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Medicine 2.0'11 (Stanford University, USA)


Impact of Texting and Predictive Potential of Health Literacy on Medication Adherence in T2DM Abstract
Kevin A. Clauson*, Shara S. Elrod, Paula Eckardt, Fadi M. Alkhateeb, Angela S. Garcia, Elizabeth M. Sherman
Design of Web-based Support Systems in Less Structured Contexts - the Case of Young Carers Abstract
Mikael Elf*, Ingela Skärsäter*, Lilas Ali*, Barbro Krevers*
Social Media in European Hospitals: A Descriptive Study Abstract
Sivera A.a. Berben, Tom H. Van De Belt*, Lucien J.l.p.g. Engelen, Lisette Schoonhoven
In Pursuit of Quality and Usefulness regarding Web-based Support for Young Carers of Persons with Mental Illness Abstract
Barbro Krevers Krevers*, Mikael Elf*, Lilas Ali*, Ingela Skärsäter*
Young Adult Carers in the Risk Zone. Design of a Health-Promoting, Randomized Two-armed Controlled Trial for Young Adults Who Support People with Mental Illness Abstract
Ingela Skärsäter*, Lilas Ali*, Mikael Elf*, Barbro Krevers*
Public Engagement with Biomedical Research through Smartphone-based Augmented Reality Abstract
Kathleen Gray*, Kristine Elliott, Ryan Naylor, Greg Wadley
A User-Driven Web Application to Explore Treatment Options for Lower Back Pain Abstract
Pierre Elias*, Nithin Rajan*, Hadley Wickham, Clifford Dacso
Free Full Paper InSpire to Play (Promote Lung Assessment in Youth): Evolving the Self-Management Paradigms of Young People with Asthma Abstract
Nithin O. Rajan*, Pierre Elias*, Kara Mcarthur*, Harold Farber, Clifford C. Dacso
The Role of the Internet for People with Pancreatic Cancer: a Qualitative Study of an Illness with a Very Poor Prognosis Abstract
Sue Ziebland*, Alison Chapple, Julie Evans


Infodemiology and Infoveillance: Innovative Methods and Tools to Measure, Track, and Analyze Population Health-Relevant Unstructured Data from the Internet and Social Media Abstract
Gunther Eysenbach*, Cynthia Chew

Total number of abstracts: 10

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