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Medicine 2.0'10 (Maastricht, NL)


E-therapy for Problem Drinking: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Marloes Postel*
Teledermatology As Best Practice After Patient Selection By General Practitioner Abstract
Job Van Der Heijden*
Issues Facing the Application of Telemedicine in Developing Countries: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Abstract
Mohannad Alajlani*
Using Internet-based Video Tools to Deliver Mental Health Interventions: Development and Results from a Randomized Control Trial Pilot Study of Infant-Net Abstract
Edward G Feil*, Kathleen Baggett, Betsy Davis, Lisa Sheeber
Disease Management in Cancer Patients: the Development of a Stepped Care Strategy. Abstract
Irma Verdonck-de Leeuw*, Anne-marie Krebber, Pim Cuijpers, Remco De Bree, Annemieke Van Straten, Filip Smit, Rene Leemans
The StoryBank Project: Digital Stories from Patients and Staff about the Cancer Genetics Service for Wales Abstract
Rachel Iredale*, Lisa Mundy, Jenny Hilgart
Delivering Prevention Messages on Recreational Legal Highs through Ict Tools. An Overview of the Eu Funded ReDNet Research Project. Abstract
Paolo Deluca*, Zoe Davey
Panel Supporting Health Care by Persuasive Technology Abstract
Lisette Van Gemert-pijnen*
Internet Therapy versus Internet Self-help versus No Treatment for Problematic Alcohol Use: a Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Matthijs Blankers*
The Status Quo of EHealth Use in Physical Therapy: a Systematic Review Abstract
Jobke Wentzel*, Annelies Van Dam, Jesper Brons, Lisette Vangemert-pijnen
‘’The Chitchatters: a Leisure Activity for People with Dementia to Stimulate Social Interaction.’’ Abstract
Nienke Nijhof*, Lisette Van Gemert-pijnen*, Helma Van Rijn, Joost Van Hoof, Theo De Vries, Erwin Seydel
E-health: The Effects On Patient Empowerment And (Mental) Healthcare Abstract
Saskia M.h. Timmer*
Technology and Adherence in EHealth: a Systematic Review Abstract
Saskia M Kelders*, Robin N Kok*, Julia E.w.c. Van Gemert-pijnen
Effectiveness of Web-based Interventions on Patient Empowerment: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Abstract
David Samoocha*
A Visual Screening Instrument for Common Mental Disorders and Suicidal Ideation: Validation among the General Population Abstract
Wouter Van Ballegooijen*, Heleen Riper
An Empowerment-based Approach to Develop Innovative E-health Tools for Self-management Abstract
Laurence Alpay*, Paul Van Der Boog, Adrie Dumay
E-health: Perspectives of Children, Parents and Professionals. Needs, Obstacles and Challenges Abstract
Sjouke Liem*, Christine Dedding, Lex Winkler, Ria Reis
Physician-patient Interaction and the Internet: The Canadian Experience Abstract
Pat Rich*
Diabetes Online Communities. Spanish and English Speaking Communities, What They Share and Not. Abstract
Gabriela Ortizmichel*, Agnès Vayreda Durán, Francesc Nuñez Mosteo
Investigating Cyberchondriac Behaviors on the Internet: Implications for E-Health 2.0 Abstract
Yin-leng Theng*, Hongkun Tan, Rao Pallavi
The Development of a Protocol for a Cochrane Systematic Review of Computer-based Self-management Programmes for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Abstract
Kingshuk Pal*, Elizabeth Murray*, Sophie Eastwood, Susan Michie, Maria Barnard, Andrew Farmer, Richard Peacock
Free Full Paper Promoting Physical Activity Among The Over Fifties Using a Web Based Tailored Advice Abstract
Denise Peels*, Lilian Lechner, Catherine Bolman, Hein De Vries, Aart Mudde
Computer Literacy of Healthcare Professionals: Fact or Phantasy? Abstract
Margreet B Michel-verkerke*
The Dufftown Hypertension Project Abstract
Tara French*, Thomas Heneghan, Grant Cumming*, Andrew Fowlie, Christine Mcclusky
