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Medicine 2.0'11 (Stanford University, USA)


The Effect of Social Networks on Clinical Case-Based Reasoning Abstract
Meira Levy, Sivan Rapaport*, Dikla Agur Cohen, Lior Fink, Nava Pliskin
Internet Use, Needs, and Expectations of Web-Based Information and Communication in Childbearing Women with Type 1 Diabetes Abstract
Carina Sparud Lundin*, Agneta Ranerup, Marie Berg
Social Media and Physicians: a Canadian Overview Abstract
Pat Rich*
Measuring the Effects of EHealth Applications on Efficiency: a Systematic Literature Review Abstract
Iiris Riippa*, Patrick Francke, Johan Groop, Karita Reijonsaari*
Orthopedic Surgeons Are Willing to Provide an "internet Prescription" for Their Patients Abstract
Lena Rosenmann*, Roger Sevi, Omer Or, Itzhak Gur, Yoav Mattan, Leonid Kandel*
Pain in the Bone – Internet Health Information among Orthopaedic Patients Abstract
Leonid Kandel*, Yoav Mattan, Itzhak Gur, Shimon Firman, Lena Rosenmann*
Mobile Phone-Based Remote Patient Monitoring for Heart Failure Management: a Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Emily Seto, Kevin J Leonard, Joseph A Cafazzo*, Caterina Masino, Jan Barnsley, Heather J Ross
Web 2.0 Based Tools and Physicians: Are We Really Ready to Go? Abstract
Leonor Roa Santervas*, Jesus Canora Lebrato, Maria Luaces Mendez, Uwe Spangler, Sonia Gutierrez Gabriel
A User-Driven Web Application to Explore Treatment Options for Lower Back Pain Abstract
Pierre Elias*, Nithin Rajan*, Hadley Wickham, Clifford Dacso
AffectCheck: How Real-time Feedback on Affective Tone Influences Twitter Communication Abstract
Will Riley*, Margaret Morris, Sean Munson, Paul Resnick
Free Full Paper Communicating the Experience of Illness through Patient Blogs Abstract
Lisa N Gualtieri*, Pamela K Ressler*
A Qualitative Study on the Development of an Interprofessional Virtual Community of Practice Abstract
Isabelle David*, Lise Poissant*, Annie Rochette, Sara Ahmed
Free Full Paper InSpire to Play (Promote Lung Assessment in Youth): Evolving the Self-Management Paradigms of Young People with Asthma Abstract
Nithin O. Rajan*, Pierre Elias*, Kara Mcarthur*, Harold Farber, Clifford C. Dacso


Combining Social Media and Virtual Coaching for building open cooperative care communities. Abstract
Peter H.m.p. Roelofsma*, Jeana H Frost*
Converting Opponents into Advocates: Implementing Facebook for Professional Purposes in a Public University Hospital in Spain. Abstract
Maria Luaces*, Leonor Roa*, Uwe Spangler, Jesus Canora-lebrato, Sonia Gutierrez Gabriel
Health Education in a Virtual World: Experience with Patient and Professional Education in Second Life Abstract
John Moore Wiecha*, Milagros Rosal, Robin Heyden, Neil Heyden, Roberta Capelson, Karen Chalmers, Suzanne Mitchell
Quantified Self and the Self-tracking Patient Abstract
Gary Wolf, Paul Abramson*, Jef Holove, Christine Robins*, Anne Wright*, Ben Rubin


Pharmacovigilance in Social Media Era: a Framework for Social Media Adverse Event Monitoring Abstract
Amith Vikram Rangarajan*, Gauri Balani
The Official Launch of A Social App for Health and Wellness Goals Abstract
Damon Ramsey*

Total number of abstracts: 19

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