstract
Bert-jan Van Regteren*, Marloes Postel*
Free Full Paper Community Management That Works: How to Build and Sustain a Thriving Online Health Community Abstract
Colleen Young*
Free Full Paper Collaborative Biomedicine in the Age of Big Data and 4P’S Medicine (National Cancer Institute Panel) Abstract
Abdul R Shaikh, Sheri Schully*, Muin Khoury*, Bradford Hesse*, Atul Butte*, William Dalton*
Radiology Toolbox Pro - An iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) App for Radiology Abstract
Eric M. Baumel*
A Participatory Approach to Human Interface Design and Persuasive Communication Messages in Development of a Mobile Web-Text Message Intervention to Promote HIV/STI Testing and Sexual Health among Young Adults Abstract
Sarah Lord*, Alywn Cohall, Renee Cohall, Christel Hyden
Increasing Safety in EPublic Health; the Development of Persuasive Mobile Apps via Personas Abstract
Jobke Wentzel*, Lisette Van Gemert-Pijnen
Socially-Mediated Mobile System for Tuberculosis Public Health Alert, Care and Education (MobiTB-ACE) Abstract
Yin-leng Theng*, Lynette Ying Qin Goh, Shalini Chandra, Schubert Foo, May O. Lwin, Ravi Poovaiah, Ajanta Sen
Clinical Trial Apps for Mobile Devices - Evidence for take away? Abstract
Urs-vito Albrecht*, Michael Hoopmann, Ute Von Jan, Daniel Strech
Grand Rounds in Medical Education: Tweet Away! Abstract
Alexander Mark Djuricich*
Mobile Health Search Enhanced with Social Tags Abstract
Michael Zarro*
Information and Emotion in Online Health-Related Discussions: Visualizing Connections and Causal Chains Abstract
Annie T. Chen*
PersonA: A Sharing Platform for Physical Activity Promotion Abstract
Soleh U Ayubi*, Bambang Parmanto, Dan Ding, Hiremath V Shivayogy
Video Social Platforms Complement Medical Professionals’ Education: a Scoping Review Abstract
Margaret M Hansen*, Luis Fernandez-luque
Leveraging the ‘Crowd Trial’ in Healthcare Abstract
Limor (barHai) Epstein, Itzhak Lichtenfeld
Opening an Emergency Room with Web 2.0 Tools as a Bottom up Initiative Inauguration 2.0- a Taxonomy of Tools and Tips Abstract
Leonor Roa*, Uwe Spangler*, Patricia Baviano, Ignacio Fernández, Francisco Malagón, Maria Luaces, María García-puente
The Connectivity Matrix of Implantable Cardiac Devices for the Integration of Remote Device Data in the Electronic Medical Record Abstract
Lars Grieten*, Jan Vercammen, Koen Rondelez, Marc Remels, Maximo Rivero-ayerzo, Philip De Vusser, Hugo Van Herendael, Wilfried Mullens, Pieter Vandervoort
Using Hand-Held Tablet Devices to Enhance Information Access and Improve the Quality of Clinical Training for Mid-Level Medical Professionals in South Africa Abstract
Sailas Nyareza*, John Capati, Frank Peters
Share2Quit: Web-Based Peer-Driven Referrals for Smoking Cessation Abstract
Rajani Shankar Sadasivam*, Rebecca Kinney, Sowmya R Rao, Erik M Volz, Thomas K Houston*
Smoothing the Transition from Hospital to Home Using a Patient-oriented Multiplatform Application Abstract
Emilie K. Johnson*, Brian M. Rosman, Hiep T. Nguyen
Gilead Reviews the Last 30 Years of Aids with an App for IPad Abstract
Jose Luis De La Serna*
NutriWeb - Nutrition and Social Media in the Czech Republic Abstract
Tomáš Pruša*, Adam Zbiejczuk*, Michal Baumann
Delivering a Multi-Lingual, Patient-Managed SMS Medication Reminder System Without Developing Software Abstract
John Ainsworth*, Richard Drake, Shon Lewis
Realizing Treatment Readiness in High-Psychopathy Forensic Patients through a Computerized Serious Game Abstract