Prolonging the Battery Lifetime for Mobile Health Applications in the Icu Abstract
Sofie Van Hoecke*, Wannes Kerckhove, Thomas Dupont, Filip De Turck, Johan Decruyenaere
Health Twitter: An Exploration of Everyday Conversations about Health Abstract
Richard Booth*, Lorie Donelle
“Oh Dear, Should I Really Be Saying That on Here?” Issues of Identity and Authority in an Online Diabetes Community. Abstract
Natalie Armstrong*, John Powell*
Carers 2.0? Qualitative Study of the Views of Carers on the Adoption of Networked Communication Technologies. Abstract
John Powell*
Video Consultation for Paraplegics: Collaborative Service Design Abstract
Fred Van Den Anker*, Julia Klammer
Current Situation and Perspectives of Health 2.0 Tools Use for Chronic Patients in Basque Country, Spain Abstract
Natalia Pletneva*
User Needs, Preferences and Supporting Factors for the Development of an Rheumatology Interactive Health Communication Application Abstract
Rosalie Van Der Vaart*, Constance H. C. Drossaert, Erik Taal, Mart A.f.j. Van De Laar
X-Match: a Serious Gaming Pilot for HIV/STI Prevention Directed at Urban Young People (14–19) in the Netherlands Abstract
Pjer Vriens*, Alvin Westmaas*, Paul Harterink, Kok Gerjo, Evert Van Der Veen
The Role of Online Communication in Building Trust in Medical Knowledge Abstract
Jenny Voth*
Optimization of Complex Palliative Care at Home by Making Use of Expert Consultation via Telemedicine Abstract
Jelle Van Gurp*, Thierry Reijn, Martine Van Selm, Evert Van Leeuwen, Kris Vissers, Jeroen Hasselaar
Assistive Smartphone for People with Special Needs: the Personal Social Assistant Abstract
Steven Verstockt*, Sofie Van Hoecke*, Onciny Meyfroodt, Rik Van De Walle
Social Network Enhancing Self-care and Mitigating Isolation in Long-duration Disability with Built-in Knowledge Extraction Tools Abstract
Laia Subirats*, Sergi Torrellas, Silvia Orte*, Felip Miralles, Raquel López, Alejandro García Rudolph, Ángel Gil
Conceptual Map of the Manual of Accreditation of Healthcare Websites V.2 Abstract
Ángela Escobar Ubreva*, Javier Ferrero Álvarez-rementería, Begoña Buiza Camacho, Mª Carmen Fernández Bermejo
Effects of Web 2.0 Tools on Dissemination of Health Information. The Example of the Andalusian Patient Safety Observatory Abstract
Marta Vazquez Vazquez*, Reyes León Vergara, Thomas Espósito, Ángela Escobar Ubreva*
Bridging Health Disparities through Digital Health Coaching: Use and Outcome of the Online Losing Weight Coach in Individuals with Low, Middle and High Socioeconomic Positions. Abstract
Leentje Vervoort, Inès Gaston-echeverria, Claudia Put*
Digital Literacy in Medical Education: An Elective Course Abstract
Bertalan Mesko*
Development and Field-Testing of an Online Decision Aid for Self-Testing on Cardiovascular Risk Factors Abstract
Martine Ickenroth*, Janaica Grispen, Geert-jan Dinant, Nanne De Vries, Gaby Ronda, Trudy Van Der Weijden*
Young Patients' Views on the Open Web 2.0 Childhood Diabetes Patient Portal: Qualitative Study Abstract
Sam Nordfeldt*, Carina Bertero
Telemedicine Services: from Idea to Implementation Abstract
Miriam Marie Rose Vollenbroek-hutten*, Hermie Hermens*, Rianne Huis In 't Veld, Stephanie Kosterink
An Overview of Possibilities and Challenges of Patient-Focused EHealth in Fertility Care Abstract
Annemijn Aarts*, Pieter Van Den Haak, Willianne Nelen, Marjan Faber*, Jan Kremer
You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression: Effects of Visual Complexity and Cognitive Load on User Experience and Intention to Use Internet-Delivered Interventions Abstract
Rik Crutzen*
Factors influencing the long-term use of a web-based disease management program for supporting self-care of patients with diabetes type II Abstract
