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Medicine 2.0'11 (Stanford University, USA)


Health-related Information as Personal Data in Europe: Results from a Representative Survey in Eu27 Abstract
Francisco Lupiáñez-villanueva*, Wainer Lusoli, Margherita Bacigalupo, Ioannis Maghiros, Norberto Andrade, Cristiano Codagnone
Free Full Paper Fidelity and Monitoring of Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care Using a Multi-Media Internet-based System Abstract
Edward G Feil*, Peter Sprenglemeyer, Betsy Davis
Free Full Paper Physicians’ reasons for professional Internet Use and the Impact on Attitudes towards Internet-informed Patients and Prescribing Behavior Abstract
Martina Moick*, Ralf Terlutter, Susanna Meyer, Norbert Schell
Montre à La Cigarette C’est Qui Le Boss! Using Highly Tailored Text Messages to Help Young Adults Quit Smoking Abstract
Rachel Fournier*, Catherine L Lavoie, Trevor Van Mierlo, Peter Selby
Learning Nephrology through Mobile Devices: The Nephrology On-Demand Mobile Experience Abstract
Tejas Desai
The appeal of a nephrology-specific blog amongst its readers Abstract
Tejas Desai, Cynthia Christiano, Maria Ferris
Young Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Facebook as a Tool for Social Support Abstract
Jill Mara Plevinsky*, Linda Goldenhar
Text Me or Facebook Me: The Use of Mobile and Social Network's by Gen Y to Share Health Information Abstract
Prajesh Narendra Chhanabhai*, Alec Holt, George Benwall
HumMod-Golem Edition – Large Scale Model of Physiological Systems for Web Based Medical Simulator Abstract
Jiri Kofranek*, Marek Matejak*, Pavol Privitzer, Martin Tribula, Jan Silar, Stanislav Matousek
Free Full Paper Analysis of 4999 Online Physician-Reviews Indicates That Most Patients Give Physicians a Favorable Rating Abstract
Bassam Kadry*
Impact of Texting and Predictive Potential of Health Literacy on Medication Adherence in T2DM Abstract
Kevin A. Clauson*, Shara S. Elrod, Paula Eckardt, Fadi M. Alkhateeb, Angela S. Garcia, Elizabeth M. Sherman
The Effect of Social Networks on Clinical Case-Based Reasoning Abstract
Meira Levy, Sivan Rapaport*, Dikla Agur Cohen, Lior Fink, Nava Pliskin
Internet Use, Needs, and Expectations of Web-Based Information and Communication in Childbearing Women with Type 1 Diabetes Abstract
Carina Sparud Lundin*, Agneta Ranerup, Marie Berg
Study on the Information Gap between Demand and Supply in Hospital Information Services Abstract
Ryoma Seto*, Shunya Ikeda, Hiroshi Tsumura
Design of Web-based Support Systems in Less Structured Contexts - the Case of Young Carers Abstract
Mikael Elf*, Ingela Skärsäter*, Lilas Ali*, Barbro Krevers*
Understanding the Determinants of Online Collective Action. The Case Study of Patients Communities. Abstract
Raphaelle Laubie*
Social Media and Physicians: a Canadian Overview Abstract
Pat Rich*
Evaluation of a New Interactive E-learning Tool (ilkum) of the University Medical Center Mainz Abstract
Keyvan Sagheb*, Peter Schulz*, Andreas Bemsch, Vinay V. Kumar, Christian Walter
2010 Influenza and Vaccine Information Available on the Web Abstract
Anna Caruana*, Grazia Orizio, Loredana Covolo, Luigi Caimi, Umberto Gelatti*
Drug-selling Websites: a New Scenario in Public Health? A Systematic Review Abstract
Anna Merla*, Grazia Orizio, Peter J Schulz*, Umberto Gelatti*
Social Media in European Hospitals: A Descriptive Study Abstract
