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Medicine 2.0'09 (Toronto, Canada)


From expert-driven to user-oriented communication of infection control guidelines Abstract
Lisette Van Gemert-pijnen, Fenne Verhoeven, Ron Hendrix, Michaël Steehouder
Design and Implementation of a Web-based Tailored Gymnasium to Enhance Self-management of Fibromyalgia Abstract
Michele Giacobazzi*, Luca Camerini, Sara Rubinelli, Marco Boneschi*, Peter J Schulz
Bikmas 2.0: a BIomedical Knowledge Management Antenna System Abstract
Enrique De Andrés Galiana, Victoria Lopez Alonso, Laura Salamanca Rodriguez*, Isabel Hermosilla Gimeno, Fernando Martin-sanchez
Web 2.0-mediated Blended Learning: Separating Fact from Fiction Abstract
Kevin A. Clauson*, Feroza Sircar-ramsewak, Shine A Joseph, John E Sandars
Patients Informing Practice: Post-Marketing Drug Data in PatientsLikeMe, an Patient-Centered Online Community (closing keynote - winner of the JMIR Medicine 2.0 Award 2009) Abstract
Jeana H Frost*, Sally Okun, Paul Wicks, James Heywood
Information Requirements of Citizens Using Hospital Information Services Provided by Prefectural Governments Abstract
Ryoma Seto*, Shigekoto Kaihara
Solas - a Virtual Community for Children with Cancer Abstract
Paula Hicks*, Prof. Jane B. Grimson, Prof. Owen P. Smith
STUB IT: an RCT of a multimedia mobile phone smoking cessation intervention Abstract
Robyn Whittaker*
Computer-Based Interventions for Sexual Health: a Systematic Review Abstract
Julia V Bailey*
Persuasion Strategies of Online Pharmacies: How the Web Transforms Patients into Consumers Abstract
Grazia Orizio*, Sara Rubinelli, Peter Schulz, Serena Domenighini, Maura Bressanelli, Luigi Caimi, Umberto Gelatti*
Ethics 2.0: Implications for Connected Health (Panel with interactive audience response system) Abstract
Joan H. Dzenowagis*, Kevin A. Clauson*, Francisco J. Grajales Iii*
Pandemics in the Age of Twitter: Content Analysis of “Tweets” During the H1N1 Outbreak Abstract
Cynthia Mei Chew*, Gunther Eysenbach*
Apomediation and Women's Choices of Birth Place and Attendants Abstract
Holly Witteman*, Sarah Whyte, Jacqueline Bender*, Michelle Janutka, Erica Sutton, Laura O'grady, Kate Sellen, Morgan Von Tunzelmann, Carolynn Prior, Murray Enkin, Kirstin Borgerson, Nadine Wathen
What do Portals for Doctors Offer? A Qualitative Analysis of their Features for the Enrichment of Expert Knowledge Abstract
Umberto Gelatti*, Grazia Orizio*, Caterina Belotti, Sara Rubinelli, Loredana Covolo*, Luigi Caimi, Peter Schulz
Effective Use of Popular Internet Video Broadcast Site Youtube for Dissemination of Information about the Potential Pandemic of H1N1 Influenza Abstract
Gayatri Singh, Ambarish Pandey*, Mansher Singh, Nivedita Patni, Akshay Sood
What Are Young Adults Saying About Mental Health? a Qualitative Analysis of Internet Blogs Abstract
Madalyn Marcus*, Kirsten Barnes, Henny Westra, John Eastwood, Mobilizing Minds Research Group*
The Psychology of Mass-Interpersonal Behavioural Change Websites Abstract
Brian Cugelman*
Designing a User-Centric Remote Patient Monitoring System to Facilitate Heart Failure Self-Care Abstract
Emily Seto, Heather Ross, Joseph A Cafazzo*, Kevin Leonard
Analysis of Websites Offering Direct-to-consumer Genetic Tests: the Possible Implications on Public Health Abstract
Loredana Covolo*, Georgia Martignone, Grazia Orizio*, Luigi Caimi, Peter Schulz, Umberto Gelatti*