Nicol Nijland*, Julia Van Gemert-pijnen, Bart Brandenburg*, Erwin Seydel
Grounding EHealth - Development of a Web 2.0 Framework for Design, Implementation and Evaluation of EHealth Applications Abstract
Nicol Nijland*, Julia Van Gemert-pijnen, Bart Brandenburg*, Erwin Seydel
Effects of a Pre-visit Website with Question Prompt Sheet for Counselees in Breast Cancer Genetic Counselling on The Consultation and Their Knowledge, Risk Perception and Perceived Personal Control Abstract
Akke Albada*, Sandra Van Dulmen*, Margreet G.e.m. Ausems, Jozien Bensing
Patient Usability of the Dutch National Health and Care Portal Abstract
Hans C. Ossebaard*
Tailoring to a Specific Patient Group: the Need for Usability Testing Abstract
Viola Voncken*, Huibert Tange*, Albine Moser, Hein De Vries, Trudy Van Der Weijden*
YouTube and Digital Smoking Abstract
Anna Wolters*
Developing an ECoach for the BeweegKuur Abstract
Wilma Otten*, Olivier Blanson Henkemans*, Laura Butselaar, Kim Bakker
Qualitative Evaluation of a Web-based Risk Profiling and Health Management Service: an Industrial Design Perspective Abstract
Sandra Vosbergen*, Maarten Buiter, Ersen Colkesen, Roderik Kraaijenhagen, Niels Peek
Validation of a Dutch Version of the EHealth Literacy Scale (eHEALS). Abstract
Alexander Van Deursen, Rosalie Van Der Vaart*, Constance Drosseart, Jan Van Dijk, Erik Taal, Mart Van De Laar
Participatory Development for Human Centred and Value-Driven eHealth Technologies Abstract Untitled ()
Lisette Van Gemert, Nicol Nijland*
Activity Monitoring and Feedback to Promote an Active Lifestyle and Self Management of Patients with Chronic Disorders Abstract
Hermie Hermens*, Miriam Vollenbroek-hutten*, Marit Van Weering, Thijs Tonis
Finding a Sports Buddy Online – Evaluation Of a Social Networking Site Aimed For Health Promotion Abstract
Hilde Huizenga*
A Cry for Help: a Case Report of Suicidal Ideation in a Physician-mediated Forum Abstract
Inmaculada Grau*, Francisco J Grajales Iii*, Enrique Buisan, Victor Navarro, Piero Castro Loli
Influence of Health Characteristics on Reported Adherence to Lifestyle Change Advice from an Electronic Health Management Tool Abstract
Niels Peek, Ersen Colkesen, Sandra Vosbergen*, Maurice A.j. Niessen*, Roderik A. Kraaijenhagen
Definition of Health 2.0: a Systematic Review Abstract
Tom Van De Belt*, Lucien Engelen*, Sivera Berben*, Lisette Schoonhoven*
Wiki for Active Patient Participation in Clinical Guideline Development; a Process Evaluation Abstract
Elvira Den Breejen*, José Van Der Schoor-knijnenburg, Willianne Nelen, Rosella Hermens, Jan Kremer
The Use of Social Media by Spanish Hospitals Abstract
Clara Bermúdez-tamayo, Jose Francisco García-gutierrez, David Yubraham, Jaime Jiménez-pernett, Francisco Sánchez-laguna
Breast Cancer Survivors Create Online Communities When They Need Them: a Survey of English Language Online Communities for Breast Cancer Abstract
Jackie Bender*, Carolina Jimenez-marroquin, Alejandro (alex) R. Jadad
Fighting Irrelevant Health Videos on Youtube: a Social Network Analysis Approach Abstract
Luis Fernandez Luque*, Randi Karlsen, Genevieve B Melton, Ignacio Basagoiti
Can Online Consumers Contribute to Drug Knowledge and Drug Safety? An Examination of Consumer Reporting of Drug Effects across Health Websites Abstract
Shannon Hughes*
Successful Transition to Anesthesia Residency Training Abstract
Larry F Chu*, Kyle Harrison, Chelsea Anne Young, Alex Macario
E-coaching by Tailored Cognitive-behavioral Therapy in Chronic Somatic Conditions Abstract
Andrea Evers*
Designing a Telecare System for Caregivers: a User Centered Approach Using Scenarios. Abstract
Charles Willems*, Mark Brul, R.m.h.a. Huis In ‘t Veld, H. Hermens*, Lisette Van Gemert-pijnen*