Sivera A.a. Berben, Tom H. Van De Belt*, Lucien J.l.p.g. Engelen, Lisette Schoonhoven
Wikis as an Opportunity to Improve Patient Participation in Developing Information Leaflets: A demonstration project in infertility patients. Abstract
Tom H Van De Belt*, Marjan J Faber, José Knijnenburg, Willianne Ldm Nelen, Jan Am Kremer
Review of IPhone Applications for Diabetes Self-Management Abstract
Taridzo Chomutare*, Luis Fernandez-luque, Gunnar Hartvigsen*, Eirik Årsand
Challenges to Scientific Validity in Researching the Anonymous Online User Abstract
Shannon Hughes*
Measuring the Effects of EHealth Applications on Efficiency: a Systematic Literature Review Abstract
Iiris Riippa*, Patrick Francke, Johan Groop, Karita Reijonsaari*
A Systematic Review of Published Accounts of Social Media Use within Nursing: Where Practice Outpaces Research Abstract
Richard Booth*, Kamini Kalia, Robert Fraser
Free Full Paper To Use or Not to Use – Practitioners’ Views on the Web 2.0 Portal for Young Persons with Diabetes Abstract
Sam Nordfeldt*, Carina Berterö
In Pursuit of Quality and Usefulness regarding Web-based Support for Young Carers of Persons with Mental Illness Abstract
Barbro Krevers Krevers*, Mikael Elf*, Lilas Ali*, Ingela Skärsäter*
Cancer Thriving and Surviving: An On-line Workshop That Improves Quality of Life. Abstract
Katy Plant*
Orthopedic Surgeons Are Willing to Provide an "internet Prescription" for Their Patients Abstract
Lena Rosenmann*, Roger Sevi, Omer Or, Itzhak Gur, Yoav Mattan, Leonid Kandel*
Pain in the Bone – Internet Health Information among Orthopaedic Patients Abstract
Leonid Kandel*, Yoav Mattan, Itzhak Gur, Shimon Firman, Lena Rosenmann*
Young Adult Carers in the Risk Zone. Design of a Health-Promoting, Randomized Two-armed Controlled Trial for Young Adults Who Support People with Mental Illness Abstract
Ingela Skärsäter*, Lilas Ali*, Mikael Elf*, Barbro Krevers*
The Impact of a Web-based Intervention on Young Informal Carers of People with Mental Illness Abstract
Lilas Ali*
Formulating a Design Process for Medicine 2.0: The Case of Abstract
Jeana H Frost*, Bartho Hengst, Mies Van Eenbergen
Participants' Experiences of an Online Intervention and Randomised Control Trial Abstract
Daniel Todkill*, John Powell
Analyzing Frames of Reference for the Design of Physically Active Games Abstract
Frank Chen*, Eric Hekler, Abby King
Research Data: We Have an App for That Abstract
John W Sharp*
Mobile Phone-Based Remote Patient Monitoring for Heart Failure Management: a Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Emily Seto, Kevin J Leonard, Joseph A Cafazzo*, Caterina Masino, Jan Barnsley, Heather J Ross
Strategies to Encourage E-health - The Effects of Using Different Reminders to Various Extents on Overall Response Patterns in a Large Randomized Internet-based Intervention Study Abstract
Madeleine Svensson*, Tobias Svensson, Ylva Trolle Lagerros
Public Engagement with Biomedical Research through Smartphone-based Augmented Reality Abstract
Kathleen Gray*, Kristine Elliott, Ryan Naylor, Greg Wadley
Free Full Paper Emergency Physicians’ Beliefs About Their Intention to Use Wiki-based Reminders to Promote Evidence-based Trauma Care Abstract
Patrick Michel Archambault*, France Légaré, Marie-pierre Gagnon, Andrea Bilodeau, André Lavoie, Jean Lapointe, Julien Poitras, Karine Aubin, Sylvain Croteau, Martin Pham-dinh
