Use of Mobile Health Technology as an Intervention for Type Ii Diabetes Self-Management”

Korey Capozza* Korey Capozza*, HealthInsight, Salt Lake City, United States

Track: Research
Presentation Topic: e-Coaching
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Last modified: 2012-09-12

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Short message service (SMS) or text messaging protocol draws on the experience of a number of interventions that have been independently studied and shown to improve health outcomes. This study uses an SMS/text messaging coaching and education service, in addition to standard care, to improve measures of diabetes mellitus (DM) control for patients who been diagnosed with type II diabetes mellitus. For this randomized control trial, patients will be randomized into one of two groups. Patients in the control group will require no additional treatment other than what each patient’s provider would normally do to help that patient manage their DM. Patients in the intervention group will be enrolled into the SMS coaching tool and will report such variables as height, weight, medication and testing adherence and physical activity during the course of the study. Outcome measures of DM control (HbA1c percentage levels ≤ 8%; blood pressure (BP) control, demonstrated as BP ≤ 140/90 millimeters mercury (mm Hg); and lower body mass index (BMI)) will be extracted from electronic medical records, analyzed and compared between the two study groups.

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