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Medicine 2.0'08 (Toronto, Canada)

General Track

E-epidemiology - adapting epidemiological data collection to the 21st century Abstract
Christin Bexelius*, Jan-Eric Litton*
Using Wiki for a Large Medical Nomenclature Translation Abstract
Saulo Bortolon, Roberta Gomes, Mariella Berger, Hilario Seibel Jr.*
Risk 2.0: The future of connected health (Panel) Abstract
Joan Dzenowagis*, Shubhabrata Roy , Kevin Clauson*
Moderated online social networking for smokers: Content of first posts from 2,562 members Abstract
Trevor van Mierlo*, Peter Selby MBBS, CCFP , Danielle Parent (RN) , John Cunningham, PhD
Personally Tailored Health Information: A Health 2.0 Approach Abstract
Jason Bonander*
The Construction of Expertise in the Age of the Internet: Psychotropic Drug Knowledge in Consumer-Constructed Online Spaces Abstract
Shannon Hughes*, David Cohen
Development of an RSS-based Current Awareness Service Abstract
Allan Barclay*, Rebecca Holz
The potential and challenges of Web 2.0 in the education of healthcare professionals. Abstract
Rod Ward*
Biosurveillance 2.0: A Social Networking Approach Abstract
Taha Kass-Hout*

Practice Track

Medicine 2.0 and Medical Faculty Development Abstract
Deirdre Bonnycastle
Medical education and building an on-line reputation in the world of web 2.0 Abstract
Bertalan Mesko*
MDPIXX: The Global Medical Images Repository Abstract
Miguel Cabrer*
Where can teens find health information? A survey of web portals designed for teen health information seekers Abstract
Leanne Bowler*
InfoWell Patient Portal: A Case of Patient-Centred Design Abstract
Deborah Chan*, Selina Brudnicki
e-health in a Remote and Rural Setting in the North of Scotland- An Evolving Success Story Abstract
Grant Cumming*, Andrew Fowlie , Adrian Baker , Thomas Heneghan , Neil Hamilton , Stefan Agamanolis
Planning the Development of the Singapore National Health Portal Abstract
Handy Amin*, Andy Tan , Ping Ping Tan , Sau Chan Low , Shyamala Thilagaratnam
Will the development of Web 2.0 technology result in a preference for quantity over quality? Abstract
Joanne Mayoh*
Women Wading Through the Web: providing women with the tools to evaluate online health information Abstract
Sheryl Mitchell*
Using Technology to Engage Patients and Clinicians in Electronic Cancer Symptom Assessment and Management: Lessons Learned and Implications for Practice Abstract
Dafna Carr*, Steve Hall
Knowledge Exchange Nodes in Public Health: Two successful practical experiences Abstract
Jaime Jiménez Pernett, Jose Francisco García Gutiérrez, Pablo Martínez Cabrero, Sergio Minué Lorenzo
RNAO eChampion Program Abstract
Irmajean Bajnok*
Facilitating Online Collaboration and Communication: A Groups Approach Abstract
Ken Seto*
Medical Bloggers Panel Abstract
Bertalan Mesko*, Jennifer McCabe Gorman , Keith J Kaplan*, Sam Solomon*, Peter Murray*
Implementation of Web 2.0-services in the Norwegian Electronic Health Library Abstract
Øystein Eiring*, Runar Eggen , Magne Nylenna
"Nexthealth" - An Open-Source, Web-Based Tool Determining "What's Next" in the Evolution of Consumer-Centric Care Delivery Abstract
Jen McCabe Gorman*, Maarten Den Braber*
Asklepios: The CMA's new social networking site for Canadian physicians Abstract
Pat Rich*

Developer Track

Creating and Supporting a Community of Practice Abstract
Shirley Fenton, Dominic Covvey*
BioTIFF: Articulating Self-Documenting Personal Health Digital Information Artefacts Abstract
Peter Pennefather*, West Suhanic

Business Track

Online video-publication for biological research Abstract
Moshe Pritsker*
Virtual Health Platform Abstract
Miguel Cabrer*, Francisco Tous , Debora Martinez , Pedro Ferriol
Consumers are not Patient(s) Abstract
Michael Martineau*
New Media Medicine: A Social Network for Doctors and Medical Students Abstract
Chris Paton*
Providing Online Access to Point-of-Care Information: Lessons from the Physician Portal Abstract
Jason Aprile*
Preventive Medicine and the Allen Behavioral Change Model: A Collaboration for Health Behavior Change Using Web-based Interventions Abstract
Michael W. Allen, Edward Allan Murphy, David O. Wiebers*, Charles P. Bosmajian, Jr., Will Thalheimer, Julie Dirksen
MyOpenCare: Multicontent treatment paths to share medical knowledge and experience Abstract
Edoardo Narduzzi*