Facebook: Awareness-raising, Fundraising and Support for People Affected by Breast Cancer Abstract
Jacqueline L. Bender, Carolina Jimenez Marroquin, Alejandro R. Jadad*
Research Issues of User-generated Medical Education Content Abstract
Panagiotis D Bamidis, Stathis Konstantinidis*, Charalambos Bratsas, Eleni Kaldoudi
The Impact of Accessing Medical Records on Care Coordination and Disease Management Abstract
Yunan Chen*
Internet: a Resource for Young Adults who Use Prescription Drugs for Recreation Abstract
Christine Thoer*
Web Based Simulation Games With Multimedia E-learning Environment. Abstract
Jiri Kofranek*, Pavol Privitzer, Marek Matejak*, Martin Tribula, Ondřej Vacek
Readability of the Top 50 Prescribed Drugs in Wikipedia Abstract
Devin Pelcher*, Jennifer Miles, Kevin Clauson*, Qing Zeng-treitler, Sasikiran Kandula
Improving Patient-Physician Communication about Internet Use: Why “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Doesn’t Work Abstract
Lisa N Gualtieri* Enabling Transdisciplinary Scientific Collaboration Using Web 2.0 Abstract
Kei Cheung*, Arron Mitchell*, Steven Greenberg, Perry Miller, Geoffrey Chupp
Mobile Devices for Nursing: a Comparative Human Factors Evaluation Abstract
Tara McCurdie*, Anjum Chagpar, Melanie Yeung, Joseph A Cafazzo*
Use of the Internet for Health-related Information in Japan: a Cross-sectional Population-based Survey Abstract
Yoshimitsu Takahashi*, Tomoko Ohura, Shigeru Okamoto, Kenji Miki, Mariko Naito, Rie Akamatsu, Hiroki Sugimori, Nobuo Yoshiike, Michi Sakai, Koichi Miyaki, Takuro Shimbo, Takeo Nakayama
Computerised Cognitive-behavioural Therapy for Prevention and Early Intervention in Anxiety and Depression: a Case Study of Xanthis Abstract
Amy Mckeown*, Henry W W Potts
E-Patients and Chronic Illness:Commonalities and Differences among Breast Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Marfan Syndrome Health E-Community Members Abstract
Judith Feder*
Web and Mobile Process Support for Management of Patients with Depression: Preliminary Results of the Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract
Matic Meglic*, Andrej Brodnik
The Information Assessment Method can help Information Providers to Integrate Health Professionals’ Constructive Feedback into the Management of Electronic Knowledge Resources Abstract
Pierre Pluye*, Roland Grad, Carol Repchinsky, Barbara Jovaisas, Charo Rodriguez, Gillian Bartlett, Janique Johnson-lafleur, Barbara Farrell, Dyan Tuft-conrad, Dino Mastroguiseppe, France Légaré, Carmen Loiselle, Jon Salsberg, Martin Dawes, Ann Macaulay, Patrick Cohendet
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) For Dementia Patients And Their Caregivers: Effects On Care Coordination and Monitoring Sleep/Wake Rhythm Abstract
Nienke Nijhof*, Lisette Van Gemert-pijnen, Theo De Vries, Nynke De Jong, Harry Ankone, Will Ten Westeneind, Erwin Seydel
Facebook: An Innovative Influenza Pandemic Early Warning System Abstract
Chen Luo*, Chris Paton*, Robyn Whittaker*
Patient and Parents’ Views on the Web 2.0 Diabetes Portal - the Management Tool, the Generator and the Gatekeeper: Qualitative Study Abstract
Sam Nordfeldt*, Lena Hanberger*, Carina Berterö
Websites on Addictive Disorders Abstract
David Kavanagh*, Angela White, Judy Proudfoot, Judy Drennan, Frances Kay-lambkin, Britt Klein, Jason Connor, Amanda Baker, Ross Young