Eva Fischer*
Orthopaedia: Wiki Publishing and Collaborative Knowledgebase Development in Orthopaedics Abstract
Christian Veillette*, Joseph Bernstein
Stories from the Trenches: Cultivating Online Communities of Practice within a Large Academic Medical Network Abstract
Carl Robert Blesius*, Avni Khatri*, Michael Richard Steigman*, Henry C Chueh
A Visual Medical Knowledge Explorer Abstract
Xia Lin*, Haozhen Zhao
Grow with Workflow-to-Go Abstract
Claus Ingemann Pedersen*
Learning in a Virtual World: Experience Using Second Life for Medical and Health Behaviors Education Abstract
John Moore Wiecha*, Milagros Rosal, Marloes Schoonheim, Mario Meraldi, Robin Heyden, Neil Heyden
Patient Voices: The Power of Shared Knowledge Abstract
Sally Okun*
Measures and Real-Time Feedback of Diet, Activity, and Stress Using GPS and Accelerometer Enabled Smartphones Abstract
Jeroen Ooms*, Nithya Ramanathan, Joshua Selsky, Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit, Hossein Falaki, Jenkins John, Cameron Ketcham, Brent Longstaff, Mohamad Monibi, Kannan Parameswaran, Deborah Estrin Trusted Health Information for You Abstract
Michelle Eberle*, Myrna Morales*
Libraries in New England Working Together to Create Healthy Communities and Improve Health Literacy Abstract
Michelle Eberle*, Myrna Morales*
SMART Platforms: Creating the “App Store” for Health Abstract
Kenneth D Mandl*, Joshua C. Mandel, Shawn N Murphy, Elmer Victor Bernstam, Rachel L Ramoni, David D Kreda, J. Michael Mccoy, Ben Adida, Isaac S. Kohane
Wexelblat Apomediation: The Use of Human Technology Enhanced Non Interruptive Communication in the Form of Social Media towards Convergence of Information in Case of an Incident with Multiple or Mass Event Abstract
Christophe Robert Laurent*, Stefaan Debrauwer
Annotated Videos as an Adjunct to Teaching Topics in Clinical Sciences Abstract
Kalyani Premkumar*, Neil Cowie*, Cyril Coupal, Kelvin Boechler
A Consumer-Focused Mobile Application for Prevention and Management of Heart and Stroke Risk Factors Abstract
Shivani Goyal*, Diane De Sousa, Cassie Mcdaniel*, Stephanie So, Joseph Cafazzo*, Wayne Ho*, Ahmad Zbib
How Tracking Neuropsychiatric Symptom Expression with a Personalized E-Diary Can Improve Diagnosis and Management Abstract
Minna Levine*, Ronald Calvanio
Creating a Social Network for Adolescents with Cancer Abstract
Ellis Rochelson*
The Long and Winding Road: Using Social Media to Navigate the Intersections Between the Journeys of Physician Learners and Patients Abstract
Lawrence Sherman*, Mathena Pavan*
Workplace Health Policy 2.0: Online Tools to Promote Sun Safety Policy for Outdoor Workers Abstract
Barbara Walkosz*, David Buller, Mary Buller
Telecare with Integrated Health Portal and Smart Phones Abstract
Yi-ju Tseng*, Feipei Lai, Pei-chun Lin, Chia-ping Shen, Jui-hung Kao, Jin-ming Wu, Shih-ting Liu, Weizhi Zhou, Hani Ousamah Jamleh, Chung-ping Charlie Chen
Empowering Vulnerable Populations in the Use of a Computer-Based Shared Decision Making System (MyPSYCKES) Abstract
Molly Finnerty*, Emily Leckman-westin, Edith Kealey, Qingxian Chen, Veronica Hackethal, Elizabeth Austin
Review of Internet Resources for the Treatment and Care of Hemangioma Patients Abstract
James Paul Taylor*
Medical App Stores, Physician Cognitive Overload, and Research Data Repositories: an Integration Abstract
Jeffrey Klann*, Adam Wright, Allison Mccoy, Dean Sittig, Shawn Murphy