Business Models for E-health Initiatives Abstract
Ton Spil*
Hot Triggers and New Habits: The Steps to Behavior Change Abstract
B J Fogg
Free Full Paper E-Health for Self-management and Behaviour Change: Potential, Progress and Pitfalls. Abstract
Elizabeth Murray*
Geographic Information System Monitoring The Spread Of Livestock-Associated Methicillin-Resistant S. Aureus (mrsa) In The Euregio MRSA-net Abstract
Robin Köck, Annette Jurke, Inka Daniels-haardt, Julia E. W. C. Van Gemert-pijnen, Karsten Becker, Alexander W Friedrich
Activity Monitoring as Part of Care Delivery to Independently Living Seniors. Abstract
Charles Willems*, Marieke Spreeuwenberg*, Loek Van Der Heide, Luc De Witte, John Rietman
Webbased Lifestyle Self-Management For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Abstract
Ruben Cijsouw*, Jacqueline Slegten*, Jan Nauta*, Ria Knotters, Marike Hettinga*
Pipo - Web 2.0 Portal for Information in Pediatric Oncology Abstract
Tobias Hartz*, Anika Winkel, Frank Ückert
The Representation of Patient Satisfaction in Physician Rating Sites. a Criteria-based Analysis of English- and German-language Sites Abstract
Swantje Reimann*, Daniel Strech
The European CDC and Medicine 2.0
Marc Sprenger*
Knowledge Linkages: Augmenting Online Clinical Care Discussions with Published Literature Abstract
Samuel Stewart*, Syed Sibte Raza Abidi
The Use of Personally Controlled Health Records as a Tool for Patient Participation in Preemptive Disaster Management During Mass Gatherings. Abstract
Christophe Robert Laurent*
From Buzz to Bizz: the EHealth Innovation Matrix Abstract
Timber Haaker*, Sikke Visser*, Robbert Menko*, Marike Hettinga*
Internet Self-Management Training with Mobile Support for Chronic Migraine Abstract
Marjolijn Sorbi*
Monitoring of Physical Frailty in Older People: an Innovative System Supporting Self-Management and Care Abstract
Jacques Neyens*, Jan Vermeulen, Marike Spreeuwenberg*, Erik Van Rossum, David Hewson, Luc De Witte
E-health Trends in Europe: New Tools – New Practices? Abstract
Tove Sorensen, Hege Andreassen*
Multi-Actor Analysis for Identifying the Economic Viability of ECare Solutions Abstract
Jan Van Ooteghem*
Guiding Persons With Dementia Back Home Using GPS Technology: Assessment of the TalkMeHome Approach from the Perspective of the User Abstract
Jan M. Nauta*


How to Establish a Sustainable Business Model on a Web 2.0 Platform? Abstract
Miguel Cabrer*
Business modelling for improving the design and implementation of eHealth innovations Abstract
Maarten Van Limburg*
From Internal to External and Return – a Doctor's and a Nutritionist's Life in Digital Communication Abstract
Michaela Endemann*
MobiHealth(TM): Putting Care in Motion Abstract
Tom Broens*, Richard Bults
Process Modeling of Chronic Polymedicated Patient Care in an Health 2.0 Environement Abstract
Carlos Luis Parra, Sandra Leal, José María De La Higuera, Alberto Moreno Conde*
Reduction in Absenteeism with a Web-based Integrated Risk Profiling and Health Management Service. Abstract
Maurice Antoine Jacques Niessen*
Quality of Medical Information in Social Media: Abstract
Bertalan Mesko*
Participatory Healthcare Innovation. Good Practice. Abstract
Clark Nowack*
Integrating It in Healthcare: Hurdles and Opportunities. Can We Avoid Chaos? Review of the Wcit2010 E-Health Event and the Future Vision. Abstract
Rene Luigies*
Public Health & Use of Social Media and Health 2.0 Tools: the Case of Infectious Diseases Abstract
Denise Silber*
Examining the Impact of the Pre-existing Organization of Health Care on Health and Medicine 2.0 Initiatives: Case Study France Abstract
Denise Silber*
Developing a Method for Business Model Validation - The Case of Video Teleconsultation Abstract