Transformational Internet Technologies for Pharmacies Abstract
Alex Savic*
Social Healthcare Networks - Leveraging Social Networking Technologies and Approaches to Connect Patients and Clinicians Abstract
Paula Hucko*, Mark Smith*
Keynote: "Gimme My Damn Data!" Abstract
E-patient Dave Debronkart*
Pillbox: Enhancing Patient Safety through a Mashup of Government Data, High-Resolution Imaging and Analysis, and Community-Developed Tools Abstract
David Hale*, Mike Kirkwood*
Enabling Semantic Health Apps: The MEDgle Clinical Decision Support Service Api Abstract
Aditya Damle*, Francisco Jose Grajales Iii*
Good Intentions and Bad Investments: EHealth and the Reality of Market Forces Abstract
Trevor D Van Mierlo*, Rachel Fournier, Breanne John*
Personal Health Records: Helping Consumers Take the Driver’s Seat Abstract
Mark Fam*, Michael Matthews*
Health Care Consumerism – Understanding the Behaviours That Will Impact Health System Design Abstract
Mark Fam*
The Role of MultiTenancy Architectures in Healthcare It Abstract
Louis Cornacchia*


Tobacco Control 2.0 Panel Abstract
Peter Selby*, Cameron Norman*, Tupper Bean*
Hospital Adoption of Medicine 2.0 - a Culture Shift Abstract
John Sharp*
Eviscerating Pride and Profit? Young, Interconnected, Innovators Examine Strategies for Multi-Generational Success in the Era of Social Media Abstract
Jen S Mccabe*, Saad Alaam*, Chia Hwu*
The New Zealand Health I.T. Knowledge Base Abstract
Chris Paton*, Malcolm Pollock, Debra Warren
Building Virtual Communities and Social Networking Applications for Health Care Policy Makers Abstract
Donald William Moore Juzwishin*
”Perfection,” “Micro-Thanks” and “Micro-Ideas”: New Crowd-sourcing Concepts to Improve the Patient Experience and Foster Constructive Deliberation on the Web Abstract
Carlos A. Rizo*, Alton Ing, Neil Seeman
Twitt-ER: Using Twitter in The E.R. for Dispatch, Order Com, Patient Alerts and Progress Reports towards the Waiting Room. Abstract
Christophe Robert Laurent*
CME/CPD 2.0 Are We Close? Abstract
Lawrence Sherman*
ScanGrants: Reaching Out to Researchers in the Health Sciences Abstract
Hope Leman*
CAN-ADAPTT - Canadian Action Network for the Advancement, Dissemination and Adoption of Practice-Informed Tobacco Treatment Abstract
Louise Walker*, Tamar Meyer, Virginia Chow, Mary Jean Costello, Peter Selby*
Skin, Flesh and Bones: An Anatomy of Health Education 2.0 Abstract
Patricia Francis Anderson, Theodore Alexander Hanss*, Lynn A Johnson, Jane L Blumenthal
Learning In a Virtual World: Experience With Using Second Life for Medical Education Abstract
John Moore Wiecha*, Robin Heyden
What Do Residents Really Want? Building an Anesthesia E-learning Portal from the Ground Up: The Stanford Ether Project Abstract
Larry F Chu*
Coordinating the International Emergency Response to Influenza A(h1n1) by Combining Social Networking and Traditional Media Abstract
Marcelo D'agostino, Theresa Bernardo*
Web 2.0 at Work: Building Healthy Hospital Policy Abstract
Niraj Mistry*, Shelley Romoff, Janice Campbell, Arlette Lefebvre*
Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Virtual-Reality Medical Training: The Ann Myers Medical Centre Abstract
Francisco J. Grajales Iii*, Bertalan Meskó
We Will All Be Patients Someday - Instigating Health Care Transformation One Community at a Time through HealthCamps Abstract
Mark Scrimshire*
Clinical Care in the ‘Spaces in Between’: Web 2.0 and the Communicative Reformation of Clinical Practice. Abstract
Kirsten J Broadfoot*, Carey Candrian*
Biomedical Information Evaluation for a Regional E-Science Portal to Support Learning and Collaboration among Health Information Professionals. Abstract
Andrew Creamer*, Myrna Morales*
Success in Virtual Clinics for Hispanics: Lessons Learned from Forumclinic Users Abstract
Inmaculada Grau, Francisco J Grajales Iii*, Joan Gene, Miquel Bernardo, Marc De Demir
Professional Portal to Client Portal – The Evolution of Abstract
Chris Tysiaczny*
Betting on the Net: The Development of Abstract
Robert David Murray*
Panel: Online Grading of Health News Reporting: >2,500 Stories in 3 Countries Abstract
Gary Schwitzer*, David Henry*, Alan Cassels*
One Year Later: The NextHealth Model in Theory and Practice - Implementing Participatory Medicine Strategies and Exploring the Evolution of Choice/Control Aware Care Abstract
Maarten Den Braber, Jen S Mccabe*
Asklepios and Innovations for Canadian Doctors and Patients Abstract
Pat Rich*

Total number of abstracts: 71

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