UHN-DADOS: an Open Source Web-Based Platform for Orthopaedic Patient Outcome Data Collection and Reporting Abstract
Christian Veillette*, Kelly Lane, Munim Saeed, Henrique Martins, Nizar Mahomed
See The Woods For The Trees: A Quality Seal For E-Mental Health Interventions Abstract
Odile Smeets*, Katherina Martin Abello
Are Wired Hospitals Losing the Patient Connection? Abstract
Paul Griffiths*, Joseph Kvedar*, Angelo Volandes
Can the Use of Social Media Raise the Profile of Allied Heath Professions in Scotland? Abstract
Lesley Karen Holdsworth*, Lynne Douglas*, Elaine Hunter, Carolyn Mcdonald, Chris Smith
Utilising Dropbox™ for Free and Shared Educational Resources: A New Initiative Abstract
James Taylor*, Nic Segaren, Naveen Cavale
Quality Health Information Retrieval Based on Collaborative Filtering and Friendsourcing Abstract
Alicia Diaz, Alejandro Fernandez, Regina Motz, Diego M. Lopez*
Clinical Data Miner - Electronic Data Capture Software Providing a Data Querying Library Allowing Integration in Data Analysis Software Abstract
Arnaud Installé*, Thierry Van Den Bosch, Johan Suykens, Dirk Timmerman, Bart De Moor
The Embedded Designer: The Next Big Step for Healthcare Systems Abstract
Cassie Mcdaniel*, Kevin Armour, Joseph Cafazzo*
Improving Clinical Trial Recruitment for Breast Cancer Patient Using Web and APP Solutions Abstract
Timo Schinköthe*, Markus Wallwiener
Health Systems Web 2.0 Approaches to Chronic Illness Panel: The Basque Country Case Abstract
Gonzalo Bacigalupe*, Marie-pierre Gagnon*, Roberto Nuño*, Francisco Lupianez, Javier Bikandi*
Upgrading Tetra Communication with Social Media Style Text Message Flow Allows “Lean" Operational Management and Communications for Emergency and Disaster Coordination in Europe. Abstract
Jindra Otzipka*, Christophe Robert Laurent*
“The Helpers’ Stress”: An Online Intervention to Improve Coping with Secondary Traumatic Stress Abstract
Katarzyna Zukowska*, Martyna Kowalska, Anna Pankiewicz, Ewelina Smoktunowicz, Roman Cieslak
Succesfully Involving Teenagers in Health Campaigns through Social Media. Abstract
Erwin Fisser
Pilot Project of Personal Digital Assistants Use by Ethiopian Emergency Medicine Residents – on Behalf of the TAAAC Collaboration Abstract
Maxim Ben-Yakov*
Baby Health 2.0 : Care-Giver Empowerment, Scientific Dissemination and the Collaborative Construction of Trust Abstract
Charles Joseph Max*


Novel Web-Based Empathy Training with Neuroscience-Informed Curriculum Abstract
Helen Riess*, Rich Scott*
Square Peg In a Round Hole: Data Privacy And Security Laws And Standards Meet Medicine 2.0 Abstract
David Harlow*
Looking Beyond Controlled Trials: The Economics of EHealth Commercialization Abstract
Trevor D Van Mierlo*
The Creation of Well-Me-Health: An Innovative Mobile Technology for Use in Nutrition Services Abstract
Jennifer Lynn Lemacks*, Rachel Lee Mohler*
Business Modeling in EHealth Abstract
Jobke Wentzel*, Lisette Van Gemert-pijnen, Maarten Van Limburg
Startup Pitch: MWater - Combining Local Water Testing and Mobile Technology to Reduce Diarrheal Disease Abstract
John Feighery*
Startup Pitch: iDoc24- Ask the Dermatologist Anonymously Today! Abstract
Alexander Börve*
Startup Pitch: BodiMojo: Health Technologies and Tools for Teens Abstract
Tara M Cousineau*
Startup Pitch: Clinical Decision Support Consortium Sustainability Model Abstract
Ruslana Tsurikova*, Tonya Hongsermeier, Blackford Middleton