Maarten Aris Eykelhoff*, Björn Kijl
Optimallize Current Treatment Programmes with MyTherapy Abstract
Joris Moolenaar*
Working towards Participatory Health: Could Somebody Press the Reset Button Please? Abstract
Bas Bloem*


Health 2.0 – It’s up to You Abstract
Leo Ottes*
Online Education for Parents of Children/Adolescents with Autism Abstract
Edwin Van Den Hof*
EPartner for Kids: Computer Assistants for Children with Behavioral Problems Abstract
Olivier Blanson Henkemans*, Sharon Stellaard
Scientific Medical Social Collaboration Network. The Real Experience of a University Hospital Abstract
Miguel Cabrer*, Manuel Vallina, Marta Ariza
CoalitionsOnline - Using Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools to Support Community Health Coalitions Abstract
Alan Vanbiervliet*
ToiletFinder - Utilising the Wisdom of the Crowd Abstract
Grant Philip Cumming*, Nedkov Stanislav, Mcconachie Mark, Brooks Elizabeth, Beattie Paul
Neurosurgery 2.0 - a Combination Of Open Access, Web 2.0 And Decision Technology Abstract
Pieter Leonard Kubben*, Henk Hoogland, Jim Cook, Albert Jja Scherpbier, James I Ausman
Dunov Digital Coaching, Mobile Support Anytime & Anyplace Abstract
Martine Gijsbers, Saskia Mh Timmer*
Development of an Online Psycho-Educational Group Intervention for Children Treated for Cancer Abstract
Anouk De Gee*, Linde Scholten, Barbara Conijn, Rianne Van Der Zanden, Bob Last, Heleen Stam, Martha Grootenhuis
The Proof of the Pudding: First Results of a Primary Care Consultation Service on Twitter Abstract
Bart J Brandenburg*, Erik Jansen
A Web-based Diabetes Education Programme and The Challenges Regarding Its Evolution Abstract
Annette Ovink*, Lisette Van Gemert-pijnen*, Nicol Nijland*, Evelien Heinrich, Hans Ossebaard*, Nicolaas Schaper
ZegelGezond: Improving Health Information on the Net Abstract
Thomas Schippers*, Lars Gierveld*
Elderly 2.0; Elderly People, Living In Nursing Homes, Share Personal Experiences Online Abstract
Loes Bierma*
Building Virtual Communities and Personal Health Information to Assist Elderly Using a Federative Platform by the Light of Medicine 2.0 Abstract
Giovanni Rinaldi, Marco Manca*, Antonio Vittorino Gaddi
Patient 2.0 Empowerment: Information Dissemination And Awareness Abstract
Lodewijk Bos*
EHealth Reform: Strategic Components and Practical, Nationwide, Assimilation Lessons Learned Abstract
Yossef Bahagon*
Medicine 2.0 Meets Education 3.0 Abstract
Paul De Roos, Krzysztof Nesterowicz, Melis Varan
Blog Based Teaching Method in a Health Management Master Abstract
Clara Bermudez Tamayo, Jaime Jimenez Pernett, José Francisco García Gutiérrez, Sergio Minué Lorenzo, Francisco Sánchez-laguna
Porting a Clinical Mobile Device Application from IPhone to Android Using Online Collaboration: a Case Study Using NeuroMind Abstract
Jonathan Cheesum Lau*, Pieter Leonard Kubben*
Free Full Paper Motivations and Challenges of EPatients in YouTube Abstract
Luis Fernandez Luque*, Vern R Beachy, Bill Woods, Lauren Parrott, Kerri Sparling
PAZIO: a patient-oriented portal and open eHealth platform for innovative and high quality applications Abstract
Mark De Lange, Michiel Van Well*
EHealth in the Netherlands: the Polder Model Abstract
Pim Ketelaar*
Can Research Help To Integrate The E-Patient Into Healthcare and Medicare Abstract
Alexander Schachinger*
Infovigil: An Open Source Infodemiology and Infoveillance System Abstract
Gunther Eysenbach*
Global, Reflexive and Open: Bioethics 2.0 And/or Public Engagement 2.0? (Panel) Abstract
Natasha Burns*
A Web Application for Visualising and Interrogating the 12-lead Ecg Abstract
Raymond Bond*, Dd Finlay, Cd Nugent, G. Moore

Total number of abstracts: 125

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