Research Track

Social uses of personal health information within PatientsLikeMeTM, an online patient community: What can happen when patients have access to one another's data Abstract
Jeana Frost*, Michael Massagli
Stop The World wide web I Want To Get Off. Abstract
Carol S Bond*
Inside the Health Blogosphere: Governance, Quality and the New Opinion Leaders Abstract
Neil Seeman*
Evaluation of the use of an interactive web-based support program for optimizing the management of Diabetes Mellitus Abstract
Nicol Nijland*, Lisette Van Gemert-Pijnen , Saskia Kelders , Bart Brandenburg , Erwin Seydel
Empowerment by Participation in Online Support Groups for Patients with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Breast Cancer Abstract
Cornelia van Uden-Kraan*, Constance Drossaert , Erik Taal , Erwin Seydel , Mart van de Laar
Patient Problem-Solving on the Web: How do Patients Use Web Forums to Cope with Chronic Disease? Abstract
Dorrit Billman*, Diane Schiano , Lee Gugerty
Patient-initiated Online Support Groups: Motives for Initiation, Extent of Success and Success Factors Abstract
Cornelia van Uden-Kraan*, Constance Drossaert , Erik Taal , Erwin Seydel , Mart van de Laar
Methodological Issues and Challenges in eHealth Research Panel Abstract
Judy Proudfoot*, Lisa Whitehead , Caryl Barnes , Britt Klein
Mobile Medicine 2.0 Abstract
Chris Paton*, Muzaffar Malik, Alec Holt
Web 2.0 systems supporting childhood chronic disease management: a general architecture compliant with the WHA eHealth Resolution Abstract
Toomas Timpka*, Johnny Ludvigsson, Henrik Eriksson, Joakim Ekberg, Lena Hanberger*, Sam Nordfeldt*
Web and mobile solution for support of process of care: case of depression Abstract
Matic Meglic*
Living with HIV/AIDS and use of online support groups Abstract
Neil Coulson*
Representing and Processing Dynamic Healthcare Workflow Abstract
Dominic Covvey*
Hesitative Introduction of E-mail consultations in General Practice Abstract
Robert Verheij*, Carmen Ton , Kiek Tates
Developing of a web-based application to facilitate patient treatment adherence in individuals with sleep apnea treated with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices. Abstract
Suzanne Dickerson*, Grace Dean
Not every site needs a wiki: A conceptual framework for health Websites Abstract
Holly Witteman*, Laura O'Grady*
Patient-Driven Content Creation: Effectively Introducing Wiki Repositories to Virtual Support Communities Abstract
Derek Hansen*, Sean Munson
To 2.0 or not to 2.0 - have junior doctors already answered the question? Abstract
Benjamin Hughes*, Indra Joshi , Hugh Lemonde
User-centered Design of a PHR: Traditional Web Forms vs. Wizard Forms Abstract
Barbara Purin*, Emiliano Ricci
Measuring Efficiency of Use in a Web-based EMR Developed for Malawi: Lessons Learned From Performing a Preliminary CogTool Analysis Abstract
Zach Landis Lewis*, Gerald Douglas , Valerie Monaco
The use of Web 2.0 in teaching Medical Informatics to postgraduate medical students: first experiences Abstract
Panagiotis Bamidis*, Stathis Constantinidis , Eleni Kaldoudi , Nicos Maglaveras , Costas Pappas
Usage of Semantic Web Technologies (Web-3.0) Aiming to Facilitate the Utilisation of Computerized Algorithmic Medicine in Clinical Practice Abstract
Charalampos Bratsas, Panagiotis D Bamidis*, Evagelos Kaimakamis, Nicos Maglaveras
Study of the ePatient as a provider of health content in the Internet Abstract
Luis Fernandez Luque*, Ignacio Basagoiti , Elin Johnsen , Randi Karlsen
Collaborative Knowledge Translation: Application of a Wiki Model for Primary Care Practitioners Abstract
Aviv Shachak*, Jamie Meuser, Tupper Bean, Stephen Hockama, Lena Salach, Noah Ivers, Michael Evans
Versatile, Immersive, Creative and Dynamic Virtual 3-D Healthcare Learning Abstract
Margaret Hansen*
PESCA: Developing an Open Source Platform To Bring eHealth To Latin America and the Caribbean Abstract
Julio Lorca, Francisco J Alcazar , Carlos L Sanchez , Miguel Romero-Cuevas , Diego L Lopez , Sergio Ruiz , Pedro Garcia-Fortea,
The potential of social computing for biomedical research on rare diseases Abstract
Marcelino Cabrera Giraldez*, José Antonio Valverde, Dolores Ibarreta
From Social Networks to Social Medicine: Exploring the role of online interventions Abstract
Sara Urowitz*
Expert Patients as Apomediaries Abstract
Judy Proudfoot*

Total number of abstracts: 64

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