Consumer Empowerment: Health Information on the Web Abstract
Maritta Anneli Välimäki*, Heli Hätönen, Lauri Kuosmanen, Marita Koivunen, Minna Anttila, Anneli Pitkänen
To 2.0 or to 3.0 ? Contemporary Challenges for Medical Education from the MEducator Project Abstract
Panagiotis D Bamidis*, Stathis Konstantinidis, Charalambos Bratsas, Alvaro Salva Lezaun, Francisco Grau Castilla, Stefan Dietze, Daniela Giordano, Chara Balasubramaniam, Eleni Kaldoudi, Maria Nikolaidou, Costas Pattichis
What Is the Role of Online Support for the Supporters? a Multi-Method Study Examining the Use of Online Communities among Breast Cancer Peer Support Providers Abstract
Jackie Bender*, Lorraine Ferris, Joel Katz, Alejandro R. Jadad
Focus on Every-day Life: Internet-based Support and Coaching for Young Adults with Neuropsychiatric Disorders - a Chat-log Analysis Abstract
Britt Hedman Ahlström*, Agneta Nydén, Helena Osmar Swerkersdotter, Lena Niklasson, Marie Lindström, Louise Hakenäs-plate, Elisabet Wentz
Web 2.0 Based Tools and Physicians: Are We Really Ready to Go? Abstract
Leonor Roa Santervas*, Jesus Canora Lebrato, Maria Luaces Mendez, Uwe Spangler, Sonia Gutierrez Gabriel
A User-Driven Web Application to Explore Treatment Options for Lower Back Pain Abstract
Pierre Elias*, Nithin Rajan*, Hadley Wickham, Clifford Dacso
Crowd Accelerated Health Inteligence: Impact on Policy Making Abstract
Brigitte Piniewski*, Cristiano Codagnone, David Osimo
AffectCheck: How Real-time Feedback on Affective Tone Influences Twitter Communication Abstract
Will Riley*, Margaret Morris, Sean Munson, Paul Resnick
A Mobile Phone-Based Self-Management System for Adolescents with Type I Diabetes Abstract
Mark Casselman*, Nathaniel Hamming, Kevin Tallevi, Joseph Cafazzo*
Free Full Paper Communicating the Experience of Illness through Patient Blogs Abstract
Lisa N Gualtieri*, Pamela K Ressler*
A Qualitative Study on the Development of an Interprofessional Virtual Community of Practice Abstract
Isabelle David*, Lise Poissant*, Annie Rochette, Sara Ahmed
Tablet-based Cognitive Aids Reduce Errors and Increase Coordination in Crisis Care Teams Abstract
Jesse Cirimele*, Leslie Wu*, Scott Klemmer*, Stu Card*
Free Full Paper InSpire to Play (Promote Lung Assessment in Youth): Evolving the Self-Management Paradigms of Young People with Asthma Abstract
Nithin O. Rajan*, Pierre Elias*, Kara Mcarthur*, Harold Farber, Clifford C. Dacso
Improving Medical Interns’ Levels of Clinical Skills Competence and Self-Confidence Levels via Video IPods: a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Iain Doherty, Margaret Hansen*
Aptic, Developing a Social Network for E-patients: Lesson Learned Abstract
Manuel Armayones Ruiz*, Beni Gómez Zúñiga, Eulàlia Hernández Encuentra, Noemí Guillamón Cano, Begonya Nafría Escalera, Gerardo Ontiveros Rodríguez, Ana Bosque García, Modesta Pousada Fernández, Modesta Pousada Fernández
Participatory Development of a 2.0 Platform to Implement an International Antibiotic Stewardship Program Abstract
Jobke Wentzel*, Maarten Van Limburg, Joyce Karreman, Lisette Van Gemert-pijnen*
Can a Head-mounted Display Interface Alleviate Ergonomic Challenges in Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthesia? Abstract
Ankeet Deepak Udani*, T. Kyle Harrison*, Steven K. Howard, T. Edward Kim, John G. Brock-utne, David M. Gaba*, Edward R. Mariano