Startup Pitch: HYDRA - an Engine for Ad Hoc Querying and Data Federation for Bioinformatics and Clinical Intelligence Abstract
Christopher Jo Baker*
Startup Pitch: Nutrition Experts: Registered Dietitians at Your Service Abstract
Rachel Lee Mohler*, Jennifer Lynn Lemacks*
Startup Pitch: Empowering Cancer Patients with Abstract
Maya Sophia Landesberg*
Lumos! a Web-based Platform for Online Medical Collaborative Studies Abstract
Charilaos Lygidakis*, Silvio Cambiaso*, Nicola Masella
MindApps: Delivering Real-Time Mental Health Care Interventions in the Real World Using Mobile Technology Abstract
Michael R. Hufford*, Michelle G. Newman, Jason Eger, William Hetzel
Body Monitoring by Patch: New Tool for Mobile Health Abstract
Christine Robins*
Current Healthcare IT Systems – Kill or Cure? Abstract
Michael Dahlweid*
“Could Genomes Be Used to Create a Universal Health Record Based on Real Time Patient Consent?” Abstract
Alice G Rathjen*
HealthType™: A New Psychological Framework for Persuasive Technology Abstract
Liana Lianov*
Free Full Paper Health Web Science – Definition, Scope, and How It Complements Medicine 2.0 Abstract
Joanne S. Luciano*, Grant Cumming, Christopher Jo Baker*, Eva Kahana
Inform Patient: Using Sematic Web, Ontologies and Social Bookmarking to Provide Customized Provider Approved Patient Education at the Point-of-Care Abstract
Amit Juneja*
Creating Ignorant Data for Healthy People: an Essential Intermediate Step for Making Digitally Accessible Records of Diagnostic Events for Support of Patient-Centred Clinical Judgements. Abstract
Peter Pennefather*, West Suhanic
Opportunities and Limitations in Online Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials Abstract
Pablo Graiver*, Zeshan Ghory
Developing a Cohesive Digital Strategy for Metabolic Maintenance Products Abstract
Kelly Fitzjarrell, Lisa Gualtieri*
VioWell: An Automated Guidance Tool for Medical Encounters Addressing Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Abstract
Rick Weiss*, Phyllis Stumbo
Trust, Transparency and Meritocracy: Three Pillars for Creating a Successful Social Network around Health Abstract
Ron Gutman*
Physician Entrepreneurship and App Development: How Did I Do It? Abstract
Jennifer Shine Dyer*
MedConcert™ a Cloud Based Platform Integrating Secure Social Networks, Quality Improvement, Coordination of Care and Professional Portfolios with an App Store to Address National Patient Safety and Quality Priorities Abstract
Simone Karp* A Successful On-Line Society for Dermatopathologists Abstract
Artur Zembowicz*, Neal Kumar*
Social Media and Medical Content: How the 'Twain Shall Meet Panel Abstract
Jonathan Adler*
From Idea to Company - Start Up Pitch and Expert Panel Abstract
Talya Miron-shatz*, Jay Mohr*, Joseph C. Kvedar*, Jack J. Young*, William R. Cowen*
Evidence-Based Empathy Training Improves Patient Satisfaction Abstract
Helen Riess*
Improving the Usability of Televideo Technologies Abstract
Christopher Herot
JMIR Publications and Medicine 2.0 Abstract
Gunther Eysenbach*
Medicine 2.0 and JMIR Publications: Building a Community and Social Network of EHealth and MHealth Scholars Using Scholarly Communication 2.0 Approaches Abstract
Gunther Eysenbach*
New England Journal of Medicine: IPad App and Interactive Medical Cases Abstract
Graham Mcmahon*
TickiT, Better Healthcare Engagement through Smart Technology Abstract
Daniel Penn*

Total number of abstracts: 305

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