Using Social Network Analysis To Understand Web 2.0 Communications Abstract
Samuel Alan Stewart*, Syed Sibte Raza Abidi
Evaluation of a Personalized Information Website (“Voorlichting Op Maat”): User Experiences and Future Needs Abstract
Wilma Kuijpers*, Wim Groen, Michel W.j.m. Wouters, Hester S.a. Oldenburg, Neil K. Aaronson, Wim H. Van Harten
The Role of the Internet for People with Pancreatic Cancer: a Qualitative Study of an Illness with a Very Poor Prognosis Abstract
Sue Ziebland*, Alison Chapple, Julie Evans
The Profiles* Registry: Scope, Rationale and Design of an Infrastructure for the Study of Physical and Psychosocial Outcomes in Cancer Survivorship Cohorts Abstract
Maria C.h.j. Van Eenbergen*, Lonneke V. Van De Poll-franse, Floortje Mols
Wiki Approaches to Enhance Reach and Breadth of Stakeholder Involvement in Identification of Practical Patient-Reported Measures for Primary Care Abstract
Richard Moser*, Russell E Glasgow, Bradford Hesse
Digital Literacy in Medical Education: An Elective Course Abstract
Bertalan Mesko*
Free Full Paper Structured Interviews Regarding Immunization Communication and Text Message Reminders Abstract
Carolyn R Ahlers-schmidt*, Amy Chesser, Angelia Paschal, Traci Hart, Katherine S Williams, Beryl Yaghmai, Sapna Shah-haque
Mobile Web Enabled Check-in of Patients at the Emergency Room: a Win.Win.Win Method Featuring Active Patient Participation and Collaboration. Abstract
Christophe Robert Laurent*, Stefaan Debrauwer*
Using Mobile Technologies in Health Research at NIH Abstract
Wendy Nilsen*
The Challenges of Becoming Virtual: The Experience of a Rehabilitation Community of Practice on Stroke Care Abstract
Lise Poissant*
Development of a Computer-Based Tailored Information Application to Improve HIV-Related Treatment Adherence Abstract
Raymon L Ownby*
Smartphone Application to Prevent Alcohol Relapse: a Clinical Trial Abstract
David H Gustafson*, Andrew J Isham*
Protecting Health in a Social Media World: Healthcare and Human Service Responses to Online Threats Abstract
Carl Hanson*, James Barrett*, Michael Barnes*, Joshua West*
Health-Promoting Apps: a Content Analysis Abstract
James Barrett*, Joshua West*, Cougar Hall, Matthew Morgan, Carl Hanson*, Michael Barnes*
Health Information to Citizens: a Content Analysis of Italian Websites Dealing with the Theme of “Waste and Health” Abstract
Umberto Gelatti*, Monica Katia Locatelli, Luigi Caimi, Grazia Orizio
Alice Gets Sick in Facebookland: Challenges in Digital Literacy for Health 2.0 Abstract
Monica Murero*
The ‘Meaningful Use’ of Social Media by Physicians for Learning Abstract
Brian Mcgowan*, Bryan Vartabedian*, Robert Miller*, Molly Wasko*


The Health InnoVation Exchange (hive) – Bringing Together Government, Clinicians, Academia and Industry to Foster Health Innovation in New Zealand Abstract
Chris Paton*
Using Social Media Applications in Academic Research Abstract
Chris Paton*, Peter Murray*, Margaret Mary Hansen*, Francisco Grajales*
Medicine and Web 3.0 - a Wish List . Abstract
Arun Keeppanasseril*
Interactive Learning Objective Catalogue of The University Medical Center Mainz (ilkum) - Improving Learning in Dental and Medical Education Abstract
Peter Schulz*, Keyvan Sagheb*, Andreas Bemsch, Vinay Kumar, Harald Affeldt, Kathy Taylor, Christian Walter
Online Discussion Boards as Research Data; Exploring the Ethical Issues. Abstract
Carol S Bond*, Jaqui Hewitt-taylor
Using Google Analytics as a Process Evaluation Method for Internet-delivered Interventions: a Commendable Example on Sexual Health Abstract
Rik Crutzen*
Locarto: Promoting Mobile Vending of Fresh Produce through Location-Based Text Messaging (demo) Abstract
William Jordan*, Gillian Saunders, Renee Shanker, Peter De Vries, Sean Lucan
What Lies Around the Bend? Exploring Next Steps in Social Media and Primary Care Abstract
Bart J Brandenburg*, Erik Jansen*
Free Full Paper Issues in Mobile Health Panel Abstract
Robyn Whittaker*, Mark Carroll, Barbara Mittleman*, Wendy Nilsen*
The Impact of Social Media in Physician Continuing Medical Education Abstract
Joseph Kim*
Combining Social Media and Virtual Coaching for building open cooperative care communities. Abstract
Peter H.m.p. Roelofsma*, Jeana H Frost*
OncoCompass: an E-health Management Platform to Facilitate and Innovate Supportive Cancer Care Abstract
Cornelia Van Uden-kraan*, René Leemans, Remco De Bree, Pim Cuijpers, Niels Peek, Roderik Kraaijenhagen, Coen Van Kalken, Irma Verdonck-de Leeuw
From Data to Wisdom: Baking Knowledge and Expertise into Government Health Data Abstract
David Hale*
Going (Digital) Native: Involving Young People in Medicine 2.0 Research Abstract
Natalie Louise Byrom*, John Powell
Apomediation and the Affordable Care Act Abstract
Connie Chen, Ming-chih Kao, Kenneth Ng, Alex Tam, Aaron Brodeur, Suelyn Yu
Converting Opponents into Advocates: Implementing Facebook for Professional Purposes in a Public University Hospital in Spain. Abstract
Maria Luaces*, Leonor Roa*, Uwe Spangler, Jesus Canora-lebrato, Sonia Gutierrez Gabriel
Taking Personal Health Records to a New Level; Establishing a Platform for Allowing for Consumer Control of Interoperable Health Care Information Abstract
Thomas Milton Jones*, Lon Newman
Infodemiology and Infoveillance: Innovative Methods and Tools to Measure, Track, and Analyze Population Health-Relevant Unstructured Data from the Internet and Social Media Abstract
Gunther Eysenbach*, Cynthia Chew
The Goody-Gaga Effect: Health Communication at the Nexus of Social Media & Popular Culture Abstract
Mark S. Boguski*, Michele R. Berman
Approaching to Patients and Working in Partnership by Fostering Agreed-upon Tags in Social Media Abstract
James G. Kim*, Sungin Lee, Seungbeom Kim*, Hyejin Jeong, Suik Lee, Hong-gee Kim
Behavior Change and Mobile Health Technology Panel: a Trifecta Strategy for Successful Design Abstract
Stephanie Habif*, Ramin Bastani*, Nicholas Grosskopf*
Public EHealth in Latin America and the Caribbean: Nurturing Innovation, Developing Communities, Improving Health Equity Abstract
Andrea A Cortinois*
IPhone and IPad in Medicine and Health Sciences; Experiences in Teaching and Clinical Practice Abstract
Rhoda Weiss-lambrou*
Cme 2.0 Takes a Virtual Village Abstract
Lawrence Sherman*
Harvard Medical School - Portugal Program - Quality Healt Information for Portuguese Speaking Countries Abstract
Antonio Vaz Carneiro, Rita Morais Lirio*
High Level Listserver-based Virtual Conferences for Family Medicine Residents and Young Family Physicians: the Portuguese Experience Abstract
Tiago Villanueva*, Luís Filipe Cavadas
Healthtalkonline Abstract
Sue Ziebland*, Graham Shaw
A Visual Screening Instrument: Assessment for Common Mental Disorders and Suicidal Ideation. Easy, Fast, and Accessible for Everyone. Abstract
Katherina Martin Abello*
Cancer Control P.L.A.N.E.T.: Moving Research into Practice Abstract
Michael Sanchez*, Madeline Laporta, Alissa Gallagher, Cynthia Vinson, Russell Glasgow
iCon: Utilizing Facebook to Deliver Best-Practice Concussion Management Abstract
Osman Hassan Ahmed*, S. John Sullivan, Anthony G. Schneiders, Paul R. Mccrory
A Wiki for Collaborative Development in eHealth Abstract
Lisette Van Gemert-pijnen*, Hans C. Ossebaard*, Nicol Nijland*
Mobile Web ER-referral for General Practioners: Improving Communication and Collaboration in Emergency Medicine. Abstract
Stefaan Debrauwer*, Christophe Robert Laurent*
Health Education in a Virtual World: Experience with Patient and Professional Education in Second Life Abstract
John Moore Wiecha*, Milagros Rosal, Robin Heyden, Neil Heyden, Roberta Capelson, Karen Chalmers, Suzanne Mitchell
Leveraging a Contact Center to Support Facebook Community Management: The National Cancer Institute Experience Abstract
Lakshmi M Grama*, Deborah Pearson
Online Patient Education for Teenagers: Disease Self-Management and Medical Decision Support Abstract
Ross Hetherington*, Jennifer Stinson, James Wright, Vicky Breakey, Cathy Schmidt, Sandra Donaldson, Victor Blanchette
High-Tech Meets Low-Resource: Applying Innovation in a Global Health Context Abstract
Michele Barry*, Sangick Sunny Jeon, Nadim Mahmud, Sakti Srivastava
Making Home the Heart of Health: Today's Tools & Techniques Abstract
Linda Fogg Phillips*
Social Media Use by Health Care Providers: Professional Benefits and Social Challenges Abstract
Enoch Choi
Quantified Self and the Self-tracking Patient Abstract
Gary Wolf, Paul Abramson*, Jef Holove, Christine Robins*, Anne Wright*, Ben Rubin
Self-tracking Devices Live Demos Abstract
Basis, Bodymedia, Bodytrack, Zeo
Large Screen and Tablet-based Interactive Cognitive Aids for Crisis Care Abstract
Leslie Wu*, Scott Klemmer*, Stu Card*, Larry Chu*


Connecting Heathcare Researchers to Information Abstract
William Gunn*
SimCode Acls - Online Real-time Acls Simulation Training and Certification System Abstract
Raymond Wu*
Pharmacovigilance in Social Media Era: a Framework for Social Media Adverse Event Monitoring Abstract
Amith Vikram Rangarajan*, Gauri Balani
An Innovative Approach to Patient Education Abstract
Annette Boyer*
How to Experience Resounding Health Abstract
Alan Littleford, Mark Boguski*
Demo of a Platform That Supports Continuous Performance Improvement by Integrating Performance Assessment, Metric-Focused Interventions, Incentives, and Community to Improve Heath Care Quality Abstract
Simone Karp*
Utilizing the Power of Text-messaging (SMS) Technology to Increase Patient Compliance with Medication and Adherence to Physician Recommendations and Educational Interventions in Free Clinics Abstract
Vineet Singal
Quality of Medical Information in Social Media: Abstract
Bertalan Mesko*
Integrating Open Source Web 2.0 and Smartphone Technologies to Automate Academic Continuing Medical Education Abstract
Jeremy Lundberg*, Mila Kostic* Abstract
Austin Kelly*
The Official Launch of A Social App for Health and Wellness Goals Abstract
Damon Ramsey*
Digital Health - from a Concept to a Company Abstract
Talya Miron-shatz*

Total number of abstracts: 128

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